Episode 31- Meeting In Person Is The New Social Media

Meeting In Person Is The New Social Media 

Meeting in person is becoming the new social media. I am going to explain why. I just bought my ticket from Mapcon, which is a podcast conference run by my friend Joe Pardo in Atlantic City on September 6th and 7th. A few weeks before that I am going to be in Orlando from August 13th -16th for podcast movement which is run by my friend Jared Easley and Dan Franks. One of my favorite conference I go to every year. In November, I would be in Sonoma, California for Andy Stork’s talent development think tank conference. I don’t have any affiliate relationships with them for these conferences. These are just things that I believe in, that I spend my time on, I spend my money on going to these is a big way of how I grow professionally. 

This is what I want to talk about today as I get asked why I go to so many conferences and podcast movement. I’ve been going for three years now. I just released the podcast a month ago. I don’t even have a podcast, but I knew the value in going to this conference would be. I knew the relationships that would I make, the conversation that I would have and even the connection I would have for being on the podcast far outweighed the cost of the ticket, the travel and the time being gone from home. The same for Andy’s conference in California. I’m not even in the talent development world so why am I going all the way out to California for that. The people in that world are still entrepreneurs. They’re still people that I want to meet and connect with whether it’s right in line with what I do. It’s not right in line with what I do and the reason why I go, and I spend the time and I invest in that stuff is because I really believe that meeting in person, meeting face-to-face is the new social media. Let me explain what I mean.

How many of you remember 12 years ago when the iPhone came out and Facebook started growing? And before that, there were blogs and chat groups that kept people connected in some ways. You get to know each other a little bit better. When Facebook came about and everybody started getting connected. It was like this world opened up again. You start getting request from your old high school friends that you haven’t seen in years. All of a sudden you are friends on Facebook. You’re keeping up on what’s going on in their lives. Then there’s groups, commenting and connection, all of these things going on, so you are now tied in and you are now connected to the entire world. In one click, you can start building an online relationship with someone that you admire in a certain space. You can start following their blog or their podcast or their YouTube channel and get responses back from them. 

So, in a short period of time everybody had the opportunity and has the opportunity to become super connected to whoever you want to connect with, and a lot of amazing things come from that. A lot of amazing things will continue to come from that and I’m an advocate for it. I run communities that way, online, virtually where we could be connected people from all over the world, different countries, different continents. It’s amazing. But something has been lost in that shift, in the transition and what’s been lost is the physical face-to-face personal connection. It’s so easy now to stay behind your computer and comment. It is so easy now to get on a videoconferencing call or getting a webinar or do that virtually with everybody but not take the time and the energy and the effort to go meet in person. But I am an observer and going by Andy Andrews, I tried always to be a notice. And what I noticed is when I go to conferences so many people are just thrilled to say it’s so nice to meet you in person. It’s so nice to actually have a conversation with you and sit down and talk and take our time and we never get to do that online. More and more I hear that at every conference or get together that I go to. And you start to notice that people are missing this in their lives. They’re missing physical in person connection and also, the world is way different from another perspective, because when you go to these conferences, when you go to these specific meet ups, your meeting with people that are interested and very similar things that you’re interested in. 

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re looking to build online business. You are looking to gain freedom in your life. You are looking to create income from different streams. You’re looking to build connections with people that are doing things that you’re doing or doing things that you want to be doing. You’re probably not going to find that at your kid’s soccer game. Even though your meeting in person, as you pull up your chair to your kid’s soccer game, you might find what we found which was people complaining about politics. People talk about how much they hate their job, people complaining about their spouse or which could be considered worst, some people like me, which is just talking about absolutely nothing, not even having conversations just trying to get through another day. So just because we’re meeting in person doesn’t mean that it’s a positive interaction. It doesn’t mean that you’re growing or you’re helping. it just might mean that you are having empty service level conversations. 

So, what I found out by going to these conferences is I meet so many people with energy and excitement and ideas and they are helpful. I can’t get enough of it sometimes because it is exactly the type of people that I want to meet. People asked for case studies on that, I got so many personally. Going to a mastermind retreat a couple years ago, I met Kyle Schultz. We teamed up and did sports photography course for his Shultz Photo School group and I wind up making $32,000 in a day when I used to make $32,000 a year being a newspaper photographer, using the same skills. Going to conferences within the last year and a half. Carey Green who has a podcast editing agency introduced me to Nick Loper who runs a side house podcast. Nick and I and some friends sat down for nachos that night and we had a conversation that Nick invites me to the show, which is one of the most popular entrepreunal podcasts out there. 

Same thing happened a few years ago when I went to FinCon which is run by Philip Taylor. I met Jonathan Mendonza and Brad Barrett from the choose FI podcast. We stood together talking for 45 minutes, had a great conversation, they invited me on their podcast. Those two podcasts Sidehouse nation were two of the main things that catapulted the launch of our book Freelance to Freedom. Those two interviews were too enormous ones that led to tremendous success and the irony of it is the meeting in person led to the online and social media success. It wasn’t the other way around. It was the personal connection where we hit it off just hanging out, having a drink, having dinner, just talking that led to the opportunity for all these other things to happen. 

So, a lot of people have a backwards, let me just be a keyboard warrior, let me do everything online and clean my funnel and my systems and my lead magnets and all the things that come with that world. But they don’t think about actually the human connection of meeting face-to-face. So, if there’s a conference in your realm that you want to go to and you’re on the fence because of cost or time I’m going to challenge you to give it a chance. I’m going to challenge you to invest in yourself and invest in your time to put that out there because the relationships that you will meet there, if you’re not a wallflower and if you don’t sit in seminars the entire time, you actually spend time talking to people, that is going to be another podcast I do in the future which is my approach to going to conferences. Invest in yourself. Take that time and go meet those people. Go make great relationships and allow that to create relationships that will then lead to unlimited business opportunities in the future for you and for them. So I will put link to MattCon podcast movement, to the talent development think tank and if you’re in the area and you want to head on by and hang out with me, send me a message and I’ll put that in the blog transcripts at totallifefreedom.com as well as a thank you to Nick Loper, to John and Brad and Andy Stork. I’ll put on a link for the SideHouse Nation, to choose FI and to the Town Development Think Tank podcast also in the notes of the website. So, get out there and go meet some people. Go build some great relationships and remember that meeting in person is the new social media.

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