To change your life, you need to change the people that you spend time with. As Jim Rohn famously said, “We are the average of the five people that we spend the most time with.” 

Are the people in your life challenging you to be better at business and money, more attentive with your family and more dedicated to your health? If they aren’t, it’s only going to get worse. You deserve to be in control of your life, the work you do, the master of your schedule and the freedom to build the life of your dreams! You need the Total Life Freedom Team.

What if you could have Total Life Freedom?

The Total Life Freedom Team is an exclusive community that is application/invite only. This is your tribe to collaborate, connect, gain exclusive content, be held accountable to your goals, celebrate wins and create relationships with some of the most inspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world. 

TLF offers a unique combination web-based mastermind calls, online coaching and a membership community blended together to give an intimate, interactive and informative tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers who are creating more free time, financial prosperity and the freedom to work at an office, at their house or anywhere they want! 

We’ve built multiple businesses using everything we teach here. But we don’t just teach it, we live it. Elizabeth and I recently returned from a three month road trip with our family across the United States. Living life, exploring wonderful adventures together while growing our businesses. To us and the TLF Team, that represents Total Life Freedom!

Your Total Life Freedom Elite Mastermind includes: 


Every week, you get access to Vincent and the members of the TLF Team, have your questions answered, and dive into specific topics such as decreasing taxable income, building a powerful network, social media, and more. 


Real accountability leads to real results. That’s why we have accountability leaders in TLF that check in with you on the goals that you set, and to make sure that you post your wins and goals every week. To ensure this, you also get an accountability partner to make sure you are on track, to connect with, and the hold them accountable to make sure that they are getting done what they need to get done!


 Each month, we feature live calls specific for certain niches. You choose between calls dedicated to real estate, authors, business development, health, building strong families and many more. The content is shaped towards the needs of the Team, all calls are recorded for your convenience and it gives you the freedom to get engaged on the topics that interest you and to leave the others behind. You get to shape this towards creating your life of freedom! 

One of the fastest ways our members experience growth is through the Freedom Zone. A Freedom Zone is when turn 100% of the focus and conversation to you and your needs. Bring your biggest challenges and obstacles to the group for constructive feedback, experience and guidance. We have specific times set aside for Freedom Zones for members of TLF community! 


Members of the TLF Team get generous discounts on bonus 1-1 coaching calls directly with Vincent. 


We offer two multiple-day retreats per year, as well as at least six 1-day masterminds per year throughout the U.S. This is exclusive, as only people from within the the Total Life Freedom Mastermind Team can apply to attend these events. 


The Total Life Freedom Team is offered by referral, personal invite and application only. We have a limited number of members. Only those who are truly driven and desire to pursue Total Life Freedom will be admitted. 

There is no catch, and we’ll never sell you anything you don’t need or aren’t ready for. This is a tight knit, supportive, helpful and driven group of amazing people and we guarantee results, or you can cancel your membership anytime! 

On behalf of myself, Elizabeth and our dedicated tribe of freelancers, entrepreneurs and influencers, we can’t wait to see you take your life and freedom to the next level. 

– Vincent 

P.S. – If you roll with other high integrity people and know someone who would benefit from this. Be sure you send it to them as well.

TLF Elite Mastermind

$500 / month
  • Elite Weekly, two hour mastermind calls with your team of high performing entrepreneurs
  • Private online channel with your mastermind team
  • Exclusive access to TLF retreats
  • Everything included in the TLF Community (listed below)
  • More access to Vincent

TLF Community

$150 / month
  • Weekly niche calls (Affiliates, Finance, Sales/Revenue, Family, Health, Kids and Entrepreneurship, Copywriting, etc,)
  • Monthy Audio Courses (Build Your Powerful Network, Podcast Guesting, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Etc.)
  • Live Q&A guest expert calls (past guests include Seth Godin, John Ruhlin, John Lee Dumas, Bob Burg)
  • Private FB group with weekly accountability