Episode 35- Pay To Get To The Front

Pay To Get To The Front

So, I have a question for you. Do you pay to get to the front? I’ve never thought about this before. I never thought in these terms before. A guy named Bill Convey who I was with a mastermind with a few years ago, he said something, he told me a story that really made me think in terms of am I thinking the right way? 

We always think that we’re doing okay. We got it figured out just keep doing what we are doing. He said something to me about waiting in line. He said I never waited in line. What do you mean you never waited in line?  No. I go to a game, I go to a concert, I never wait in line. My time is too valuable. I said what do you do? He said what I do every single time is this and I’ve copied this from him since then because it’s his idea and I’m giving him all the credit here. So, I don’t wait in line. When I go to a football game, I see a long line of people in the concession stand. I go to the front of the line and I asked people what they’re getting. I will buy you your food if you order me what I want to, and they always say yes. Okay, this is pretty brilliant. Why haven’t I thought this yet? So basically, he just goes to the front of the line and he pays for the people in the front and he gets to skip that entire line and he gets to the front and he gets on with his life because his time is too valuable. 

But most people don’t think about that because they don’t want to spend the money, or we don’t really value our time. We fot nothing else to do anyway so we are going to stand in that line and kick peanut shells around. But bill has a different purpose and a different mindset. His time is valuable, and I was not about just getting in the front lot of an Ohio State football game. It’s about the mindset of thinking my time is too valuable to sit here waiting. When I could just go to the front line pay a little bit more. Hopefully they’re not buying 86 hot dogs and 42 beers that would could cost you thousands of dollars. But if it is a couple of hotdogs, whatever it cost, it is worth your time than waiting for 1/2 of your time that you could be spending with your kid walking on the stadium or telling a story, or whatever it is. But when you think about that in terms of life, when you think about that in terms of how many people do not pay to get to the front of line. 

For example, I am in a mastermind with a guy named Johnny Dumas who runs Entrepreneur On Fire podcast, one of the most popular podcasts in the entrepreneur world. I mean totally crushing and sewing different ways and I get to pay to be in the front of the line. So every week we get on the call and as I develop the podcast, as I develop the membership site or the mastermind or the audiobook, it was his idea on the mastermind and said why don’t you record the audiobook and give it away? And I hadn’t thought about that and that has been explosive in terms of growth of what we’re doing here. Now giving a book for free was not on the top of my mind to do. Like I worked really hard in this book and you sell the book. And he said no give the book away and it’s going to get more attention to the book, which can lead to all the other stuff that you have going on around you. And more importantly more people get to read the book and get helped by it and that’s what you wrote the book for. You didn’t write the book so that certain of the people can read and nobody gets their hand on it. if you really want to make an impact with your book, record the book, give it away. 

I was like so I’ve done that. That got me to the front of the line. But so many people are not interested, willing or will have enough of a growth mindset to think this money that I have is way more valuable to be used on my growth and on my advancement that it is just to say. Trust me. We went through it, you know, we went through really tough money times. We went through the debt payment. If you listen to my book, the audiobook which you can download our website for free. if you want, go to the top right-hand corner free book right there. The first half of the book is how we cut everything to the bone and if I would’ve written the book over again, knowing what I know now, I would’ve written it differently. If I would live that life again. Knowing what I know now I would not have been so incredibly intense on paying off the debt. 

Now people listening to the book and said oh my God you change the story I would. I would change story because we didn’t invest in ourselves enough. We did not pay to get to the front of the line. And if we would’ve done that, if we would’ve gotten around like Johnny Dumas, people like Dan Miller who helped me out so much in my growth, we would’ve gotten to where were at so much farther and so much quicker. We went the slow route because we’re really cheap with our money. I am just being completely honest that we can’t afford to do that, and I look back like we couldn’t afford not to. Now I continue to invest and we will talk more about that in future episodes. But what Bill taught me, which is one of the best line is pay to get to the front and when you find people who are doing it, when I find Johnny Dumas that can help me get to the front and I can pay to get there, it is so worth that. 

So, I use that now. I go to games and I always make sure I’m ready so that if there is a line and there’s someone in front of me, I just walk to the front and offer to buy their food. Can you get me two hotdogs and whatever we need? Absolutely. If you are going to pay for my food, why would they not? Just add a couple more things to their order and it just makes so much sense, and these are the things you learn when you get around people who think differently than just everybody else. So, Bill, thank you for your awesome advice. I’ll make sure to tag you here and you get the credit for this because this is all you and I appreciate it and I will talk to everybody next time.

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