Episode 4- It’s Not About Who Didn’t Show Up


You are listening to the Total Life Freedom podcast. I’m Vincent, your host, and we’re here to help you grow your business, to have time, freedom, money, freedom and location freedom. I want to go back to our last episode, play to an empty room and I want to go a little bit deeper on that. So many people fail in business because they get this part wrong and the part is play to the empty room. Be thrilled to play to those people that are in the room. Learn from those people, overserve those people, and grow with those people. When I started the Total Life Freedom community about a year and a half ago, I was given some bad advice and luckily I didn’t listen because I had studied this and I had a feel for the way I wanted it to go and the concept was I want to build it small. I want to build it with the right people, I want to serve those people, I want to overserve those people and I want it to grow word of mouth. 



We’d done this before with other businesses. It works. It just feels right. It wasn’t done through social media, through Facebook ads. It wasn’t done through mass communication. Even in a micro way. It was done through relationships. It was done through connections. It was done through people who we had helped and who trusted what we did and it went from there. We didn’t really have to do much work beyond just serving those people, but the advice that I was given through people that I had trusted was that was the wrong way to go about it. Now I’m glad I had done it before because if I hadn’t done it before, I might’ve followed that advice and the advice I was given was if you launch this thing and you don’t get the right amount of people, you’re going to be resentful. Those people that are in there and say you wanted 72 people, if you didn’t get 72 people in, you only got 36 people in there. 

You’re going to wind up resenting them and you’re going to wind up doing poor work because you’re thinking you need 72 and you only got 36 and I was so frustrated that advice to be honest with you, because that’s, I don’t even understand thinking that way. I don’t relate to that because what I see is if there’s 36 people in there and I give them my effort and they are my focus and we overserve them, we pay attention to what their needs are. We pay attention to what their problems are. We do the best we can for them. As Seth Godin would say, do the best you can for the smallest amount possible. They’re going to talk about us. So luckily I didn’t follow that advice. I went with my gut. We went with what we thought would work, what had worked in the past, and it worked out the way we were hoping it would. 

And the advice I want to give to you today is this. It’s not about the people who didn’t show up. It’s not about the people who didn’t respond to you. It’s not about the people who aren’t there. It’s about the people that are, and if you can get that, and if you can focus on that and you can get beyond the great big vision of big ideas, the big launch, if you can get beyond that, you’re on your way. Because if you can take care of a small amount of people that you have, you will grow a loyal and faithful following. You will learn from your mistakes. You will learn from your mistakes and you will make failures on the small stage, not on the big stage. And so many people balk at this because it’s not big enough. But I can tell you that when you do, when you do get to the point where you’re on the bigger stage, the hiccups aren’t going to be there. 

You’ve rehearsed this, you’ve gone through this, you’ve coached this. You’ve been in a situation over and over and over again to where it’s just more people. It’s not a big deal, but when you want to go to the big stage too quickly and you mess up, you are setting yourself up for a colossal disaster. And now I am not the type of person like, oh don’t think big. I think very big. I want you to think very big, but I want you to think big but play small. Play small to a small group of people first. And as you grow bigger, you can still do this in small niches. But so many people get hung up on who they don’t have. So many people get hung up on who’s not paying attention. And if you do that, you are losing clients that are paying attention. 

You are losing people that care about you, who are paying attention to you and they’re going to feel left out. And they’re the ones that were there from the beginning. They’re the ones that truly trusted the message. So love on them, take care of them, grow with them. They will be the ones that talk about you. They will be the ones that promote you. They will be the ones that bring people in. And that’s going to be really important as you go through this process. So when you say things like, I don’t have a very big following or I don’t have very many people on my email list or hardly anybody knows about what we’re doing. Focus on those that know about what you’re doing. Focus on those people. Figure out what they need, figure out what their struggles are. Solve those problems. You have a beautiful opportunity to do a sample size of something where you really get to learn from the right type of people and it could be one person, it could be five people. 

It does not have to be a large group and if you think long term and you think big picture in terms of where this is going, this is going to be invaluable advice for you to grow because it allows you to calm down. It allows you to relax and realize this is not about today, this is not about today. I’m building this for the right reason. I’m building it long term and I’m building it to where this a year from now, there’s going to be a big success in five years from now. Look out. And I can tell you this, that when you do that and you do it well, the ones who aren’t paying attention now very well might be the ones coming back to you later. And this time they’re really paying attention to you. Thank you so much for listening and I’ll be back at you tomorrow.

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