Episode 198- Why Most People Fail

Unfortunately for you, I’m going to be a bit of a jerk today. If you remember on a past episode, Vinny The Jerk, he’s coming back cause I’ve got to address something that most people aren’t acknowledging. There is more information out there than ever. There’s more speakers, there’s more content, there’s more courses. All the information that you need to succeed is out there, but yet why are so many people struggling? Why are so many people struggling with money? It’s been said that if an unexpected $500 expense hit every adult American, that more than 50% would have to borrow the money to pay it. There are more books on financial literacy and financial freedom where you can fill your house with them and it’s really not even that complicated. How does Dave Ramsey say- live on less than you make? If every person did that one simple thing day in and day out, there would be no financial issues.

You can go across the board on so many different areas. Why do so many marriages fail? Why do 80% of people dislike their jobs? Humans crave relationships and friendships. And I saw a crazy study recently that says the average American has not made a new friend in the last five years. Now I need to study that a little bit more because that sounds absolutely insane, but in general, people are broke, unhappy and dissatisfied and that drives me nuts cause that is not how I would want you to go through life. But why is that? And I’m going to give you an example before I give you what I think is the answer. Tony Robbins is one of the most successful personal development gurus, if you want to call him that. And he does these live events. They’re four days long. Some of them are two days long, they’re very intense, they’re very expensive.

People give up four days, possibly a whole week when you consider traveling, spending four days of the event, traveling back, recovering. They spent all this money, they spent all this time because these things are not cheap and we all know how valuable your time is. And they go to these events that are supposed to be life changing. And the people from Tony Robbins did the research and they said after these events, with all that money and all that time invested, 70% of the people that attend do not even open up the information that was given to them after they leave 70% and these are for people that actually invested in it and took the time. So this is why more content and more information isn’t the answer. So what is the conclusion? The reason why this is happening? And here’s the sad answer. Most people don’t do the work.

A study by academics at MIT found that online courses have a dropout rate of 96% and I’m starting to believe that people not doing the work comes down to a culture where we are okay, not accepting responsibility. I proclaimed myself the King of Excuses. I was able to make an excuse for anything. And like I said in a different episode, the more excuses you make for yourself, the better you get at making them. But this is the culture that we’re becoming. Look no further than politics. When was the last time you saw a politician say, that was on me? This is my fault, why this didn’t work? This was my responsibility. That’s why something Harry Truman said when he was president in the 1940s still stands out today when he said the buck stops here, and I’m not talking Republican or Democrat here in 2020 it’s both sides.

Everyone is blaming the other person for their problems. And when was the last time somebody said the buck stops here and that saying came from the expression pass the buck, which essentially means pass the responsibility on to somebody else. And this is a main reason why I believe so many people continue to fail. When I passed the buck, all those times of my life, I deferred responsibility off to somebody else, which made it not my fault if things went wrong. And when you do that, there’s no reason to do the work because in your mind it’s not your responsibility anyway. So we blame our spouse or we blame our coworker, or we blame being busy, or we blame the weather, or we blame our parents or what’s happening a lot now we blame a different generation. It’s the president’s fault. Why my life sucks. No, it’s not the president’s fault because if we did the work, it wouldn’t matter who the president is.

There are people who are incredibly successful in hard conditions with terrible presidents and there are people that got nothing done under great conditions with amazing presidents. And it simply comes down to most people don’t do the work that they need to do to make their life successful. And one of my favorite books on this written by a man named John Miller is called QBQ, which is the question behind the question. And it’s simply about practicing personal accountability at work and in life. And this is the book that we have our kids read often because when you realize that the buck stops with you and you take the blame off of everybody else, you will succeed. And more important than succeeding is you will actually do the work. And I record these episodes and I kind of feel like I sound like a broken record cause I’m talking about this so often, but in an era of passing the buck and blaming others, it is essential that personal responsibility comes back into the conversation because nobody will be impressed by your life, by the people that you blame, but they will be impressed by your life, by the work that you do.

And we actually stopped blaming other people and we put that time into doing the work that we need to do. I think we’re going to see the success individually as a country and as a culture start to turn around. There you go. Rant over and I’m going to talk to you tomorrow.

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