Episode 178- How To Make Your Business Memorable

Every business, freelancer or artist is looking for an edge and for a way to stand out. And if you’re looking for the masses, it’s harder and harder because our attention is fractured and we’re distracted and it’s no longer the days of a handful of stations and newspapers and big organizations that could dominate attention and control. It’s been fractured out to the long tail and most of us are at the end of that long tail. So in a world with so much noise, so many people vying for your attention, how do you stand out? And I want to tell you a story about a time that a band did something that even as a teenager I noticed stood out in a really creative way to market themselves. Now when I was a teenager, my job was to go to concerts and I was good at that job.

If there was a rock or heavy metal band that was coming through New York or the long Island area between 14 and 20 I was going to be there. And not only was I going to be there, but I was probably going to buy a concert tee shirt. And you know the shirt, it’s a black shirt, it’s got the logo and the band’s name on the front. It’s got the name of the tour on the back and it’s got a long list of all the different venues that they’ve played on this tour. So even though I’m going to the concert at Nassau Coliseum on long Island, New York on my shirt is going to say Louisville or st Louis or Las Vegas or Orlando, Florida. And it’s going to be the same thing on every shirt and you come to expect it. And then in October of 1985 I was just a kid, but the crazy Raji out of control band, Motley crew came to town and I wasn’t sure I was going to buy another concert, tee shirt, another static shirt that everybody else was going to have all around the country.

And after hanging out in the parking lot for a while with my friends, we all went inside for the show. And to my excitement and my surprise when I went to the vending Stan, I saw something that I’d never seen before. Motley Crue made a tee shirt that was just for us on the shirt until October 14th, 1995 Uniondale New York, Nassau Coliseum and the shirt was custom made only for that show. And immediately there was no doubt that I was buying that shirt. And the next day at school I proudly wore that shirt and I remember feeling like this band got us, they got that. Our concert was our concert and they made that night more special by making the tee shirt about us and not about the entire tour. So all the concerts I went to all around the New York area, Madison square garden, the metal lands arena, the small clubs that we went to, whether in New York city or long Island on the Jersey shore, there is only one concert tee shirt that I ever remembered and it was that one by Motley crew.

And the reason why is they personalized it for us. And I bring this up because what’s old becomes new again. And to stand out in this day and age this day of automation and email marketing and Facebook ads, Google ads, and constant internet sales to the point that you’re just absolutely exhausted with all of it, is to find a way to stand out in a personal way to your clients. And in other words, we need to find a way to be memorable. What can you do to stand out, to rise above the crowd and to create a personal connection? Something that’s gonna make people say, these people or this person gets me and or appreciates me. And that’s what Motley crew did for us for that night, that we’re all together on long Island. So what are you gonna do if everybody’s going automated and trying to scale? Are you going to do personal video messages?

Are you going to pay attention to what your clients are telling you and send gifts that are specific to things that they’re talking about inside the total life freedom community? Our theme this month is inexpensive creative marketing and we’ve talked a bunch about how and how not to send creative, handwritten thank you cards. The old is becoming the new and it’s become a lost art that so many of these things are creative advantages that you can use to stand out around the sea of noise. Cause what we want to do is create experiences, emotions, feelings, that last beyond just the moment things are going to affect people in a way that doing something for the masses won’t. It would have probably been less expensive for Motley crew to just print out the tee shirts for the tour, shipped them from one city to the next, reduce cost by making sure that production was as efficient financially as possible, but they didn’t do that and I’m sure that they didn’t do this in each city.

It wasn’t just long Island, New York that they did this for. They probably did this in each city. But why does it matter so much? Why is it worth the pain, the struggle and the cost to do that? Here’s what I think the answer is. Fat concert. It’s crazy to believe was 34 years ago and I still remember the look and the design of that tee shirt and I still wish I had it. I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t have it anymore, was the only one that I wish I still had. And when you think about doing something personal in your business for your clients, what is the residual longterm effect of doing things like that? You’re probably not going to see the reward today or next week, but over time compounded. That’s how success happens. So take a lesson from the crew and make it personal, make it memorable and make it fun. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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