Episode 173- The Power Of The Podcast

Well, Merry Christmas. You are probably not going to listen to this this morning. I imagine you might be unwrapping gifts with your family, but maybe at some point when you catch up, you’re going to hear this. I just want to get on here today and talk about the power of the podcast. I’m consistently blown away that I could sit here in my office or beyond the road, just have my laptop, my mic, and a thought and record something just talking to myself, publish it without asking for any feedback, and then get responses that absolutely blow my mind. I did an episode about the night that our youngest son, Dylan, was born and I got messages from people that were crying all day long from listening to the podcast. I did a show recently about dropping off your youngest kid at school, at college, and it’s the last drive that you’ll take with them in that part of their life, and again, the same thing.

People messaging me that they’re teary-eyed and weeping. It’s just an amazing feeling to give business advice and have people listen to it and go and do it and start changing their lives. I got a message on my birthday from Jeremy Ginn who I know virtually, but we’ve never spoken to each other and he sent me a voicemail on my birthday, just wishing me a happy birthday. And he thanked me for the encouragement and he said three days a week he drives his kids to school and check this out. He said the first thing that his kids ask when they get in the car is can we listen to Vince’s podcast? And he said, his boys are 15 and 13 very close to our kids’ age and they’re interested in video games and sports. But as he said to me, the fact that they want to take 5 or 10 minutes to listen to some guy they’ve never met, that their dad thinks is cool is really cool in itself.

So Micah and Caleb, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. And Julia and Anna. Hi. I know you’re listening to. So thank you so much. And then the other day I get a message online and it’s from a guy named Jim Siniki and we connected in a Facebook group called the Beginner Photography Podcast that’s run by my friend Raymond Hadfield and Jim is starting his photography business. He’s building his business on the side before work and he gets up at 4:00 AM to work on a side hustle, which I just love. I love that dedication. He makes me feel lazy because I am not doing it that hard, so go get ’em, Jim. But he gets up at 4:00 AM and he listens to my podcast and it gives him the inspiration to keep moving out this and like I said in the very beginning, if you listen to one of the first podcasts I was, we’re going to record these.

I’m going to publish them every day and it doesn’t matter if there’s one person listening. I know that by doing this it’s going to help somebody and I’m going to keep going. I’m not concerned with millions of downloads. I’m not concerned with how to monetize this. I’m not interested in any of that. What I want to do is to put my heart and soul into these stories and to these lessons and make this as good as I possibly can so that it affects people and changes people for the better. So those are just some of the messages that I’ve gotten, but it’s just an incredible process because not a day goes by where I don’t get some type of a message about somebody that got something out of the podcast. And I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve gotten so much out of other people’s podcasts. I’ve got my health changed by Shawn Stevenson.
I’ve gotten business tips and money tips from the Dave Ramsey’s and the Seth Goldens and the Gary Vaynerchuks and then the friends of mine who are doing incredible content like Andy storage, Brad Barrett, Jonathan Mendonza of Choose FI and many, many more than I can name. And as we roll into 2020 if you’ve got a podcast that you want to do, hopefully this episode pushes you over the edge to get started. Because I started this in 2019 I felt like I was way behind. I’ve been talking about it for years. I’ve thought about it for years. I felt like I’m too late and I went to Podcast Movement in August and I listened to where the world of podcast is going and I left there thinking, this is all just getting started. We’re in the infancy of this entire thing, so don’t feel like it’s too late. Don’t feel like you’re behind.

It’s the perfect time to start a podcast. Media is now being built for it. The cars are being built to make podcasts more accessible to listen to and the power of audio branding as my good friend Jody Krangle talks about in her podcast, Audio Branding, The Hidden Gem of Marketing. This medium is more powerful than so many people realize and the fact that you’re listening to this is proof of that. So on this Christmas morning, I want to thank you all for tuning in and listening to this showing, giving up a few minutes of your day to listen to me ramble on and rant sometimes and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. I appreciate you and I am dedicated to making this better each and every day and with just another week left in this year. If you’re thinking of doing something like this, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, please go do it and get started and start changing lives for the better. Have an incredible Merry Christmas. I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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