Episode 197- Why There Is Power In The Difficult Decisions

I want to talk about some friends of mine today and an opportunity that I had a great opportunity that I left behind. First of all, let me tell you about the guys from the Entrepreneurial Family Man. It’s a great podcast that just finished it’s 100th episode and the guys behind it, Jamie Slingerland, Chris Niemeyer, Michael McGreevey and Chris McCluskey. So it’s a four man show and each week they go into different topics on how the entrepreneur, family man can be the best he can for his family while doing work that they love. And it’s an interesting and strange dichotomy for me as I listen and I see the different posts and I see what they’re doing. And it’s interesting for me because I was an original member of the Entrepreneurial Family Man. The idea hatched a few years back in San Diego, Chris Michael, Jamie and I were at a conference in San Diego, Social Media Marketing World, and we all decided to cut out of the conference, take an Uber over to Cornanado Beach.

Chris and Michael jumped into the freezing cold ocean, which Jamie and I did not. And then head over to a Mexican restaurant for an incredible lunch, just the four of us. And during that conversation, during that Uber ride and then hanging out at the beach and then at lunch, the four of us came up with an idea for this podcast and it sounded awesome and I was totally excited. When we got back and we started planning out the episode, we started talking about the topics and where the show would go and we were unsure about who was going to lead the podcast, who would be the opening voice? Would somebody run it or would it go back and forth? And I am a ready fire, aim type of person. Let’s get started, let’s go and let’s figure things out along the way. And as you can imagine with four people getting everything started was taking longer than what I would have imagined and what I was hoping for.

So we recorded, some episodes, will be practiced and we got to know each other better and it was starting to gel. But for me it was going too slow and not only that, but I felt like Chris, Michael and Jamie had a bond and we’re closer to knowing each other. I felt almost like I didn’t fit in even though they never made me feel that way. That was something that I felt within myself. And the other thing that I struggled with was vision because I am opinionated and I do like to do things my way. That’s how I became an entrepreneur and to do it by committee was something different for me and suddenly I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle because I’ve always felt if I’m going to build something I’m going to build it my way. So I stood on this for a while and I thought about it.

I finally came to a difficult decision for that. I had to back out. I got in touch with the guys and I told them how I was feeling and I told him what my decision was and they all got it. They all understood it. And I can imagine at the same time there was a relief on their end because I know the three of them had a vision and a certain way that they wanted to go that wasn’t totally jiving with me. So I left a great opportunity behind and I watched as they planned it out. And the other thing that came in fact factor, they were launching the podcast right as my book was launching and we were leaving on a long trip and my gut told me it was the right decision and it was painful in a way, as much as I was happy for them.

When they launched in January, right around the time my book launched, I really felt like I was missing out on something great. And I watched them launch, I listened to the show and they had a great vibe and they knocked it out of the park. And quite honestly, part of me was jealous. And there were a few times where I questioned if I’d made a mistake because I bailed out of that podcast. I didn’t have a podcast of my own. And I wonder to myself many times did I screw up by walking away from them? And not long after they brought in Chris McCluskey to be the fourth man and they continued just putting out great content. But as they got better and more successful, I realized I had made the right decision because I realized for everything you say yes to, you’re saying no to just about everything else.

And I knew that the vision was their vision, but it wasn’t necessarily my vision. And I started to get clear on what my vision was. And the funny part is you’re listening to it. So this was the vision that I was thinking of and I was worried that by going in that direction, I was not going to do this. So I listened for six months as they launched and they grew as I was on the sidelines. But this little idea that I’ve been dreaming of, I launched quietly. I launched a five day a week mini short form podcast just for my mastermind community just to see if it wasn’t the crazy idea that I was thinking in five days a week. I published just for them. And I realized even with a small sampling size that the response was really good and it was what I was hoping for.

So I did that for a year, over 200 episodes to make sure that this was right. It’s what I wanted to do and if anybody would think it was any good. And with that proof of concept, I went to my mastermind group and I told them I’m going to be going public with this podcast. And they were excited that I was going to get out to more people. So on July 12th this went live, which is crazy because it was over six months ago, but I’m recording this because I want it to be known that even though something is great and it’s really hard to leave, you’ve got to follow your heart and what it is that you really want. And what it turns out for me that I learned was that that podcast was their dream. But deep down I knew it wasn’t mine. And it doesn’t mean one thing is right or one thing is wrong.

They are doing amazing things and they’re crushing it and they’re going to continue to. But I had to make the difficult decision to tell myself that you had to step away because this one isn’t right for you. And I truly think that if I would’ve stayed, there would’ve been a tremendous upside and benefits to doing that. And it is hard walking away from something that you pretty much know it’s going to be a success. And I did have months and months of regret and axed because I hadn’t launched anything yet. But patience is a virtue and if you make the decisions that are right for you and your patient and diligent, but the process it will work out and it will work out well and hopefully it works out like it did with the five of us where it turned out to be a great decision all around. So by me stepping away, give the opportunity for Chris to step in, which has benefited him in his business, and it allowed me to focus solely on what it is that I needed to build for myself and the people that wanted to listen. So I just want to be an encouragement to not be afraid to make the difficult decision. In the short term, it might hurt, but in the longterm where it really matters, you’ll be so glad that you went with your heart. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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