March 12th Newsletter- When Everyone Else Is Panicking, Do You Join Them?

When everyone else is panicking, do you join them?

As the stock market tumbled Monday morning, we were in the middle of an amazing conversation inside our Total Life Freedom Elite Mastermind call this week. We meet weekly for two hours in a deep dive business mastermind where we help each other solve problems, brainstorm new ideas and create possibilities that weren’t there two hours earlier. Those calls are a highlight of my week, and this was no different. 

What was different, though, was the topic we masterminded on. And no, it wasn’t panic, doom and gloom about the Coronavirus or the stock market tumble. What we dove into were the opportunities that are now being presented because of the economic uncertainty. 

Andy Storch, who runs training and development solutions to large companies, had just learned that a few events where he was to facilitate had been either cancelled or postponed. So we decided to create a topic for the call based on finding the hidden opportunities in difficult situations.

After a lively, energetic conversation within the group, some new options were presented and debated. It became clear that since so many live events throughout the nation and the world have been cancelled, that there is a big void to be filled. And instead of relying on the old guard to follow, this is a chance to step up and lead. 

What about the idea of a video conference? Can an online seminar be built for this? Other thoughts were shared and debated. These are not new ideas, in essence, but is it the wave of the future? And is this is the chance for Andy to lead? They have the attendees signed up. They have the format down. Why not create an offer that can still add value and earn income for himself and others? Create something from what could become nothing?

My friend Brian Fanzo is doing something similar. He is a keynote speaker, and he has seen a bevy of cancellations because of the fear of the Coronavirus spreading. And he wasted no time creating new opportunities to offer online keynote presentations, and already began converting his office and setup for the change. Finding new opportunities instead of panic, fear and indecision. What a novel idea, right?

Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, stated that the rich create money. They make it up, out of thin air. As a struggling employee and a freelancer early on, that was impossible to understand. I thought that idea was for people smarter than me. But I’ve learned, by going through other challenges like we are dealing with today, that it’s true and it’s essential. The most financially independent and successful created something out of nothing. Something that others couldn’t envision. Something that wasn’t a template, or a turn key opening, or a proven formula. 

It was from seeing something that nobody else saw. Or dared to try. 

Our best opportunities come from our greatest challenges. You might be feeling it right now. A loss in jobs, assignments and income. But what opportunities can you create from this that either weren’t there before, or ones that you wouldn’t have thought of because you didn’t need it as much? Also, what skills do you have that you can use in areas that you haven’t thought of doing in more certain times?

Maybe it’s just because so many of my greatest stories have come from the ashes- as have so many of my friends and mentors- that this is actually exciting to me. I am ready to find the hidden gem buried, and helping others find theirs. 

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