Episode 30- The Story Of My Arrest

The Story Of My Arrest

So, what’s really fun about this podcast is I get to tell stories from the parts of my book, that didn’t make it. Because there are whole of things in the book there were nuanced over or completely left out because of the space or because it didn’t fit in with the format. But here, I can just tell stories for what fits in and things that were missed. So today is an embarrassing one and if you haven’t read my book, please go to our website and get a free download for the audiobook of it and listen to it and this will make a lot more sense. 

What I alluded to early on in the book was how my life was going really poorly to the first 22 years of my life, especially, you know, the 16 to 22 part. When I was 18 years old, I got to whole lot of hot water. I was working at a place called Record World. Back then it was one of the top music stores around. Everyone know what Record World and eventually Tower Records came along but Record World was a big deal so I worked on their warehouses on Long Island It was a giant warehouse, they had all the tapes, all the CDs you can imagine. We basically stock the shelves for the people to pick up and bring to the different stores around Long Island New York. So that was my job. It was my job but I also was sitting here at 18 years old, lost, confused, and absolutely with very little morals that I should’ve had at that age. So, I worked at a place called Dairy Bar, we overcharged customers in $0.50 dollars a time. All of a sudden that added up and I kind of learn that I could steal a little bit and I’m not really getting caught. So, I got this job at Record World and I kind of carried my ways over there, which I didn’t mean to. 

At first it wasn’t the plan, but what happened was I was with a bunch of friends and we’re talking about where I worked. I love that album, I can’t member what band it was and I was like “I wonder if I can get it for you?” You know, I was trying to impress him or whatever it was and his older friends who hang around with the clubs with. So, I was at work that day and I kind of realize that I could just take a cassette tape and I put in the waist of my pants and probably just get out. So, I stuck it over in my belt and at the end of the day I walked out and I got the tape. This wasn’t so hard, but wasn’t long. It really was not long before I thought I could probably put three in my back. So, when nobody was looking, I kind of found different tapes, it wasn’t even for me. These were for what other people are asking for. So, I did that, I got three and I realized I could put two more in my stomach, I could have five around my waist. And guess what? I did. and then I realized while if I could do that, I could probably get one each on my socks. I could probably get one and nobody is looking because it is a very deep dark warehouse. I only need a tape and little bit of space so that was seven at the time. This is how we can go from overcharging summary $0.50 to now I’ve got seven tapes that I’m lifting from this place and I go out for break once and I go out for lunch. I can leave and go to my car. 

So, it wasn’t long, it took a couple months before I was every day walking out of the factory with 21 tapes. So, what happened was, one day, I think it was a Wednesday. I had a girlfriend and we went out for the day and I took the day off. I didn’t think anything of it and I was not working. I literally had a stash of all the different bands that people would want. So, like, you know, they’re asking for Whitesnake or they’re asking for this band and I would individually have them on these different cases, the cardboard case that the music came in like the 20 tapes of Billy Joel. It would be one of each band I was about to take. I had a bunch of those stashed away somewhere in the in the warehouse. I took the day off and I came back in and that I must’ve done my morning hall, I did my seven tapes, I went out and got a hot dog from hot dog stand and I came back in and the main guy tap me on the shoulder while I was stocking shelves and he said can I talk to you over my office and I so okay. He said have a seat and he said we know what you’ve been doing. We know you been stealing tapes, you are fired and you are going to be under arrest. The police have been called and they are on their way. You’ve lost your job and you will be taken away in a police car and taken to the police station. Just like that. Job is done and pretty much you know shot right now. I am getting arrested and there is nothing I can do about this. There’s 4 other people that worked there and they are just sitting there and they have no sweat. I’m the one just kind of shaking. Then I had a good laugh at my expense. Why don’t you tell them what you are majoring in college and I said oh it’s criminal justice what I am majoring in and they all get a big giant laugh out of it while I sat there. Instead of taking me out to the side door, they could have, they had the police come in front of the glass windows and they had me handcuffed and then they took me. Instead of taking the short route, they took the long route, through the main part of the warehouse where all of my coworkers I worked with for probably about a year stood there and watched me as I got handcuffed. I’d never seen anything like that in my life. I was now the subject of this. I got handcuffed and led down the aisle towards the side door to be put into the squad car and taken to the police station. 

I still remember the police officer in the car saying “what did the kid do?” and he said “he lifted some tapes” and the guy saying “why didn’t they just let them go?” I’m thinking yeah why didn’t they just let me go. They took me to the police station where I was in the holding cell and I get one phone call so I called my girlfriend. I said I need you to go to my house. I need you to go up in my room and I have money in the drawer and I need you to get $500 and bail me out. Don’t saying to my parents.” And I’m thinking I’m all clear at this point. Then the phone rings in the holding cell and the police officers said “it’s for you.” I grabbed the phone and before I could even hear anything I hear my dad on the other end. My girlfriend must’ve come home and was crying and was all upset and told my parents what happened. My dad called, found out about it, called me at the police station and that was that. 

So, I lost my job obviously stopped, I stopped going to criminal justice classes at school. It didn’t make much sense anymore and I was kind of lost for a while. I got another job and at that point I needed to try to find a way to rebuild. I think I was 18 and turning 19. I was fortunate because at 19 years old it would’ve been on my permanent record, at 18, it wasn’t so it is still sealed. I guess. Not that I’m telling everybody about it anyway and I didn’t write about this in the book because I didn’t think it was really interesting enough to go along with the story but it’s just a side note, the beginning. So many people asked me about the arrest and what it was. So that was the arrest that went on, you know, for about a year in courts until we finally got all settled. I did not learn my lesson unfortunately at that time. Stealing continued for another year or two until I had my big nightmare that you heard about when I was 22 years old. And that was the point where everything changed and basically had two lives when I was 22 and 22 on. But this was along the processes, along the way of what was going through at that point. 

So, there’s no lesson, I think, to be taken from this, no takeaway except don’t steal and don’t be an idiot like I was. But that was just me opening up and telling you a little back story and how that all went down if you read the book. So, I hope you enjoy that and if you haven’t read the book, go download it. So, the moral of the story is don’t be a knucklehead like me and make better decisions than I did because it will get you to a whole lot of trouble that you don’t need to be in. So, you hope you enjoy, have a good one!

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