Episode 218- Build It Wisely

I want to talk to you today about a woman named Courtney Wisely. I met Courtney just a couple of months ago through an introduction through my friend Ken Carfagno, and she was building her business and she was looking for a group of entrepreneurs to mastermind with. And I told her about our mastermind because Ken’s been a part of it for a couple of years and he had recommended it to her. So at first she didn’t think she could do it, she didn’t think she could afford it, and she immediately said, I’m in, I’m doing this. And her story is remarkable. And what’s happened since then is even more remarkable. You see, Courtney is an automation expert, a genius, I would say. And what she does is she helps house cleaners automate their businesses. So I’m like really curious about this and say, explain to me what you do. And she went into the details of all of the stuff that she does.

And it was a blur to me. All these different topics and ideas and systems that she puts in place. And she’s just on it. And I’m really curious about this. And I’m like, how much money do you make for this? How much do you charge for this? And she’s like, Oh, I don’t charge them anything. And I’m like, what is the matter with you? Why are you not charging for this? And she’s like, I don’t know. I love doing it and I’m not sure what I would charge and what people really pay me for this. And she explained it more and she literally does these retreats where she flies to these different places and over a couple of days she helps and goes through their computers and their programs and she automates everything for them. I start looking up certain things about her and people are raving, they’re absolutely raving about what she’s done for their business.

So that’s where I talked to Courtney. I called Ken and I was like, what’s going on with this Courtney? What is stopping her? Because it sounds like she’s got a gold mine here. People are raving about her, she’s changing their businesses, but she’s flying to these different retreats and she’s not getting paid anything. Like, what are we missing here? Why is this not exploding? And he said, yeah, I know. That’s why I recommended her to you cause I know what she has the potential of and what we could do together with this. So not long after she did another retreat for Ken’s cleaning tribe cause he runs a cleaning tribe, smart cleaning beers for solo cleaners and she went out to New Hampshire to a retreat with a bunch of people in his community and did the same thing for them. And I’m getting frustrated. I’m like, why are you doing it this way?

Like I love generosity, I love you helping people, but you’re going to get taken advantage of this. And people are literally begging her to charge so they could pay her for it. She jumps into the mastermind and we’re all over her like, why is this going this way? Why are you not charging this? Talking about prices, talking about opportunity. And she pushed back at first and I think she was uncomfortable with it, but I think she started to realize what was going on and the fact that people are looking to pay you for this as a consumer, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want them doing it for me for free. They should be compensated for it. And selfishly if I pay, I think I’m going to get better service. We’ve worked with way too many people who’ve done stuff for free and it was nice in the beginning, but being that they weren’t getting paid, they didn’t take it nearly as seriously as we needed them to.

And we’re like, well let’s just pay you, but we need to get this done and needed to get done well. So we’re trying to tell her people are going to appreciate the work that you do more if you charge them. So she did. She bit the bullets, she was frightened. She did her first paid retreat and she sold it out in no time. And then she did her second one and she raised the prices and she sold it out again. And now each person at this retreat, I think 10 people go to each one are paying $1,500 a person. She does one a month and a world is changing because they’re telling her you can charge 5,000 a person to do this and people would want to pay for it for the value that she’s bringing. Now, I’m not saying this just to brag on home, which I am, and maybe somebody listening is going to hear about her and hire her and go to one of her treats.

That would be amazing. But I want to talk to you about what happened before all this stuff happened because so many people preach, charge what you’re worth. Never do work for free. And to me that is awful advice. I’m going to give this as an example. Courtney never wanted the charge. She had a hang up about it, but she loved doing this. She absolutely adores helping people automate their systems. She calls herself a geek, a nerd, but this is what she just dives into and loves. So she kept doing it and she kept helping people and she had no expectations. And for most people, I would never advise doing it to the extent that she did it because I think it was for a few years that she did this for different people and not just different people, different groups. So she would go and she would automate all their systems and she’d leave and she’d never get paid.

But guess what she did? She created the most amazing group of raving fans. These people could not stop talking about Courtney about what she did, not that she did it for free, cause I’m sure they mentioned it, but how she helped their business. So she started talking about this. Her email list kept growing, all the connections and the relationships start happening, but she still wasn’t getting paid. And I know very few entrepreneurs or freelancers that would do what she did because they want to figure out how to charge as quickly as they can get with their worth. She did almost the exact opposite point where it could have possibly been very damaging if it was over time, consistently the same way. Again, she did the opposite of what everybody does, but it’s my type of marketing. It’s brilliant because people might not have hired her in the very beginning because they didn’t trust her.

Maybe they didn’t trust her, but being willing to do it the way she did it. Who’s going to turn that down? Now? She gets in front of a captive audience and she blows them away and then they’d tell their friends and again, she’s like, okay, I’ll do it for you, and she does it for free. You know, you cringe a little bit when you hear that, but then she blows them away and she keeps doing it to where people just keep talking about her because if you have a business, you just started and I said, you’re going to start a retreat and you’re going to charge $1,000 per person and very few people know about what you do, but you’re worth this because you know you’re good. You think you’re going to sell that retreat out $1,000 a person, most likely not. You might not even get a sale if you don’t have the audience for it.

And people get frustrated. I know I’m good at this, but nobody’s buying and they have those expectations that go with it. She did the opposite. Very much like the find your addicts episode. I did about 50 cent. She found her addicts. She so over-delivered that they could not stop talking about her. So when she finally did it and she finally opened the doors and she finally charged, she had people lined around the corner figuratively to sign up and then she raises the price, sells it out again. She can raise the price right now and we’ll sell it out again. She has the potential to do these retreats at this price, but at the same time do a conference cause Courtney loves theater to do a conference in beautiful theaters around the country. We’re for at a lower price for the people that can’t get into the retreat, she can do similar things for them or teach in that.

In that setting, the potential is unlimited and I don’t think it’s going to slow down and it’s only because, not only, but I think I’m big reason is because she was so generous in the beginning and it wasn’t about the money and because it wasn’t about the money. She got to show the world what she did and her skills and her talents, her wizardry, as you would call it, cause she’s a huge Harry Potter fan and now she really doesn’t need the work. The work’s just coming to her. So I’m not telling you to go work for free for two years, but we kind of did the same thing. I made $20,000 in my first five or six years of photography. I needed to go shoot and get better and learn and make connections and build trust. And that’s what she did was she built trust. So instead of thinking about, Oh, I’ve got to get what I’m worth, see if you can shift that around to, I’ve got to build trust because Courtney’s now an overnight sensation, quote unquote. But there’s a lot of roots that go deep that she planted with her generosity and her helpfulness, and it built so much trust, but you became an overnight sensation. So congratulations to Courtney. I’ll put her information in the show notes for anyone that wants to check out what she does, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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