January 30th Newsletter- Why Money Is Always Abundant

Last week, I had a conversation with a friend who has been struggling to earn more income. He said that no matter what he tried it wasn’t getting better. And with each opportunity that was presented on how he could get out of this hole, he mentioned the reasons why he either couldn’t do them or didn’t want to do them. 


I mentioned that he didn’t have a problem finding ways to make money. He had a problem choosing to the do the work that made the money. The money is there. The money is always there. 


I have a saying that I mention often to people in this situation. 


Do the work that you have to do, so that you can then do the work that you want to do. 


But so many people want to only do work they love- the work that they are passionate about- even when they are struggling. And if you know me, you know that doing the work that you love is so important to leading a happy life. But there are times when we just need to go make the money. And it’s not as difficult as so many make it out to be. 


That is because if you don’t have the money, there is always an opportunity for you to do what someone else doesn’t want to do. And for those who have the money, there are always things that they don’t want to do that they want to pay others to do for them. 


Courtney Wisley, an automation guru and a member of the Total Life Freedom Mastermind and Community, led a call to show the members of TLF how to automate much of their business to free up time and opportunities in their lives. It was a mind bending call for so many of us, and some of us that thought we were doing really well had our eyes opened to what we were missing. 


Wisley went through dozens of examples, but when my wife Elizabeth watched the replay, one really jumped out at her. When the conversation about Instacart took place, where they do your food shopping and deliver it to your door, Elizabeth got excited. At first, I thought, how lazy are we getting? We can’t buy our own food?


But Elizabeth convinced me quickly that her time was so much more valuable being with the kids or working on the business. And she was absolutely right. And four hours later, a nice woman showed up at our door with bags full of food that Elizabeth specifically chose online. It’s exactly what she would have gotten, and she didn’t need to drive there, lug the kids or buy any last second impulse items. 


As cool as that was, I thought about my friend who was struggling. And I thought about the woman that delivered the food. She was willing- and happy- to do the work that we didn’t want to do. And we were not only happy to pay her, but she got a really nice tip because she was that helpful to us. 


And that evening it was clear to me that money is always abundant. It’s free flowing through peoples hands and bank accounts. It’s always there. If you are into audio, someone has a podcast that they don’t want to edit. Someone doesn’t want to deal with their investments, or build the addition on their house, or clean their office. 


Remember- there’s always someone who wants to do what you don’t want to do, and you can always make money doing something for someone doing what they don’t want to do.

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