Episode 38- I Wish I Would Have Done It Sooner

I Wish I Would Have Done It Sooner

One of my missions is to raise the unemployment rate. Whenever I say that in a group or on stage, I get chuckles and laughs and kind of confused looks. Here’s where I’m coming from with this. I meet so many people that can’t stand their jobs. They’re. absolutely miserable. They get up in the morning, they shower then commute to work either driving, by train through this job. The soul sucking job is the word that I hear more often than anything. They commute back home. They get home, they’re exhausted. They have no time with their family. When they are there, they’re checked out. I just want to do something entertainment wise to dull the pain. And they go to their kids’ games on the weekends and they start all over again. 

When I asked them what they really wanted to do, they have this other thing that they’re passionate about. They doodle on their notepads when they’re at work, on the train or with their spare time. This idea that they want to work on this business that actually they’re building somewhat, but they can’t put very much time into it. What’s really fun is watching these people actually grow this business, grow it on nights and weekends, grow it in the morning before they go to work and grow it when they’re tired. I can relate because this is what we did when we start our first business while being employees. We had to grow it in the off hours and it’s hard to do when you have kids and it’s a big sacrifice, but I can tell you when you come out the other end it is so worth it. 

So, I started talking people into quitting their jobs about eight or nine years ago. I remember the responses that I’ll get back. Some people were way easier to convince than others. Some people have it lined up. They were actually making more money in their side business than they were in their job. They hated their job. What they just needed was permission and a good kick in the butt. And literally I’ll get an email I just quit and a week later they were making even more money and have more time freedom. The more I saw that, the more I started saying a certain phrase to the people that were on the edge and they were listening to me. And I would say to them, you’re gonna come back to me and you’re going to say I wish I did this sooner. 

I am not going to say his name, but I mentioned this to him before I recorded, but he was one of them. He was in a full-time job. Things were going well, but he was scared to leave even though he built the business up. And I said to him that you would come back to me and you are going to say that I wish I would’ve done this sooner. In about eight months later I got a text and it’s that I just said it. I said what do you mean? He said I just said I wish I would’ve done this sooner. I did a fist pump and was like Yes. It just keeps happening over and over again. So, when you’ve done this yourself and you guided a whole lot of people doing this the same way, you start to gain an understanding and the trust that this method actually works, and it works very consistently.

Last September we held a one-day mastermind in Tampa Florida. It was 10 of us in a room, overlooking the water, just doing a full day mastermind, letting all the fears and all the dreams and all the honesty out for everybody to understand and to see and to help. And those things are magical. I absolutely love doing them. A guy by the Greg Tosi was there. Greg and I had known each other but I don’t think we met in person before. I invited him to the one-day because he lives in Tampa and Greg had a full-time job that he despised. He couldn’t stand it but, on the side, he was building his business, helping people run Facebook ads to grow and expand their business. So, when it was his turn in the freedom zone, we dove into it and it was so much fear in terms of what could go wrong. So I asked him the difference and what would happen if he left his job? And every example he gave was something that was going to be negative. So, we start looking at what could be positive. Once we start looking at the positives, more time with his kids, no commute, more time to work on his business, less stress, not dealing with the boss. Quickly, the positives overtook the negatives.

And then we got to the money part of it now. I am not going to divulge numbers, but I asked him how much money did he think he needed to get by a little bit more? How much he needed a month? And he gave me a matter of fact number. I asked him where’d you get that number from? And he said I don’t know. I just kind of came up with it. That’s what so many people do. So, we sat down. Nick Elkins was there; he is a financial expert and we’re doing the numbers. We were writing down his expenses and write out all the different things he has to pay for. And once it was all settled, we look to the final number and it was around half what he thought it was. So, here’s the exciting part. We started talking about the income that he was making from his side business. The income that he was making from his side business was 75% of what he needed to live with the new numbers. 

Now this is one of my favorite parts of these one days that we do is that look on his face when he started to realize what I’ve been telling myself all this time might not be true. When that situation arises, I love to go in for a little bit of an uppercut at that point, I have been reeling and he is on the ropes. We might be getting towards unemployment. We are that close to getting the unemployment rates to a little bit higher and I said to him, if you can make 75% of what you need while working mornings and weekends, with a wife and a son and little baby on the way, you’re telling me you can’t make 25% more if you got rid of your job and freed up to 60 hours a week that you devote to getting showered, getting dressed, commuting, working, commuting back. and then the exhaustion at that, you can’t make 25% more when you’re already making 75% on the side? And I was so happy to see that I really thought that that uppercut had landed. And there was a lot of fear going forward. A couple months later they have some issues with their house. The thing is, he had a supportive spouse. Kristin, his wife was so on board, believed in him so much and I remember her saying I wish you would just go for it.  So many people do not have a spouse that feels that way. So, I was extra excited about him making this move. 

So, after a whole other issue that came up over the winter. Greg put in his notice. Greg quit his job. Greg is now full-time, doing his dream and now when we get on the calls. He’s got the smile in his face. He got this energy. He’s got this focus, and it is not always easy. Entrepreneurship is not always easy, there’s ups and downs. But he says it himself how much happier he is and how he wishes he would’ve done it sooner and how now he wants to help other people do the same, which is just so much fun. So, together with linking arms we are going to all start one by one, helping raise the unemployment rates so we can get people out of the jobs that they don’t want to be doing and into the work they do want to be doing. Not just for the work part of it but just for the fact that you can wake up, do what you want to do, have lunch with your kids, go to the park with them when you want to do it and live life on your terms. Way too many people aren’t doing it so I’m telling you, if you do this the right way and you have the guts and the courage to actually make that move toward your dream, you will come back to me hopefully and point to this episode and say I wish I would’ve done it sooner.

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