February 27th Newsletter- Are You A Role Model?

It’s late Saturday night, and I’m on a red eye flight leaving San Diego while I write this. I was in San Diego to attend an event called HPX Live- High Performance Experience, which is led by Brendon Burchard. It’s a three day, transformational experience that is as exhilarating as it was exhausting.  Exhausting, in a great way. 

For three full days, Burchard energized, informed and challenged the attendees. I love the energy, and I love the information- but I really love the challenges. 

I truly believe that if I am to improve consistently, I need to not only embrace challenges daily, but I also need to actively seek them out. By accepting challenges- difficult questions, for instance- we are opening ourselves up to stop pretending like we know all of the answers. Have you ever blown off a difficult question because it would force you face a harsh truth that you weren’t comfortable discussing? Yeah, me too. Although the avoidance feels good in the moment, it pushes the discomfort down into your gut, where it manifests negatively. Not just with you, but in the people in your life who wish that you would face the challenge. 

“Who in your life needs you to be a better role model?” Burchard asked us. And then he said that someone we love is watching us more closely than we think they are. Sometimes these comments breeze past you, and sometimes they hit. 

That one hit. 

Burchard challenge us to answer a question during that break, and write down our answers. The question was a difficult one for me. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t think of one. It’s because I wasn’t comfortable answering it. 

“What three things would you change to be a better role model?”, he asked.

After spending a few minutes writing down our answers, we then broke out into groups of five to brainstorm together. Remember that we were supposed to come up with three answers? You might find that hard, but me? I was at eight when we stopped writing and got together. 

Here’s what I wrote.

1- Be more complimentary to my awesome wife and kids. 

2- Get off of my phone!

3- I need to be a better listener.

4- My exercise habits aren’t of ‘role model’ status for my kids.

5- My work ethic certainly can improve.

6- Healthier eating. 

7- I am not dreaming big enough. 

8- Be more present in the moment!

Trust me…there’s more. We just ran out of time. Writing these on Thursday was painful. But typing them while flying over Arizona early Sunday morning, knowing that you are going to read it, is empowering. 


Because getting it out of my gut, onto paper and then into the world where I am forced to change is what is going to challenge me to get better.I know that I will receive emails, messages or phone calls asking how I’m doing with this. By me knowing that people are watching- often closer than I think- it is the accountability I need to improve. 

I want to pass this challenge along to you. Burchard did it so well that I won’t deviate from his approach on this. 

Question 1- Who in your life needs you to be a better role model?

Remember- someone you love is watching you more closely than you think they are. And…

Question 2- What three things would you change to be a better role model?

I challenge you to do this. If you would like, email me with your answers here. Show it to your spouse. Post somewhere in a community that you are a part of and trust. But write it down, and get it out there. 

Go be a role model!

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