Episode 41- What Seth Godin Taught Me About Marketing My Book Part III

What Seth Godin Taught Me About Marketing My Book Part III

Okay. This is the third and final episode about what I learned from Seth Godin about marketing my book. By the time the book was launched, we had over 125 reviews on Amazon. We have endorsements from people like Seth Godin, Pat Flynn, Johnny Dumas, John Rulen, Dan Miller and a host of other incredible authors and influencers. Instead of doing a book launch and a book tour, going to bookstores, we decided to flip everything around and do a thank you tour. I’ll talk about it on tomorrow’s episode.

During this thank you tour ,we were out in Oceanside, California for a month as a family. So, the thank you tour was built around thanking the people who helped us with this book launch. It wasn’t about selling the book. And it turns out, with no expectations of this, that we’re in Oceanside, California for a month as a family, renting a condo on the beach. I see that Seth is good in Newport Beach California being interviewed for behind the brand with Brian Elliott. Not only can we get a ticket for this, they also have a Q&A that happened before this. So, I figured while this really comes full circle. It all began with a Q&A with Seth in New York and then we go coast-to-coast we get to wrap up the whole thing on the thank you tour on the Pacific coast, with Q&A with Seth the month after we launch the book. 

So, I was fortunate that my friend Don Wetrick was giving a presentation out in California and he was going to it as well. He runs a startup at a podcast, an incredible podcast about changing education. We went for Mexican food before we caught up and we just chatted about everything going on in our lives, about our families and we went over to the hotel for the event. And I had with me a copy of my book and three thank you notes that our three boys had written out the Seth because his endorsement that went on the cover of our book was vital to getting attention for the book. So many people took it more seriously for a first-time author, because Seth Godin went out of his way to give an endorsement. So, each of my boys spent the afternoon writing out a thank you card for Seth Godin. It has purple cows on it. Drew a little drawing of Linchpin. It is really cute the way that they did it. 

So, we walked into the event and I see Seth is in the middle of the aisle. This is probably an hour and 1/2 before the event starts and he’s greeting people. He’s just having conversations with people, just being the generous person that is, and I’ve emailed him about a day before to see if I could get a little bit time like I should give him the book. I want to make sure that I hand him the book as a thank you. So, when he saw me, he said hey. I give the book and he asked me if I could sign the book form, which as you know, crazy for me. I’m signing my book for Seth Godin and I give him the cards that my kids gave him, and he seemed happy to get them and we took our picture together. It was great. And then he looked at me and this was the final lesson that I learned in this path from Seth from start to finish. I hate to sound like a just a fan boy with this, but I just can’t let this go unnoticed. How much this man helps me and how much she helps me when there was no need for him to do this. There wasn’t something he was getting out of it. He talks often about generosity and the need for more generosity and he lives it.

So, he has a big smile on his face. I gave him the cards and he looked at me and asked how the book launch go and I said it went great. I have no expectations. Because I truly have no expectations. Now it is the most fun part about it. I didn’t have expectations from friends, from family, from the publisher, for book sales. None of that really mattered to me. It really was oh my goodness I got to do this, and we get to help people with this and whatever happens from it happens, but there weren’t expectations. Some people might have been checking the book sales and seeing how good it was and It wasn’t meeting their expectations. I have a lot of people saying how is the bookselling. I said I really don’t know. So, I really just did not pay attention at all to book sales. I know we’re doing good. I was being ranked up here, you I checked the rankings a little, but I had no idea how many books were selling. I’m sure to my publisher disappointment, it really didn’t matter to me that much. It wasn’t the reason why I was doing this.

So, I said to him, the launch went great. I had no expectations. His face got really serious, and he looked at me and he said that’s perfect never have any expectations when releasing a book. And I was like okay this guy had written 18 best-selling books. He’s got 19th on the way and for him to say never have any expectations when releasing a book, he’s done so much more than I ever will in his realm and what it did is it solidified the approach that he taught me and the path that I took. It solidified the approach of like I didn’t have expectations for reviews or sales, or what people going to do for me, it was up to me to get the word out and to do something worth spreading, to make something that other people want to talk about because it’s good not because they feel guilty because I release the book and they need to promote it. I would never want to put out something that subpar, but asked people to promote it because it’s me and I need them to help me. So, the having no expectations part was huge. I hadn’t thought of it that way until he said that, but I realized that was the key. I had no expectations. So, it all is wonderful. Every bit of it was bonus. So, I thought that was the end of it. I thought wow, that was the ending of the story right here and now we move on to the next chapter. 

So, I gave him the book and I sit in the front row with Don as I always try to do, sit in the front row and he put my book under his chair. I pulled out my phone because oh my God, my book is sitting underneath his chairs like that’s how close we’ve come to this. Literally, the book that he inspired me to do, the book that he endorsed is sitting underneath his chair while he was being filmed for his presentation. So, this is how it comes full circle and is how it shaped me from that day forward. And I am a different person because of it. I raise my hand to ask a question. Now he had answered probably about 20 questions that day, and I’m not sure if you knew anybody’s name, but he never called anybody’s name. I raise my hand and he looked at me and he said Vincent and before I could say anything, he said tell us about your new book and he went back to his seat, picked up the book, raise the book up for the crowd to see and for the cameras to see. I said thank you but that’s not why I’m here. And he said I know; I am just trying to get you some product placement. I went to ask my question which wasn’t about business. It was about homeschooling and his take on it and I was just stunned by it  because his message is about generosity. It is about how we all need to be more generous. 

I thought about that night as I drove back from Newport Beach to Oceanside. I am like, He put that book under his chair, and I wonder was it for reason that he sees a possible opportunity to be generous and he was waiting for it. It’s just the way somebody like that thinks. Now he didn’t ask me oh you give me this and I will promote your book. There was nothing for him to get out of it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized he’s a disciple of Zig Ziglar which is you can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want. So, he’s not looking for anything. he just knows that being generous is the way to make the world a better place and good things come back to you when you do that. Everything on the surface it’s not like what you are getting out of it, but the truth is he gets a ton out of it. The reason why is I can’t stop telling that story. I’m telling the story here. I tell that story when I go on stage for keynotes. I tell that story almost everywhere because of the generosity of it. 

So many people have expectations. What are you going to do for me before I do this for you? And he did the exact opposite. He’s generous first with no expectations and I can’t stop spreading the word and not just me but all those people in that room. And that’s the night of the book tour came full circle from that day in New York. Not only was that wrapping a bow on the book in the book tour, but it really shaped me for the next stage of my life. The words never have any expectations for a book launch. I cut the end of it out and I tried to live by the never have any expectations. I could tell you the elevation of this part of our career has gone on for nearly 18 months since that night has been astounding and it simply because I’ve kept putting that into my head to live without expectations. If you do the right thing for the right reason, the results will be there for everybody. So, this wraps up the trilogy about Seth Godin and how he has help me so much in my life, come back to you tomorrow with the idea in the process behind the thank you tour. You got a lot of questions about that. I will talk to you tomorrow.

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