Episode 37- It’s The Little Things That Matter

It’s The Little Things That Matter

I’m titling this one It’s The Little Things That Matter. It is truly the case and I have a story behind it. There was two people I want to talk to you about today. One person is Jennifer Harshman. She is a writer. She does copywriting. She edits books. She helps other people write and edit books and she just a fantastic giving helpful person. The other person is Eddie Storch and he does a ton of things and talent development space. He runs a talent development hotseat podcast and they’re running their own talent development think tank conference later this year in Sonoma, California. Andy has been doing the talent development podcast for a while and he’s talked about doing a book. One of the things I consider to be part of my job and my business is connecting the unconnected. Connecting people that I know that don’t know each other that really do need to know each other. 

So, Andy was talking about I really want to do a book off of the content from this podcast I been doing. He has always great interviews and he has always great tips. It is so great to curate that into a book for this industry. I said well the first person you should talk to is Jennifer Harshman in terms of the book. So funny story happened from that. So that connection happened. They get connected on zoom, having a call and talking. From what I hear, they have a fantastic conversation and a lot of details are ironed out, lots of ideas are brought up in terms of what he can do and how Jennifer can help him and what can work out, how this book would help his business and help his conference grow and all these type of things. After the call, Jennifer messaged me, and she thanked me for the connection and then she asked me for Andy’s address. So, I give Andy’s address ans she wanted to send him a gift. 

It turns out that when they finish the phone call, Jennifer said to him, how can I get a hold of you? What would be the best way to get a hold of you? He said oh you know the normal phone, email, text, carrier pigeon. It is what Eddie said. I guess a signature line that he says all time. Something he just throws out there just randomly. Jennifer goes ahead and asked me for his address, and I send it to her, and I didn’t think anything about it. A couple days later Andy sent me a message and he gets like the coolest gift in the mail. He said he got a stuffed carrier pigeon in the mail from Jennifer Harshman. Not only that, like it is his kid’s favorite stuffed animal now. 

So, he got it there on his desk, and I knew Jennifer was special, but right there, I really knew one of the reasons why she’s special. Because I’m sure, you know, how often you could be in conversation, you could say something, and nobody pays attention to not only long swats of what you’re saying but little details of what you’re saying. So, for him to just kind of rattle off carrier pigeon. And I don’t even know how it went through Jennifer’s mind, but for the fact that she hears that, and then takes that to look up a great stuffed animal, the pigeon and then to go and send that to Andy as a gift as just a thank you for the conversation. That’s the way we want our minds to work when it comes to this type of stuff. 

I have to admit, when I heard that, I was so excited that she did that but at the same time I said to myself how many of those opportunities have you let slip away? How many little things have people mentioned in phone conversations or in person that I could’ve went, not even the extra mile but like the extra couple steps and just done something small but really meaningful? Small but really thoughtful to let them know not just I’m just giving you a gift for gift sake but what she let him know is she was really paying attention. She really listens to what he said. 

Now, if I’m hiring somebody that can edit my book, the number one thing I want to know is that they’re paying attention to the things that I’m saying. So, to earn trust, pay attention to the things that matter in your industry. Pay attention to the things that matter to your clients and then show them that you have an attention to detail to those type of things like Jennifer just did. So now when Andy looks at his desk and he sees that carrier pigeon, every time he sees it, he’s going to think about Jennifer. And what she also has done is if he is looking at other editors, if he’s looking for other people to work with, she is just elevated herself tremendously. I don’t know how much this carrier pigeon cost. It could’ve been less than $10. But it’s just the thought of going the personal touch of what she did by doing that is going to help her stand out not just with Andy, but just in general in life and in business of paying attention to the small little things that other people talked about, that other people care about and that other people notice. And to show that you actually notice them and not only that you noticed it but you will actually go and take action to do it for their benefit and to just let them know that you care and you’re thinking about them, it’s an invaluable trait that you can develop for yourself. That even though it’s a small thing, it’s a small thing that over time lead to enormous results. 

So, kudos to Jennifer for her thoughtfulness and also to Andy’s support him in terms of writing this book. It is going to be so important for him, for his customers and for his business and just remember to pay attention to the small things because those are the things that really get noticed.

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