Q Is the program open ended with the content or is there a point at which it is done and complete?
A-The Business of Photography Academy is open-ended, meaning there is no end date. We will have monthly topics and content consistently created from the needs of the community. This is done in real time, solving problems as they are needed. If you are receiving the value, growing your business and developing connections, confidence and clarity, you will consistently be provided new content, speakers and encouragement.
Q-Will the Academy be beneficial to photographers regardless of their genre and location?
A-This is applicable no matter where you live and no matter if you are a portrait, wedding, commercial, sports, or any niche specialty. This is best business practices, improving confidence, mastering your money, overcoming fear and overthinking, understanding taxes, teaching the mindset of why you need to charge more (for the benefit of your family and for your clients), and using that to create the life that you desire from your business. 
Q- I like everything I am reading, but is it worth it? 
A- This person really wanted to join, but struggled with the price. She charged $1,500 to shoot a wedding. I asked, “If we could help her to charge $3,000, or more- a $1,500 increase per wedding, would it have been a good investment?”
Emphatically, she said yes. It’s part of what we will dive into. Scarcity thinking leads to lower income and less connections. An abundance mindset leads to growth, connections, referrals and increased income and time freedom. She went from viewing it as a cost to viewing it as an investment.
Q- Am I qualified to be a part of this?  Is my business in the right stage to benefit from the program?
A-That’s a question I’ve heard often as well. If you have a desire to grow your business, you are qualified. This isn’t a photography academy. It’s a business of photography academy. This isn’t F stops, light and gear. Whether you are thinking of taking on your first client or ramp up your already successful business, you are qualified.
Q- I honestly don’t think my photography is good enough to increase prices or to run a “real” business. Does your program help with that?
A- Artists often struggle with price. “I love doing it. I’d do it for free”, photographers say often. Me too. But free work doesn’t respect your time, your family’s needs, your future or even your clients. Good clients don’t want free, only the bad clients do. Think of it this way- somewhere, there is a photographer that is a worse shooter than you are but they are charging more than you are. Why is that? It has everything to do with how you view your work, worth and value. And, with increased prices, better clients, enhanced education, improved gear, and more time freedom, your photography will continue to get better and better. Leading to even higher rates. Leading to the life that you want.
Q- Is there a deadline to join the academy?
A- I don’t do a “Sign up by 11:59pm” deadline or a “Doors are closing in..” approach. This is for people who really want it, need it and are ready for it. If you want to jump in and kick start your business and take control of your work, money and time, come join the party. If not, we’ll be here if and when you are ready!