Episode 200- Do What Others Are Afraid To Do

So you’re listening to episode number 200 of the Total Life Freedom podcast 200 which is crazy. You think about the fact that the average podcast stops after eight episodes and they stopped for a variety of reasons. So many stop because the allure of it, what was exciting beforehand turned into a job and a series of tasks wanted started and it wasn’t nearly as fun as they thought it would be. Other reasons I’ve heard, they see they couldn’t find a way to monetize it. And if after eight episodes of a podcast, you’re already struggling with ways to monetize it, and that’s what you’re thinking about and that’s what your focus is on, you’re going to quit. And there’s a lot of other reasons that people stop. And another big one is they get frustrated because not enough people are listening and they figure what’s the point?

Why keep doing this? Nobody’s listening anyway. Nobody cares. I’m sitting here in my office by myself talking to myself and it’s not resonating, so I might as well just stop. Nobody’s going to notice anyway, and they quit and they fade off into the distance. If you go back into the archives of this podcast, way back to episode four the title of that was, it’s not about who didn’t show up. And the premise behind that was I did a blog years ago, and I won’t go deep into the story, but I allowed the fact that I wasn’t getting the same amount of comments and feedback like I used to when it started to allow me to quit. And that was five years ago and I really regret it because so many people came up to me afterwards and told me how much they loved that blog and they always wondered why it went away.

They never asked me why it went away. They just accepted it. And I faded away with that project and the lesson I learned from that, from that pain, from that failure. But I learned from that lesson that even if it’s only a handful of people that are listening and that are enjoying it, and if I’m enjoying doing it, that this time I won’t stop. So they touched on briefly in episode 100 that allowed me to tell myself, do 1000 episodes, 1000 in a row daily, and then do an assessment and pay attention. But what I needed to do was continually do this, create the habit, do it daily to get better and not worry about the numbers and what’s beautiful about that method that I didn’t make up. I learned from many others, but it allows you to learn about yourself while you’re growing. I’m not sitting here telling you that I’m the podcast expert or that you should do things exactly the way that I do things.

I don’t think that’s the case, but what I learned is that by doing and by doing consistently, new lessons are taught to me all along the way. It hasn’t. You might’ve noticed by listening to this, you might’ve pointed out that I don’t like to do things the way that I’m supposed to do them or the way that others expect me to do them. I’ve got to do it my way and doing it my way comes with some good and it comes with some bad, but I can guarantee you that I learned more about myself doing it this way than by following somebody else’s orders or following somebody else’s step-by-step process. So I took some podcast courses before I started this and it was a lot of good information in each of them including Pat Flynn’s. But the reason why I hesitated is because they all seemed to in many ways have a very similar format.

There were interview shows that his introduction with this cheesy music that made the host seem like this hero with his, like this anticipation of this special person showing up any moment once the introductions over within are going to be other products from other companies that are going to be pitched so that they make ad revenue. And now the trend that drives me crazy are these interviews where there’s mid-roll advertising and you’re listening to an interview and you’re getting into it. And right after questions asked, they stopped to go to the advertisement. Now I get it. They want to make money from it. They want to recoup the money that they have to pay for their podcast production. But I had no interest in any of that. So I had to decide am I going to follow along because this is what everybody does and this is what people are telling me to do or am I going to do something different.

And when I talked to people about the idea of doing a short solo show with no music, no ads, not even an introduction or an outro, which is the prerecorded bit at the end of a podcast, I was waiting for all the people telling me that I was crazy because generally when I have a new idea that’s kind of what they tell me. But that’s not really what I heard. What I heard was more in the lines of this, I would love to do that. That’s really what I want to be doing is something quick and short like that without all that other crap. But they said, I’m afraid to do it because I’m not sure how I make money from it. Or my cohost doesn’t like that idea or that’s not the way the people teaching me want me to do it. So it’s what they wanted to do because they love the purity of it.

They really enjoy the idea of the straight content right to the point. No fluff, exactly the way that they’d want to consume it. So I asked them why they weren’t doing it that way and a few of them said that they’re afraid because of the reasons that I mentioned a minute ago. So I’m so glad that I’ve been doing this for the last 200 episodes for so many different reasons. I’ve connected with so many amazing people. Those of you that just reach out out of the blue, I’m walking here in the morning on the beach of St. Augustine. We’re spending the month of January. I got a message from Kristen Hernandez telling me how much she loved the hitting singles podcast episode or Ronald Durbin. He’ll just message me out of the blue on occasion that tell me about an episode that really hit him and I’ve made connections with these people, sends them, they’ve become friends.

I talked to Kristen’s husband John, he has also become a friend and a listener for an hour last week and we got to dive into his career situation and some really exciting things that are possibly on the horizon. And I go, wow, this never would have happened if I didn’t stick to this. And each of them have mentioned the format of the show was what they really love. So I thought about what allowed me to do this and start it this way and what stops so many others from doing it. And then what was the lesson to learn from that? And the lesson is quite simple and it’s to do what others are afraid to do. And I hope you understand is no matter what you’re doing, there is always a hole in the market. There’s always something there that somebody else isn’t doing that you can do to fill in that hole.

And it doesn’t have to go big or huge or become an enormous success. All you have to do is create something that other people find valuable. And I sit here with this daily podcast that’s a little over six months old and I still don’t know promotion. I’m terrible at posting on social media about it. I don’t do gimmicks or scams to get the word out and because it’s resonated with some people, it’s been shared and shared again, and this little podcast just what over 70,000 downloads, which to me is kind of crazy and a big deal, but the best part is thinking this. That’s great that it’s 70,000 downloads, but if it was 7,000 or 700 to still do it my way with the same intensity and energy and that compounded over time is how success happens. So thank you to every one of you have listened who have shared this.

And I will ask that I don’t do a whole lot of asks, but if you like this, if you like this podcast, please find somebody to share it with, even if it’s one person. Because as I preach, word of mouth is the best way to build anything. And when I hear people telling me that they found my podcast because a friend of theirs told them about it, it’s the most amazing feeling. So for those of you who have done that to Jennifer Harshman, Ken Carfagno, Andy Storch, you constantly are sharing this podcast with others. And the many of you that do that, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. At the same time, we’re just beginning because this is episode 200 of the thousand that I’m going to do. I can promise you it won’t end there. So thanks again. And like always, I will talk to you tomorrow.

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