Are you looking to take your business to another level?

Do you have this dream, but your friends don’t “get it?” Do you want to create time freedom so that you can do the work you love without someone telling you when to work or how much you can make? Did you know that 74% of millionaires own their own business?

Financial Independence

The leading cause of divorce is from money issues.

As Zig Ziglar said, “Money isn’t everything, but it’s right below oxygen on the ‘got to have it’ scale.” Being in control of our money, eliminating debt and building wealth is essential towards building a life of freedom. 


Success isn't measured in our bank accounts.

Money and business allows us to concentrate on what matters, and that is our family and our health. Too many entrepreneurs neglect both on their way to “success”. We know at Total Life Freedom that our families and our health is what is important, and it is a primary focus to our success as a team. 

What is this all about?

This is about Freedom.

This is for people who desire freedom. Freedom to do the work they love. Freedom to thrive financially. Most of all, the freedom to control their time. That’s nearly impossible to do without owning your own business and gaining control of your time.

Financial and time freedom creates mental freedom. Mental freedom leads to more energy, less stress, better relationships, increased creativity and an influx of never ending opportunities that occur only when you eliminate desperation and increase abundance. 

Ultimately, converging all of these worlds leads to a life very few can imagine, where you can live wherever you want, give what you want, do what you love and be the person for your family that they deserve. What can you do when you have time, money, and location freedom? Whatever you want!

Do you have a team?

Successful entrepreneurs and freelancers know that they can’t achieve this  alone. We learn best, and fastest, in a thriving community. Having like minded, driven, helpful and positive people to challenge you, hold you accountable to your goals, support you through your struggles. see through your blindspots and care enough to tell you the truth when others will not. That’s how we grow. That’s how we succeed. That’s how we thrive.

I set out to create a team that I had longed to be a part of. An engaged, fun, helpful, driven, goal oriented group of go-getters who care about success, but care more about each other. A group that values financial freedom, but one that values time freedom more. A group that is driven to succeed financially but not at the cost of their family or their health. It’a unique, elite group of men and women that is only created with committed, like minded people.





This is the ultimate mastermind for entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

It is the highest caliber of entrepreneurs and freelancers meeting online weekly through a video call. You will be with top level people who hold each other to the highest standards while setting goals, challenging each other and building incredible networks and bonds.

Each Elite Mastermind member is a part of an intimate mastermind of no more than eight other successful, generous and driven entrepreneurs who meet during weekly, two hour calls, that are led by Vincent. Each mastermind also has it’s own group chat to keep up on our wins, challenges, updates and to give support, motivation and knowledge. 

Elite Mastermind members also get access to our weekly niche calls on specific entrepreneurial content to build your business stronger and more successful, as well as our one-of-a-kind, multiple day retreats!

The Elite Masterminds are invite/application only. 

For those who want to be a part of this elite group of masterminders, but can’t commit to an elite mastermind because of price or time commitment, we’ve created the ultimate option.  

 The Total Life Freedom Community is a group of generous, driven, freelancer and entrepreneurs to collaborate with to achieve a life of time, money and location freedom. 

We work together, through monthly themes, lessons, live and recorded calls, and an active, engaged community, to help you achieve these goals, have a group of entrepreneurs who “get you”, and to help you build a powerful network so you can repeat your success throughout your career



The Total Life Freedom Community is also invite/application only.

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