Episode 206- Why Money Is Always Abundant

Just yesterday I had a long conversation with a friend who was telling me how much he was struggling financially. Now I’m not going to say his name because this show is not about him, but according to him, no matter how hard he tried, he was struggling to earn income. If you know me, I’m not a woe is me type of thing. I want to figure out solutions. I want to find out ways to make things better. And I kept running against a brick wall in terms of ideas and things that he wanted to do or things that he didn’t want to do. And I get it. I don’t want to do work that I don’t want to do any more. And fortunately for us, after years of struggle, we’ve had a nice run for a long period of time where we can do that. But when times were tough, I couldn’t say those things.

I couldn’t look my kids in the eye while I was struggling. And while I knew we had no money to even contemplate not doing work that would have made us money, even if I didn’t wanna do it. Plus you button, make the money, create the freedom and the time and then go do the things that you really want to do. But this wasn’t getting through in that conversation. And this wasn’t a paid coaching call. This is a friendship call because I cared and at times they’re in the conversation. I wonder why I was still on the call cause he wasn’t really listening and ironic because I have people willing to pay me and when I give suggestions or advice they go and do it. And I have somebody that’s not paying me. It’s a friendship call. He’s not taking any of it really serious. And you finally get to the point where you kind of realize maybe he just wants to live in this land of excuses.

I dunno. But I came back after that conversation and I was on a call and our total life freedom community and Courtney wisely was a mastermind member. I was leading a call about automation and she is a wizard in automation. She runs a service called rescue my maids and she helps cleaning business owners, automate their services, automate all the things in their world. And in their business that they shouldn’t be doing or they should be doing more efficient and she helps them optimize their business. And she’s amazing so much that a couple of months ago she wasn’t getting paid for any of this consulting. And we joke around because when we first interviewed her for the mastermind, she said, I’m not a consultant. But three months later she’s getting $1,500 per person for these 10 person retreats. She’s doing them once a month, almost instant six figure income and beyond.

And on top of that, she’s being told that she could charge at least three times more than this. And then her and I got off of a call and brainstorm and the potential is much higher than that. So I got on this call to facilitate with Courtney as she teaches our community how they can automate their business in their life. And she described and explained so many different examples, apps in businesses that we can use, including clickable, which we’ve dove into and what she’s a master of, to automate so many of our systems and processes. But the one that hit home in our house that day after Elizabeth watched the call was how she automates her grocery shopping. And to me this seemed like one of the most ridiculous things. I mean, you really can’t go to the grocery store and buy your own groceries. I mean, how lazy are we going to get?

But when I saw my wife’s eyes light up as she went through the website and started seeing the options that were there and how convenient it was and how the price was and how much more valuable our time would be if she didn’t have to lug the kids to the grocery store and spend all that time back and forth, or we could just pay somebody to do that for us, because Elizabeth is heavily involved in his business, she does a lot of the backend work of our business. So what’s more valuable in my life, her taking care of the kids or teaching them while we homeschool or building the backend of the business or dragging the kids to the grocery store or a couple of hours at a time and she moves quick. So by the time the evening was over, she had an order placed and she was able to do last minute changes on it.

So she was pretty excited about this. And then two hours later, a nice lady showed up at our place with all of our groceries and we paid her a fee and we gave her a nice tip, answer quickly unloading all the groceries. Our collective thoughts were, wow, what other things can we do to make our lives more efficient and to eliminate the things we shouldn’t be doing to do the things that we should be doing. So some of you might already be doing this, but this was new to us and we loved the breakthrough. But that night I went over to the pool. I was on the phone talking to my friend Ken, and I hung up. I started walking back and I thought about my friend that I had the conversation with earlier in the day about how he was struggling and he couldn’t find work and money was always so tight.

And then I thought about Instacart, I thought about this woman that pulled up and did our grocery shopping for us. This woman that, Oh by the way was deaf, but she was making it happen and it made me realize that money is abundant. It’s flowing in the hands between people all the time. And it made me realize why, and it was perfectly explained what this interaction between us and this nice woman delivering groceries for us and what makes the economy go around and why there’s always money to be made is that somebody somewhere wants to do what you don’t want to do. And if you could swallow your ego in your pride at certain times in your life when you need the money, there’s always an opportunity for you to do what somebody else doesn’t want to do. If you have a podcast and you like doing the podcast, but you don’t want to edit the podcast, somebody somewhere is really excited to do that and get paid for it.

When your tree needs to be cut down in your yard, you probably shouldn’t do that. But guess what? People build businesses to do those things that you don’t want to do. So if you’re in that spot where you’re struggling for money, realize that maybe it’s your pride in your ego that’s preventing you from getting that money because everybody has the skill and the ability to at the minimum do something for someone that doesn’t want to do that thing. And I’m not sure if my friends listening to this, this might not get through to him, but maybe it’s going to get through to you or somebody that you know, it’s just a matter of are they willing to do that work. Understand I’m not just talking about small tasks like delivering groceries. There very, very successful people doing things in business that require an expert touch, that required technical and mental knowhow that either they don’t want to do or they don’t know how to do and they are willing to pay for it because by allowing you to do that work so they could do what they’re really good at, it makes them even more successful, which in turn will make you even more successful.

So remember out there, there’s always someone who wants to do what you don’t want to do, and you can always make money doing something for someone doing what they don’t want to do. By the way, if you knew the show and you haven’t gotten it, if you’d like an audio version of my book, freelance to freedom, I’ve recorded it and made it for free for anyone. So if you go to our website, total life freedom.com/f two F book, you can go there to download. It’s the entire book. And I hope you do it and I hope you love it. And I’ll.

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