Episode 9- The Only Two Days That Matter

Below is the transcription of Episode 9-The Only Two Days That Matter

I want to start today with a giant thank you. Thank you to all of you who helped us in this last week. I announced on Friday through a Facebook post about theTotal Life Freedom Podcast, how we just started it and sharing the word on it and what has happened since then has been ridiculous and it’s thanks to all of you who are listening who help this because we’ve already had more than a thousand unique downloads. It’s been downloaded in 40 states in the U.S, been downloaded in 17 different countries and on six continents. Now Antartica is still, we’re still waiting on you Antarctica for somebody, somebody there if it’s possible to download the podcast, but this has been amazing. This has been an amazing start and I’m just so grateful to so many of you who commented, who shared the post, who told other people about it, who left reviews. 

I think there’s, there’s got to be close to 50 reviews already on iTunes for the Total Life Freedom Podcast. That’s all thanks to you guys and girls being so generous and helping me out so much. And I am just extremely grateful for this start because I seriously thought nobody would listen and that was going to be totally fine. And that’s the idea of this podcast is what that’s about because today’s episode is a milestone in another way, which is today’s is the ninth episode and it matters because of this- most podcasts end somewhere between the seventh and eighth episode, that’s when most podcasters quit. Now it’s a little bit easier for me doing a solo show that’s a shorter show. That’s not the same as doing interviews where you have to line people up for guests, you have to line guests up for interviews. That’s a lot more detailed than what I’m doing. 

But still most people stop after seven or eight episodes. So being on Episode Nine, it’s like, okay, we’ve already gotten past the dip part as Seth Godin would talk about. We’re moving on from there and it’s not going to happen because there’s already 30 episodes recorded in terms of different ideas that will work for podcast episodes. And you know, hundreds more in terms of ideas that I have already, but it still is a big deal to get past that and what I want to talk about are the only two days that really should matter to you only two days that matter to me. And if you agree with this and you go along with this, they might be the only two days that matter to you. Now, I’ve heard the saying over and over again that the only day that matters is today. Today’s the only day- you can’t relive yesterday. 

You can’t live tomorrow. You can’t live in the future. You can’t go way back in the past. The only thing you have is today. And I believed that for a really long time. But for me, I came to a different conclusion and the conclusion was there are two days that really matter, not just one. There are two days that really matter that is today and three years from today. Now, conventional wisdom will tell you that today is the only day that matters. If you live for today, every day your life is going to be happy. It’s going to be less stressful and you will live a full life. And that makes sense because most of us are so wrapped up in terms of what happened to us in the past or what’s the future going to be like? What’s going to happen? Worry about what the future going to hold. 

And it paralyzes us from doing stuff today. So that really does matter. And because of that, they never really get to take full advantage of today. But there is a downside to only focusing on today. I can see a lot of people arguing with me about this and that’s totally fine. We’ll have our disagreements. But if you just live for today, it doesn’t have any future planning to it. It allows you to go about your day happy and content, but you’re not going to think about what’s going to happen in the future. You’re not going to think about what you want in the future and you’re going to just basically be happy with today, which is most important. That is the most important day. But you’re not going to be thinking about where you want to go to or the steps that you need to take to get to where you want to go.

For instance, not handling your money well in the past and not handling your money well today is going to lead to desperation in the future. How many people do you know that are working in jobs today that they don’t want to be in, but they’re in it simply because they live for today. They borrowed from their future to pay for the house that they really want. They borrowed from their future to pay for vacations, to pay for cars, to pay for clothes, to pay for food. They borrowed all this from their future, the future that they were robbing because they are only thinking about today. And they might’ve been thinking about today while lamenting the past. That’s a whole different story. But there could be a lot of truth to that. So for me, the two days that matter are today and three years from today, and here’s why. 

Thinking about today and three years from today is a mind trick that I played on myself. I play it on myself every day and it gives me clarity. It gives me confidence and it gives us success going forward. Now, why are those the only two days that matter to me now? If you think about today, you forget your past. You forget all of your mistakes, no matter what it was, relationships, money, health, work, any of those things. If you could erase all that stuff from your mind and you just look outside today, can you be grateful for what you have today? Can you just be appreciative that you’re alive? Can you be appreciative of the people that are in your life? Can you be appreciative of even the failures that you had made that you would learn from, that you would not have ever learned if it wasn’t for the mistakes that you had made in the past that got you to where you are today? 

Now, can you do that without anger and regret and missed expectations about what could have been? Are you able to do that? If you can, you can live today content and in the present. That’s the first part of it. The second part of it is three years from today. Now this is a little more complex. Now, if you are happy and you are content and you are appreciative of where you are today, you’ve completely freed yourself from the past. You’ve gotten past that. Whether you’ve eliminated things or you’ve moved past it, you now have eliminated any of the past problems that you had. You’re living solely for today. The past is only left for lessons and for memories, but if you want to grow today is not going to be enough. You’ll be content, but you will not be satisfied with the growth going on in your life. 

Now, there is an adage that says you are either growing or you’re dying and I believe that. I believe that with all of my heart, and this is where the three years comes in for me now in a complete transparency, three years is something that I just made up for myself. For you. It could be a year, it could be six months, it could be two years, 10 years, whatever. But for me, it’s three years, because I can see it. It’s close enough that I can remember three years ago. I can remember the progress. It’s not too far, but it’s far enough away that I know that planning this will have dramatic impact on our life when we get there. So that’s where the three years comes into this. If you’re happy and content today, but working today to make three years from today the ideal life for yourself, your family, and everybody around you, you are now on your way because living for today and living for three years from today, we’ll give you the awareness to live in the present, but the foresight to make three years from now so much better. 

It also allows you to not make short term, dream killing decisions that we make if we’re not planning for our future. It also allows you to stay away from the work and the things today that are not going to get you where you want to go. It puts boundaries on decisions you’re going to make because it doesn’t line up with what’s best for today and what’s best for three years from now. What’s best for today when you’re not feeling well might be a huge bowl of ice cream. But this gives you the awareness of this is not the best decision for three years from now because so many people are doing work that gets them by today or this week, but it has nothing to do with what they want their life to be like three years from now. And if you’d do it that way, you really don’t need much today because you’re really happy with what you got. 

You’ve gotten rid of the past you’re living for today, so you don’t need that quick fix. You don’t feel like you’re behind. You need to spend some money to catch up. You’re happy with today, so you’re going to be better with your money today. But working for three years from now is going to ensure that you’re only working on things that are going to progress you in the direction that you want to get to with no desperation of living today or from the past. So in essence, it’s always three years away. And if you do this day after day, year after year, it’s always three years away. When the calendar moves forward a year, you’re in better shape this year than you were last year, and your goal is still that you’re working for is three years away. So even a year from now, you’re going to have better relationships. 

You’re going to have, you’re going to be in the better money situation, you’re going to be in better health. And then a year from now, when you look at three years ahead, you’re even in better shape as you plan your future out because your future gets better and better, brighter and brighter, not worse and worse. And even today is better than a year ago because of the choices you’ve made over the past year with your health, money, relationships. So I’m practicing what I preach here too. I just started this podcast. There are no expectations. There is nothing I need from this right now. I’m doing this to get better and enjoying this today, but thinking about what it’s going to be like three years from today, so three years from today, if I do a daily podcast, I’ll have over a thousand episodes published now. When I look at what life could be like, then what the opportunities will be there, then that gives me all the incentive to not quit after eight episodes because it’s not about now. 

It’s about three years from today. Am I enjoying this now and loving it? Am I going to be in better shape three years from now by being consistent and not quitting? Absolutely. Who even knows what opportunities are going to be there at that point? I would love to do an episode three years from today, July 15th, 2022 actually, I want to mark it on the calendar now. So I do that to go back and talk about this and what has happened since then and that gives me the incentive to not quit and I want that for you. I want you to enjoy your life today. I want you to appreciate everything you have around you, but make all of your decisions for three years from now. So next year when you get there, everything’s better and three years and then has the possibility of being unbelievable for your life. All right, let’s go have an awesome week. Thanks so much for listening. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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