Episode 42- The Thank You Tour

The Thank You Tour

So, the thank you tour, I got a bunch of messages about this. I been asked about these many times. what was the story behind the thank you tour for the launch of my first book Freelance To Freedom? It came down to a bunch of reasons. So, here’s what happened. I don’t like doing things the same way everybody else does it and I really don’t like doing things by a mass plan that everybody else follows. If you give me a step-by-step guide on how to launch something or step-by-step guide to success, I will crumble it up, I will throw it away and I would rather fail doing it my way than doing it the standard step-by-step way. 

So, the logical thing to do when you’re releasing your book is to try to do some type of book tour or book signings and all that type of stuff. And I’ve been to enough book signings. You wait in line to buy a book, you go to the author, the author looks up at you, they say a couple of words. They sign your name. Maybe if you’re lucky, he talks to you for little bit and then get the book and you walk off now. I’ve been to book signings for big-name authors and I’ve been to book signings for very small name authors, beginning authors and never has it been exciting experience for me. Waiting in line for somebody to sign a book for me does absolutely nothing for me. it’s just like I’ve been in the sports world forever. I’ve been a sports fan, but I never really cared about autographs. So, I said I’m not doing that. I’m not doing book signings. I’m not doing a book tour. The book tour would be all about me. They will look at me, look at what I am doing, let’s go get some promotions and sells some books to make money. I didn’t want to do it. 

What I wanted to do though is I want to thank as many people as I possibly could that helped us. I had this in my mind for a long time and there were different plans on how to do it and we finally came up with something that was somewhat solid but was very flexible cause that’s the way we need to do it because were going on the road with three kids and it’s kicking off on New Year’s Day as the book launches. so, we packed the car with all of our stuff and our books, and we hit the road. To be honest with you, what always driven me crazy about people that I’ve known who have written books and if you’re one of them, I’m sorry. I am just kind of weird this is kind of things that just drives me bananas. It is the self-promotion of hey buy my book, buy my book, buy my book 3 weeks to the release date, five more days. Three more days, buy buy buy, share share share.  I said we are going to do the opposite. Just like Seinfeld we are going to do things the opposite. 

What we did was right before the launch, in celebrations as a thank you, we gave away different prints of my sports photographs to friends online as a thank you and celebration. We hit the road on January 1st, the day before the launch. We wake up the next morning, we were in Cleveland Ohio after visiting my in-laws. It was so cold that the door of our van didn’t open. We got everybody packed in and we made our way to Columbus Ohio. We met with our friend Joe Kessel and his family on our way to Covington, Kentucky, we’re spending the night which is the first night of tour. And we got to the hotel and the kids were giddy. They want to go swimming. And then we are going to go to dinner where we will go to the Hopper House and get a great German meal to celebrate the book launch. And when we said that, I was oh my goodness, I never even posted on social media about the book launch. It is now 5 or 6 o’clock at night and I probably should post something about it. The launch is today. So really quick, while the kids are getting their shoes and their jackets on, I went to Facebook app. I posted to the effect of, oh by the way, today is the book launch for Freelance To Freedom. If you want to buy it today, that’s wonderful, if not it will be available for the rest of your lives. And I said that because this wasn’t about me. This wasn’t about how many books I can sell today. I really tried my best to strip as much ego away from this as possible. As hard as that is when you’re publishing your book, I want to strip that all the way. I wanted this to be a thank you. So, if you want to buy the book today, Wonderful. But you don’t need to buy the book today. It’s going to be available. So, if you want to buy it next week, or maybe I’ll send you a copy for free whatever and going back to yesterday’s episode, there is no expectation. 

And I got to tell you, it felt so good. And the weird thing is I have seen so many people launch books on social media, and they will finally post Hey it is out and there’s crickets. and there’s a handful likely to have a comment. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was my joke about hey it will be available forever, but there were so many comments. there were so many likes. There were some people that went out and bought the book There were so many shares. I can tell you how many people shared that post because I think they just like the fact that it wasn’t pushy and it wasn’t selly and there weren’t expectations. 

So that set the tone for the trip, that set the tone for the tour. We spent three months on the road, and it was just so gratified. We got to meet with so many people. People in our mastermind that helped us out, people that had read the book and reviewed it and shared with their friends. We got to go to Dan Miller from 48 days. We get to go to his house, meet with him and JoAnn Miller to give them a copy of the book for the help he did for us. We got to go to Dave Ramsey, which is a huge part of our book. We got to go to his studio, got to give him a copy of the book, and he looked at me and he slapped the book and he shook my kids’ hands. He looked at me as he walked towards the studio and he said this is the big deal. This is a really big deal. He said this is how it all started for me and he walked into the studio.  And to get his approval, if you read my book, in the first half of the book is kind of an ode to Dave Ramsey. So, to have that was really just quite amazing. So, the book tour for me, ego wise, was complete there. But along the way, we got to sit down and have coffee with Pat Flynn at Starbucks in San Diego. He got to meet our kids and got to meet Elizabeth. We sat for an hour and 1/2. We just sat down drinking coffee and talking just about life, nothing about business, about family, about kids. It was wonderful. To give the Jolly Dumas, who I’m now in a mastermind with. You heard my story about gold dust from a couple weeks ago in the podcast in terms of that was part of the tour and finally Seth Godin what he had done for us and so many others in between. 

So, the thank you tour was just all about gratitude. It was all about wanting to become the generous person that I wasn’t earlier my life. Instead of soaking this all in as an ego trip which is very easy to do, and trust me, that came over me a lot of times. it really at its heart and soul was about Thank you and gratitude because all these people did something for me that they didn’t have to do and they were great help to me, to my family and to my career. So that is the story behind the 2018 Freelance To Freedom Thank you tour and what’s fun is I’m working on the next book and we have a really great idea for how we are going to launch that one in a different, fun and generous way. So, thanks a lot for listening and I will be back with you tomorrow.

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