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The transcript for Ep. 24- Yesterday

So I believe I mentioned in a previous episode or two that we homeschool. So we have three sons, they’re 14 they’re 11 and they’re 8 and we’ve done that for about four years now. And everybody asks, how do you do that? And this isn’t a podcast about homeschooling, but a lot of people ask, you know, how do you guys do that? Who teaches, how does that work? And it really depends on the day. And my answer is different all the time, depending on where we’re at. But my joke is that Elizabeth is the teacher and I am either the principal or the substitute teacher, whichever one gets less respect, that’s the one that I am. So I can be the substitute teacher that doesn’t get taken seriously. Or I can be the principal as the lay down the law sometimes. But homeschooling three boys, while running our business from home and Elizabeth and I work in our business together can get very challenging at times, especially with time. 

We have to be so much more efficient with our time than we used to be. And we actually become more productive with less time now than we used to be with a lot more time because each moment that we work has to be taken a little more seriously. When I need Elizabeth upstairs to work on something or to tweak something, we have to take advantage of that time because we’re generally with one of the kids or all the kids or their home or we’re doing different activities. So we’re really focused when we work, we’ve got to get the work done, which has created a lot more time freedom with our family and then more efficiency with our business between, we never would have figured out, but with the kids being home, a lot of times it can be very difficult. But we got the kids in the summer camp this year, so Andrew’s been going for about five weeks now and Nolan Dylan went last week and there’ll be going next week. 

So there’s like two weeks during the year that Elizabeth and I are going to have the entire day to ourselves. And it’s quite bizarre. We look at each other, we go when we talk about, because we’re so not used to either talking about the kids or talking about business or just having spare time or free time. And even though we have a life of freedom, it’s not a life of just kind of lounging around and quiet. It’s, it’s a busy free if that makes any sense. So on Friday with the kids in camp, Elizabeth and I took a date day and we went out to lunch and then we went to the movies, which is just, we haven’t done that in forever where the two of us just go and laughing and I’m back to just being goofy and telling silly jokes and her having to deal with it. But we went to go see Yesterday, which was a fantastic movie. 

It’s about a musician in the UK and he’s a huge Beatles fan. And then there’s a power outage and he gets hit by a bus and all of a sudden his favorite band, the Beatles and some other things are forgotten about. So he realizes that people don’t know the Beatles music and he starts playing it again, and everybody loves it and he winds up recording the Beatles songs. There’s nothing I’m giving away. There’s everything that’s in the trailers if you want to watch the movie. But there was a point in the movie when he figured out how to play the Beatles music again. Then he started playing this classic music for other people. Now it’s not his music, but nobody had heard of before. But these are some of the greatest songs ever written in pop culture that people know about. So he sits down at the piano in his living room with his parents and he starts playing Let It Be, it’s a really funny scene because it’s one of the best songs ever written and he’s so into it and it keeps getting interrupted. 

He’s getting interrupted by his dad who wants to go get something to drink. He’s getting interrupted by the doorbell, by the cell phone ringing, by people kind of just joking about it cause they’re not taking it very seriously. Even though he’s playing one of the greatest songs ever. They just don’t know it yet, but he’s not being taken seriously by the people that know him very closely. Mostly his parents, they’re supportive, they’re like here, play it for me. But he never got through the first verse of the song. At the same time, he’s got a group of friends, three or four friends who are just big fans of his, they just love him and they appreciate what he does. They’re the only ones when he’s playing these different concerts, they’re showing up. There’s 12 people there, but they’re there supporting him. They’re just true friends that really care about what he’s doing and they’re supporting what he does. 

So when he starts playing the Beatles music, they’re just blown away by it. They just cannot believe it. Like, how did you write this? And he tried telling them that it wasn’t him, that the Beatles wrote this, but it was erased from everybody’s memory. So nobody believed him. So we kept playing the music and recording it over and over again. So his friends are blown away by it. And then he’s playing it in some coffee shop and some music producer finds him and loves the music and then signs a contract and then he’s recording music with this guy. So all these people are appreciating the work that he’s doing and it goes on and on and he wants it become very famous. It becomes a superstar, but the thing that I noticed is his parents never took them seriously. His parents up until the very end, they show up at this big concert is doing to promote his new album and even the dad was as interested in the sandwiches that were in the room that were available then he was in terms of really the music that he’s playing, and what I pulled out of that movie was we’re so often looking for the approval of our parents in terms of the work that we’re doing that they might often be the ones that take us the least seriously. 

They might not be the ones that believe in what we do the way other people are going to. They might not be your biggest fans in terms of the work that you do because quite often they still see you as a 12 year old that burned rulers by the couch as I did. Or maybe it was that you weren’t good in school or that you weren’t very outgoing when you were a kid or you were just a troublemaker, whatever it was. Quite often our parents and our siblings see us as that person from way back and they don’t see us for who we are today and that’s why something like Jack Malik, who’s the musician, this movie had to believe in themselves even though he generally didn’t have the raving support of his parents. Now they weren’t putting him down in this movie, which a lot of us have to deal with a lot of. 

I know I’ve talked to so many people who are battling their parents’ perception of them more than they’re battling with what they’re actually able to do. But if Jack was looking for his parents’ approval when he was playing Let It Be, one of the greatest songs ever written in their living room. And by their reaction and by the friend’s reaction that showed up, he would’ve quit right there. Or he would have play at a coffee shop. We would have played in his room. He never would’ve done more, but he knew what Let It Be was. He had seen what it had done in pop culture. It just, nobody remembers it. So he had all the faith in the world that if he keeps playing this song, other people are gonna love it because they already have now his parents don’t get it and his parents don’t take them seriously. 

But they were the least of his concerns when he moved on to bigger and better things, they were never going to be his biggest fans. They were never going to get it. And he had to realize this wasn’t for his parents. He wasn’t doing this to get their approval. Even though his frustration throughout the movie with them showed because of their lack of seriousness in what he was doing. And what I notice in artists and entrepreneurs and freelancers quite often is how they’re doing something because they’re looking for the approval their parents, because they never got it. And thinking back to Jack Malik, Jack knew that he had loads of songs that the world was going to love because he’d seen it happen. He had an advantage that was bigger than his parents’ approval. It was bigger than what they thought about it. And I often wonder by those who get stuck because they’re so busy looking for their parents’ approval that if they realized they had something that was way bigger than what their parents understood, if they would be able to blow off their parents either disapproval or disinterest and actually go make the work that they need to make for the people that truly want it, cause quite often it’s not going to be your parents that truly want it or truly get it.

Now, I know there’s a lot of people that deal with this. I know this holds a lot of people back because they always felt like they weren’t good enough for their parents, so why would they be good enough for somebody else? But the truth is, there’s somebody else that needs what you’re doing, and a lot of times it’s not going to be your parents and they’re not going to get it. So do what you gotta do anyway. And then when you take what you’re doing and you make it a success for all these other people, that’s probably when you’ll get the approval of your parents, but by then you won’t need it. So it’s a perfect situation. So go out and do what you have to do, regardless of who it is that’s not believing in you right now. By the way, if you like stories like this and you haven’t read it yet or listened to me yet, go download for free my book Freelance to Freedom. I made the audio book absolutely free on our website. If you’d just go to freelancetofreedom.com/f2fbook, I’ll post a link in the notes and you can download a copy of the book for free. And I really hope you enjoy that. All right, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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