Too many photographers are not earning enough money for their hard work, skill and dedication. That's about to change.

Do you wish you could find people who are willing to hire you more often?

Are you struggling to find more clients who are willing to hire you more often?

Do you know that you need to build a network, but don't know where to start?

Do you want your customers to rave about your company so you don't have to?

You are not alone!

 The quality of your work might not be why your business is struggling. It might be that you aren’t great at business. Most of us did not get into photography to run a business, we did it because we loved photography. We loved the creativity, we loved the access, we loved the freedom. But dealing with business stuff? Not so much. 
I’m not sure where you are at. Are you looking to make extra cash on the side? Are you creating a side business to get out of a job that you no longer want? Are you looking to make your existing business much more profitable?  Or maybe, like us, you might want to use your photography to do work you love and create a life of time, money and life freedom. 
I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the community because I knew I needed to be around other photographers. The group focus is on the actual business strategy and growth of the business. Vincent has an amazing ability to help each individual with getting past where they are currently stuck, because we’re all in different places of business growth. Personally, I have always struggled with marketing. I’ve been successful in business, but always struggled to promote my own ideas.

Very quickly with Vincent and BOPA I had the breakthrough of really understanding how to grow my photography business through marketing in a way that is authentic and doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. Every month has been higher revenues than the previous month since joining BOPA. I have the confidence to actively grow my business, and have developed a clear path forward to hopefully do only photography within a year. And hearing other people’s challenges only makes it easier to learn for me. BOPA has been the best money I’ve spent on my business
Aaron Hunt

Our story

Elizabeth and I were low paid, over stressed, frustrated, time strapped photojournalists. Once we began studying business, we went on to build not only a high end wedding business, but elite corporate and commercial photography businesses as well. Because of our decision to focus on our business and not just our photography, we have created a life of time, money and location freedom. Our mission is to help you do this for your business. 

We have photographed more than 400 weddings in more than 15 states, from high end weddings from New York City to San Diego, to casual backyard nuptials, and everything in between. Another part of our business is photographing high end corporate events and headshots, including multiple Fortune 500 clients. 

While building a six figure wedding business, I’ve been commissioned to photograph some of the most high profile people and events that you might imagine. From being on the field shooting the Super Bowl to spending the day with Dalai Lama. From photographing four United States Presidents, to photographing the World Series, NHL Finals, the NCAA Final Four, Wrestlemania and ultra exclusive corporate events including Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday party and some of the most famous bands in the world. 

I am sharing everything I've learned

There is a phrase I love. “Teach everything you know.” That’s my mission here. The lessons that we learned along the way, and continue to learn, are taught in the Business of Photography Academy. This is real life experience from the School of Hard Knocks. And, we are so certain this program will give you the tools to start, run and grow your photo business and create the life of freedom you desire, that we have a 100% guarantee and you can cancel anytime you want!
If you are looking for quick fix shortcuts or “hacks”, this isn’t the place. Doing this required determination, hard work, persistence and patience. We believe the best businesses build trust, as well as attention, through authentic, honest and helpful relationships that leads to an unlimited amount of symbiotic relationships. There is unlimited power is being a part of a generous community. Most importantly, we were able to be in control of our time and our money so we were able to spend that time on what mattered most to us- our family!
As a student of photojournalism, I was excited to learn the craft and approach to documenting life. But the schools I attended taught me very little about having the right mindset or the right strategies for creating a thriving business. After years of searching, I believe I have found both in the Business of Photography Academy. For me, it's equal parts mastermind and sounding board for my business goals. It's a safe zone, free of judgment where everyone shares their challenges and successes, inspiring each other and sometimes teaching each other the next steps they should consider taking.

It's a positive environment that I credit for helping me refocus my energies on nurturing client relationships and scaling up my local business development initiatives. If you are done, as I was, chasing after the latest "technique" and want to start making a living in photography, consider joining BOPA. The weekly online calls are a great way to connect with other professionals who are also grappling with similar issues as you. Isn't it time you made a living with what you love doing?

What is included in the Business of Photography Academy?

-Weekly, live Q & A calls led by Vincent


-Weekly lessons


-A vibrant online community of helpful and ambitious photographers


-Connections for referrals between photographers


-Expert guest speakers


-Bonus lessons on photography skills, creativity and technique


-The lowest price that will be offered!


Join the Business of Photography Academy

Making photographers better at business
$47 / month
  • Access to watch the weekly videos
  • Weekly lessons
  • A vibrant and helpful online community
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Connections for referral for between photographers

Join the Business of Photography Academy Elite

Making photographers better at business
$97 / month
  • Live participation with Q&A calls led by Vincent!
  • Weekly lessons
  • A vibrant and helpful online community
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Connections for referral for between photographers
  • Bonus lessons on photography skills, creativity and style
  • There are 19 spots left before the price goes to $147

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