Episode 40- What Seth Godin Taught Me About Marketing My Book Part II

What Seth Godin Taught Me About Marketing My Book Part II

This is part two what Seth Godin taught me about marketing my book. So, Ken and I left the fashion Institute of technology in New York City that cold December day and we were just abuzz. We just talked about what we just went through for the entire evening, at dinner and back to the hotel and we were just ready to go. We both got something completely different out of it, but it was insanely valuable for both of us. 

So, I began crafting my plan. Okay. Don’t count on Morgan James to market the book for me that’s the first one. I’ve seen so many authors blow this from start to finish and beyond, where they think because they’ve got a publisher, that the publishers go to do the work of marketing the book for them and they’re not. Especially for first-time author. And then first-time authors that get really big deals like my friend Grant Sabatier who wrote Financial Freedom. One of the reasons why they sign you because they know you have a huge following and they’re counting on you going to your audience and distributing the word and getting them to buy. They’re not gonna put the money and the time to marketing your book. You’ve got to do that. So just that cold water splash of they’re not going to do that work for me really allowed me to put the work boots on and get dirty and say this is all going to be on me. And I think I knew that, but hearing it from him there just solidified it for me because I couldn’t go back in two years and think I didn’t know this, like Seth Godin told me to my face just a couple feet away from me that this was going to be the case and this guy had written all the books you can imagine. he published in every way possible. He knew what he was talking about. So, heed the warning. Don’t count on your publisher to do the marketing for you. So, I didn’t. 

When I went back and forth with the people for Morgan James and we’re talking about the launch plan, I told him what I was doing. I told him how I was going about and they were so happy to hear it because they still get so many people that believe that they’re going to do all the marketing for them when they’re publishing the amount of books that they’re publishing, they cannot put the time, the effort or the money into marketing each of our books. It’s just not possible. It is not profitable for them and it is not going to work out. So, they want people either with the following that’s gonna do it or somebody that is going to put the work in to get the word out. 

So, to the other part get the book into 10,000 people’s hands. So, what I’m not sure of is how quickly he wanted me to get into 10,000 people’s hands because I hadn’t built up a social media following. I hadn’t built up an email list. I’ve never blogged. I don’t have anything to distribute this book through. I don’t have a social media child to do it, but I have also seen how other people would market their books and I wasn’t a fan of some of the methods. What I wasn’t gonna do was hound all of my friends and family to buy my book. That’s what I wasn’t going to do. There are few things that drive me batty than right now when somebody has a book launch or a podcast launch or a blog launch and they just really just hound their friends and family to support them. Because they’re asking for something without giving anything. And it goes against so much of what I believe in. Something that was taught by Seth Godin in terms of how to do marketing. They’re literally going to the bank. They’re looking to withdraw money without actually depositing money first. And they’re not only doing that but they’re doing that with people that are close to them. People that they have friendships with. They’re quite literally, damaging so many of  those relationships only because they want a short-term game of this launch. I am going to talk about that in an upcoming episode. 

So, I took a radically different approach of reaching out to friends, to colleagues and having conversations with them, having personal conversations with them. And one thing I’ve done well is reaching out to friends and connections and people within my network, really about their life, about how they’re doing. Nothing to do about me. I have been doing that for years. I reach out to just see how people are doing,  check in on them. It’s part of what I call the hour of giving, which I wrote about in my book. This is with the hour of giving that I’ve done for years really paid off for me professionally. Because I have been in touch with so many different people. I’ve been checking up on them. I been connecting them with other people. I been sharing information and advising articles. Things that can help them with no benefit for me. I been doing that for a long time. So, when it came time for the book and I was still doing that, they’re obviously asking me how I’m doing. They’ve obviously trusted me because we been going back and forth for a long time. I casually mentioned to them that I’m writing this book, and one by one by one they all asked. Oh, can I read the book? I’m really interested in this. 

Now if I would just reach out to them after not talking to them for months or years and then just mention my book, I would have lost a lot of trust to a lot of people. I don’t do that. All these people wanted to read the book. they were interested. they want to help. they asked how they can share it. So, anybody that asked me, I sent them a PDF of the book. Now this was months and was almost a year before the book was to launch. The book wasn’t even done like so many people say I can’t share. It is not finished yet. I didn’t care. There were times I sent the book when I was half done. There were so many typos. There were so many things that weren’t done. But it wasn’t about being perfect, it was about the message getting out to other people would be even interested in what was about. It was about that. It was about is this book any good? Are you interested in reading it? If it’s any good, these people are going to tell me if it’s not good. Hopefully they can tell me, and I can tweak things. But I’m not going to hold it close to the vest and then put it out there. Once it’s all done and then feel like Ha it is okay. 

I got a lot of great advice while sending this book out. Sam Lynch who I just had a connection with, I send the book and he said to me I really love this and sent me 5 pages of notes that he wrote. But he said one thing that change the book. This is somebody that didn’t buy the book. This is somebody that was reading it on his own voluntarily. He said you got the story about your dad, and it’s buried like halfway through the second part of the book. If that story was near the beginning of the book, you have a lot of impact. I looked at it and I said, he’s absolutely right and I change that around. I can tell you when I got to choose the five podcast a while later, Jonathan Mendonca said to me was that story about your dad in the beginning of the book, I was hooked from that moment on. That only happened because I gave away the book to a lot of people and asked them for the responses. 

So, I didn’t get to the 10,000 books that Seth Godin mentioned within the first year, but I’ve given away hundreds of physical books once the book was published. Before the book was actually finished to publish, I had given a PDF of the book out to over 500 people. And the thing that happened was 125 of those people wrote me reviews back during that year so without any type of promotion, without any type of list, without any type of following, before the book was officially launched. When I was just prelaunch on Amazon, we pre-launched over 100 reviews on Amazon which catapulted in the rankings. It made it more attractive for Amazon to promote then it winds out getting emails from Amazon saying you should check out Freelance To Freedom. I said yeah, I know I wrote it. Those were emails that are coming into our inbox because they were promoting our book because of that. And that all came from the advice that Seth had given in terms of get the book into 10,000 people’s hands and if it’s good it’s going to spread. I wasn’t planning on doing this, but story keeps continuing so I’m ending it here and come back with you tomorrow with part three, about this because there’s still a lot more to the story to be taught. 

So, I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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