Episode 192- Find Your Addicts

If my life was a book, the first few chapters were spent in Queens, New York. That’s where I was born, Jamaica Hospital, and we lived in Bellerose, Queens until I was eight years old before we moved out to Long Lsland. My grandparents, my mom’s parents lived in Hollis, Queens, and I remember one Christmas when we were there, all of a sudden house became Senator, the wrap Christmas world as the band Run DMC who from just a couple blocks over from my grandparents came out with the hit song Christmas in Hollis. So I have fond memories of my time. It was a rough area, but I always enjoyed it. I remember walking over from my grandmother’s house to the school a couple blocks down when my grandmother used to work and playing basketball there and walking over to the record shop or the pizza place and getting my signature Chicken Parmesan hero.

But I was long gone from Queens in New York when I first heard of the rapper, 50 Cent and by the time I’d heard of him, he made it big in the rap world. I knew nothing about his history until I read about how he got his start in the book perennial seller by Ryan Holidahe livy. It’s a real hardcore story, but the business message within it is solid. The ethics and morality is not, but again, the business message is strong. See, 50 Cents real name is Curtis Jackson and lived in Jamaica, Queens. It was just a couple of blocks south of my grandparents’ house and before he made it in the rap game, he was a crack dealer. It’s like I said, this story is not going to be an ethical feel, good heartwarming or illegal story, but I’m telling it for a reason and this was his strategy. 

He had his crew go out and Rob the other drug dealers. It would pinpoint and focus on their rivals and then strategically they would Rob them and they Rob them for their stash of crack, but what they did next was interesting. They didn’t Rob them and sell the crack for short term cash. They robbed them and gave those samples away for free throughout the neighborhood. By the time they did that, they were the only ones in town that had this stuff and being the only ones in town at that point, and now all these people were hooked on this product. 50 cent in his crew cornered the entire market. And I agree in terms of the marketing being brilliant because a business friend had told holiday that the art of marketing is finding your addicts and that’s what he did and that’s what marketers should be doing minus the drugs and the theft and the violence.

But so many people get this wrong here are struggle because we hear the phrase all the time that you need to get paid what you’re worth, but so often nobody knows what you’re worth so they’re not willing to pay for it. So that’s where working for free or putting out content for free. That’s where it comes in. This podcast itself is only six months old and I don’t advertise or promote it nearly as much as I should. I do very little promotion but because of word of mouth, the word keeps spreading and what’s happening is amazing because by putting out free content on a daily basis content that is helpful that it seems like people are enjoying and getting benefit out of without having to do anything else. I have people reaching out to me that asked to be a part of my membership, to be part of my mastermind, to do one on one coaching.

I never wanted make the podcast something where I’m selling something. I want it to be something where I’m simply giving value. That’s why I don’t do ads. That’s why I rarely promote anything. When the right opportunity comes up, I will do it, but for the most part, 99% of the time, this is an Avenue to give you free content that can better your life and I get the question all the time, how are you going to monetize your podcast? And I have absolutely no interest in monetizing the podcast and I get the craziest looks from people when I tell them that. Because like we teach to you, we’re always playing the long game. So the Total Life Freedom podcast, I guess in some way is finding our addicts because it’s the people that listen every day. The ones that see this is five minutes and I’m giving you my heart and great work here, but inside the stuff that I get paid for, that’s where you get my personal attention.

And my friend Nick Pavlidis says, it’s wonderful and I’ve stolen it from him. I subscribed to it, which is I’ll give you all the information for free, but would you pay me for his access and implementation? I think so many people are afraid to give great work away for free under the guise of you need to get paid what you’re worth, but what that fails on in that message is that most people don’t know what you’re worth and when they can get a taste of what you’re worth, they’re much more likely to realize that if they work with you, it’s going to go so much deeper than even the free content that you’re giving out. Because even here, I do my best to give you the best podcast I can every day, but still within the membership are specific themes with two lessons a week that have specific actionable steps towards that one theme and goal.

So that’s always been the case with me when I’ve listened to some of these podcasts for a while and then I wound up signing up for their course or mastermind when the free stuff is really great. I say to myself, man, if the free stuff is, it’s good. What’s it like inside the paid group? Ms. Rob, I want to come to you and I’m going to tell you, if you’re a content creator, don’t hold back on the work that you’re doing. Get it out there. Let people see the quality and what you do. And if your quality is not there yet, do the work so that you get better. But this notion that you can’t do things for free, it’s silly and it’s dangerous and it’s actually very egotistical because if people realize that you are worth it, you would be getting paid, but not enough people know about what you can do.

And we did in every aspect of our career in photography, we worked for free and coaching. We did coaching calls for free. I gave away tons of copies of the book, the word spread, because people liked the book. They didn’t care that they didn’t pay for it, they talked about it. And the podcast now is such a beautiful example of that. So please don’t get fooled into the whole thing that you need to get paid for what you’re worth at this moment. But if you can get your content out there for free. So that people get hooked on it and they become your addicts. Then do the work to get that done. I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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