Episode 196- Hitting Singles

We are going to talk about baseball today. Well not really, but kind of, this is not sports talk radio, don’t worry about that. But if you are a baseball fan and about a month pitchers and catchers report for spring training and they get started all over again and it got me thinking to a baseball story that leads to a life/business lesson. So if you don’t know, I grew up and I was a giant New York Mets baseball fan there were a lot of my youth where my life revolved around the Mets, especially in the mid eighties when they were just the best baseball team around. It’s not the same anymore. I don’t think I watched a Mets game last season. I might’ve watched one the year before that and it’s probably because we were at the game. I just don’t find myself with the interest. Not really the time, but just the interest to watch a game for three and a half hours anymore.

And it started waning a while back, but it really hit the skids in the 2015 season and I had been out of it for a while, but in 2015 the Mets made the World Series again. They hadn’t been in the World Series for 15 years and I felt like a kid again. We watched every playoff game. I was up late five nights a week exhausted in the morning, but I didn’t care. I was watching the Mets and they were going to live the glory years like they did back in 1986 and the Mets made it all the way to the world series against the Kansas City Royals as a Mets fan, as a brutal series. They lost in five games, but they could have won every one of those games. They were ahead or leading near the end of every one of those games and they wound up winning one.

So the Royals wound up winning the World Series four games to one and one of those games, it was Halloween night, we’d been trick or treating with the kids. I came home a little bit early because the game was starting. One of those games they were winning late, should’ve won, and by game five I couldn’t even watch any more. It was already so frustrating because again, they took a lead and then gave it up in a silly way. I was checking on my phone, but I didn’t watch any of the game. I still haven’t even seen the replays of it and it was after that that I was like, I’m done spending so much time watching baseball. But there was a lesson from it from the way the Royals played the Mets, which is something that I want to bring to you in terms of the way that you’re running your business.

And the idea behind it is to hit singles and we’re so used to the proverbial highlights of the three run homer or the grand slam. You know the big splash that we’re going to do. If we’re going to build a course, we’re going to have this huge launch, but that’s not how the Royals demoralized the Mets and won the World series. They didn’t win it with home runs. They had very few home runs in the entire series or the playoffs, the way they got to the world series and eventually won. It was by hitting singles. They had a bunch of guys that can hit singles that can find the hole at learned about the pitchers and they didn’t and dunk, they hit singles on down the line. And as they continued to do that and they kept themselves in the game and when they kept the game going, they left the door open for their opponent to start making mistakes.

And every team in the playoffs made enough mistakes. When they played the Royals, each series, there was a ball that went under a glove that led an important run. And I wondered about it later like how did the Royals do it? How do they keep it going so well to where eventually their opponent made that critical mistake that let them in the game. And it’s because they kept the game alive by hitting singles. And Seth Godin came on a call with our community a year ago and he talked about how you keep doing this so you get to keep playing the game. And when you are a home run or strike out type of team or business, you often don’t get to play the game very long because you’re going to hit some home runs. But if you have enough strikeouts in the wrong spot, we’re just getting a bat on the ball.

Would we advanced the runner to put you in position for another single to win the game? So the Royals  playing the singles game and using different aspects like stolen bases, they chipped away and they were never in charge. They were never flashy, they were never dominant, but they won. So that’s what I want to bring to you. How do you play the game where you can hit a lot of singles and win? And not only do I want to talk about this, but I want to live it. I want to display it. This podcast is a similar thing. Each day is a single, I haven’t had any home runs. Nothing’s gone viral. It’s just 100 episodes leads into 200 episodes, one by one. And by hitting singles daily, the winds stack up, the momentum grows. There’s nothing flashy about it. I have a couple of coaching clients and their job is to send me a message every day with what they got done.

Now it sounds tedious and small, but after two weeks and after the excuses are gone, why they can do it and tracking the wins and working with that. Even on the small scale that daily single, the success started exploding. But what gets people so often, and I am one of them, or was one of them, is the all or nothing mentality, all or nothing will crush you. Success comes from steady, small, consistent actions that in baseball terms eventually lead to runs and wins. And I’ve done this enough to see the pupil that go all or nothing that fits and starts that can stay consistent with the daily habits, the daily posts, the daily wins, the thing that keeps the momentum going and keeps the momentum growing. The people that do that win and the people that don’t have excuses for why they don’t win and if they learn the concept of small victories over a long period of time, it wouldn’t get discouraged and quit like so many people do. They also would never worry about things not going as fast as they want them to go. My goal with this podcast wasn’t to monetize it as quickly as I could. If I was doing it to get as many downloads as I possibly could to start off with, first off, the quality would be worse because I’d be doing it for a different reason, but secondly, I get discouraged, but when you can approach it this way with no expectations, you get to win by hitting singles. We’ll bring it back to Seth Godin one more time. He’s done a blog  daily for, I don’t know how many years, but it’s enough to have 10,000 blog posts. And he said that not one of them has ever went viral, but that blog is one of the most popular blogs in the world. And it’s because he does it every day. And he’ll be the first to tell you they’re not all Epic pieces.

Often for him, it’s 200 words. He knows a lot of his blog posts are below average. There’s no other way to do it. And as much as the Kansas city Royals broke my heart by beating the New York Mets in 2015 they gave me a really good lesson to live by, whether it’s business or life or health or family. But it also freed up so much time in my life because it got me so frustrated in baseball that I stopped watching and started doing things like this. So there you go, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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