The Total Life Freedom Mastermind and Community!

If you are looking for a community of generous, driven entrepreneurs to collaborate with to achieve a life of time, money and location freedom, the Total Life Freedom Community might be the place for you.

What is the Total Life Freedom Community?

This is the entrepreneurial think tank to take you to the next level. Here’s a peek into what we are doing inside of TLF!

Expert Interviews

We collaborate with industry icons like Seth Godin, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg, on live Q&A calls where you get to ask questions and interact together

8 Live Calls Per Month

We gather and mastermind together on live, Q&A calls online where Vincent leads calls answering your questions, solving problems and brainstorming ideas as a community.

Private FB Group

The private Total Life Freedom is where community members collaborate, connect, encourage, challenge and get additional content.

Live Event Access

TLF Community members get exclusive access, invites and early admission to upcoming 1-Day Masterminds and conferences.

Past Archives

All of the past expert calls, live Q&A calls, themes, lessons and resources are available inside of the community.

Bonus Surprises

It wouldn't be a surprise if we told you, now would it?

About the Founder:

Vincent Pugliese

Vincent is the founder of the Total Life Freedom Community. Living a life of freedom is of huge importance to Vincent and his wife Elizabeth. They homeschool their three boys, and believe that having control of your time, your money, and the work you do, leads to the ultimate life freedom. While teaching others to do the same, the movement of Total Life Freedom was born.

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What You'll Get Inside of TLF?

Weekly Live Mastermind Calls

One of the most powerful parts of the TLF Community are the live Mastermind calls. Vincent leads a monthly Business Q&A, we have a monthly Real Estate call, a monthly niche call (memberships, website optimization, writing, podcasting, financial freedom) and a monthly guest expert!

Guest Expert Speakers

A highlight of the TLF Community are the live, interactive Q&A calls with guest expert speakers. We have brought on such icons as Seth Godin (This Is Marketing), John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneurs on Fire), Bob Burg (The Go-Giver), Mike Kim (Brand You) to answer your specific questions!

Themes and Lessons

We create original content, with eight recorded lessons and lesson plans, on the entrepreneurial theme of the month. Themes such as "Building a Powerful Network", "Creating Raving Fans",

Live Events

Multiple day retreats, 1-Day Masterminds and upcoming conferences are all offered to the Total Life Freedom Community. Members of the Total Life Freedom Elite Mastermind and the Community get first access and the best prices to these events, which are held in different cities through the United States.

Monthly Niche Mastermind Calls



Ben Esteban

Building a membership site is an amazing way to create recurring income, highlight your passions and skills while allowing you to work from anywhere! Ben Esteban helps membership owners build and grow their membership sites.



John Stange

Podcasting is the fastest growing medium and arguably the most effective form of media communication. John Stange is the host of three podcasts, with more than four million downloads.

Real Estate


Adam Zach


Jared Spencer

Real Estate is one of the most popular tools for wealth building and building a life of time, money and location freedom.Adam Zach and Jerad Spencer, along with the other seasoned pros in TLF, lead a highly informative and engaged months mastermind focused solely on building a real estate empire.

Tech and Automation

91220439_815774398900410_2396836568598839296_n (2)

Courtney Wisely

The biggest hurdle for many entrepreneurs and freelancers is tech. Fear not- Courtney Wisely is the Tech and Automation queen, and she changes peoples lives (and businesses) with the ability to help you automate many of the tasks holding you back and simplifying the tech issues that stop us.

"I can now say that after one year of being in Total Life Freedom, I have grown my business by 500 percent! I have been able to create an entirely new life for my kids, I have been able to buy a new car and a new house and I attribute a ton of that to Total Life Freedom. It has been absolutely life changing!
Courtney Wisely
Rescue My Maid Service
"It’s the community that makes this because it's all about the other people and how much value we add to each other. There is a huge emphasis in TLF on you adding value to everybody else. It’s been a transformative experience. I would rather give up a meal than my TLF membership. It’s been that important to me in my personal development and in my business!"
Kent Sanders
"I’ve been a member of TLF for 3 years now, and it has been a fantastic life changing experience for me. Vincent is phenomenal, he is the real deal, a genuine guy and he is so generous and helpful. He truly wants to see everyone succeed and really reaches out and communicates one on one with everyone. One of the biggest surprises for me of the group has been the connections I made with the other members. All the members of TLF are such high quality people and they are all so helpful that we’ve just had fantastic connections together. ."
Barry Karch
"TLF is led well, the content is fantastic and you are going to find a group of people who will surprise you on how kind generous and thoughtful they are and how they truly seek to make mutual investments in others business, ministry or entrepreneurial efforts. There is a mindset and spirit of generosity and I've loved being a part of it!"
John Stange
"TLF has been a game changer for me over the past few years. Vincent and TLF have been instrumental in my business. TLF keeps me focused- I'm a 'big ideas' guy and I get lost on rabbit trails. They love me, support me, and make sure I don't get off track. If you get off track too easily, and need accountability, Total Life Freedom is the place to go. "
Ken Carfagno
"I knew that this would be something valuable for myself and for my business but what I didn’t know is how much it would support my growth over the last six months. There are so many people here with expertise throughout industries that there is just a wealth of information and they are so generous in
providing support."
Lauren Allen
Corporate School Dropout

What Plans Do We Offer?

There are two packages that are offered within Total Life Freedom. The TLF Mastermind Community and The TLF Mastermind Community Plus. Check out the information below!

TLF Mastermind Community

$ 75 Monthly
  • Access to the archives of past mastermind calls, themes, lessons and expert interviews
  • Four LIVE niche mastermind calls per month
  • Special members only pricing and availability for 1:1 coaching with Vincent
  • All Access to the private Total Life Freedom Facebook Group
  • Access for TLF retreats and Live 1-Day Masterminds

TLF Mastermind Community Plus

$ 150 Monthly
  • Access to the archives of past mastermind calls, themes, lessons and expert interviews
  • Eight LIVE niche mastermind calls per month
  • Special members only pricing and availability for 1:1 coaching with Vincent
  • All Access to the private Total Life Freedom
    Facebook Group
  • Priority access for TLF retreats and Live 1-Day Mastermind

What Are Community and Mastermind Members Saying?

As much as we believe it the content and community of Total Life Freedom, the most rewarding aspect are the testimonials from the members of TLF. Here are just a few testimonials from our community.

Folks, I've been in the TLF mastermind since January 2018. I've waffled A LOT. I've changed my mind, I've questioned, I've pushed back, I've scoffed.

But none of that worked. You know what did work? Following the advice of our fearless leaders Vincent and Elizabeth. Just freaking do it. It works.

October is my highest grossing month ever. And I'm on track to make 2020 about 2.5x my 2019 income, which is 2x my 2018 income. This is insane, but proof that if you put your nose down and grind in the smartest way for you, you can, you’ll win. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, I've made sacrifices. Yes, it's SO WORTH IT.

Nick Elkins

TLF has completely transformed my life and my business. I went from building a business on my own with no connection with other business owners, to being a part of a community of generous business owners who are all dedicated to helping each other succeed. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ well, Vincent Pugliese has created the rising tide, and it is incredible to watch the boats rise.

Since joining TLF 4 months ago, my business has doubled - in fact, we hit our 5 year sales goal in our first 16 months. This is no coincidence. Being around other business owners that each have their own strengths is bound to make all of us better. It is easy to be so deep into the day to day of running my business that many times I can’t look at it the way that someone from the outside can. This group doesn’t shy away for working together through the hard stuff and supporting each other each step of the way.

Most of all, it is so nice to be succeeding with a whole community of people instead of just on my own. The confidence that I now have in my business, our product, and the value that we bring to our customers and partners is unparalleled.

Christine Wheatley


If you are looking to take your life to the next level in all areas of life and want to gain that ultimate freedom, you need to surround yourself with Vincent Pugliese and the Total Life Freedom Community. If you have big goals in life and want the freedom life can offer, join and gain the much-needed accountability, encouragement, tough love, coaching and advice you need to get there. Vincent doesn't just teach freedom, he lives it every day, so who better to surround yourself with than him.

John VanDerMulen


Have you been feeling that there's a greatness inside you that you can't seem to wrap your hands around and figure out exactly what it is? Are you ready to find it, grip on for dear life and never let go? Do you want to make a change & create something truly yours that just perhaps is the thing you were truly meant to do? If so, this is the place to find it, go after it and be cheered on every step of the way...IF you're brave enough to push past your fears of self doubt.

I've been in TLF for 1.5 years to date & don't plan on leaving. I feel I owe a lot of things to Vincent & the biggest is my heart because of the way he's pushed, prodded & believed in me like no one else I've met before. But what needs to be emphasized here is the community he's built & the culture within it. No fluff, no cheese, no games & no schemes. We keep it real, we hold you to what you say you're going to do, we help each other any way we can & we believe in each other along the journey; not just after we've reached our goal. In other words, we believe you are who you want to become before you've gotten there; even if you're just starting. No facade or postering needed here. That is the truest beauty of the TLF community & a rare find. Trust me on this last statement.

David Rhodes

Membership Mind

Vincent is an amazing coach, period. If you want to create a life a freedom, there is a relatively simple path. It's not easy, it's not fast, but during the process of following Vincent's coaching you will see your network and your results multiply. As a result of being part of the Total Life Freedom community I've developed more clarity in my business and how to build a strong network through relationships. I've become a better friend and family member too! I'm now completely debt free and working towards time and location freedom while turning my passion into my business.

Aaron Hunt

Aaron Hunt Photography

Vincent is the real deal. I’ve only been in his mastermind for 3 months but am ready to quit my job any day here to jump into contract work and design my work around my kids instead of designing life around work. I really didn’t think it was possible before as a soon-to-be divorced mom with 3 kids, but now I see how much better off we will be. Often we need others to see our mental roadblocks on why we can’t do something and help us break them. The mentorship and accountability is totally worth the price!

Suzanne Meyer Stearman