Episode 160- Helpful People Want To Help Helpful People

One of the amazing things that I’m fortunate to be a part of in this podcast world, in this personal development world, is the new people that I get to meet on a consistent basis that are doing awesome things. I mean in some ways it doesn’t even seem like the same world as what I grew up in because of the opportunities that are right in front of all of us. That’s why I love doing a show like this because I can continually put out episodes about stories or different people and it never has to end because there’s so much content that can be put out and so many people that I can talk about. A couple of years ago I met a guy named Brad Barrett and it was when I was writing my book and he was int0 personal finance and personal development and I had asked if anybody wanted to read the early version of my book, Freelance to Freedom and he volunteered to be one of the people to read it and he got back to me months later.

He told me how much he enjoyed the book and we kept in touch and he also told me, Oh, we started a podcast, me and this guy Jonathan, started a podcast and it’s kind of blowing up. It’s called choose FI. It’s about financial independence. It’s just growing and it’s downloading like crazy. And about a month or two later at a conference called Fincon, a financial independence conference, it was in Dallas that year. I got to meet in person, Brad and Jonathan Mendonza who were the co-hosts. We had a fantastic 45 minute conversation talking about family, about business, about life, about money, just hit it off. And then they invited me to be a guest on the podcast for my book launch and we recorded that episode in December. It published sometime in January, a few weeks after the book launched. And it was a fantastic episode for me personally.

I mean they help get the word out of my book to so many people. I was honored and humbled that they would keep giving my book away on their Friday episodes. So we’d keep in touch here and there and me and Jonathan talked a bunch for a while talking about different projects and Brad and I would touch base here and there. So we just talked about a month or two ago. It had been a while since we caught up. And let me just say what’s happened to their podcast is absolutely remarkable. The Choose FI podcast has become one of the biggest podcasts in the world. Their download numbers are astonishing. Their influence, the things they’re building, the things they’re doing to help financial literacy in schools, what they’re passionate about. It’s so inspiring and I’m so excited because they’re great guys. They’re just down to earth real people and you love seeing people like that succeed.

So Brad and I got on a call together and it was kinda like, you know, we hadn’t missed a beat since we talked last. Just got right into all different deep, meaningful conversations. And I praised him for the way that they’re doing things. Because a lot of people, I can tell you when the amount of success comes to them, the way that the success is coming to them, it goes to their head. Unfortunately, I see it so often and it’s a fear of mine. It’s a fear of mine, of success continues to happen of having that lose who I really am and why we did this in the first place. So integrity and authenticity are such high values for me. But what’s also a high value for me is being around people like that. So when you see other people doing that, but doing it with a high level of integrity, these are the people that you want to scream from the rooftops about because they’re doing it the right way.

And I’ll tell you, it’s so disappointing when you see people that have a public persona of being a good person and being helpful. And then you see the behind the scenes stuff and you hear the stories and not just rumors but innuendos over and over again when you realize they’re not who they’re portraying themselves to be. That’s why I love the conversation with Brad because he’s no different than he was when we talked years ago. And I really believe it’s because they have a heart for helping. And we talked about a lot of the people that are struggling in this are having a hard time getting the word out. And I brought up how so often you see that is because they want the success for themselves, but often it’s not truly about making other people better. It’s about getting the numbers that they want and the notoriety that they want for themselves, but using the guise of being helpful to get there.

But then you see these people that are doing well and other people are lifting them up. And I said something during the course of the conversation and Brad’s like, that could be a podcast episode for you. And I was like, what did I say? Because I don’t remember what I said. And he recited it back to me. He said, your words were helpful. People want to help helpful people and sometimes I get so into the conversation and talking that I don’t even realize what I say sometimes. My friend David Rhodes does it to me a lot and they’re like, what did you just say? I’m like, I have no idea. I was just talking and he laughs like, no, no. Let’s rewind for a second cause I need to hear what you just said. And just the simple idea of helpful people want to help other helpful people.

That I believe is a core component to why they’ve become so successful. Because they do that with their podcast. They bring on great guests that help their audience. They talk about their audience on their show and they bring them up. They make it so that other people’s lives are better from their work. And he said to me, I’m not looking to get filthy rich from this. Although when you see their numbers and their influence, it’ll be easy to do that if that’s what they want. But that’s truly not their goal. Their goal is to spread the word about financial literacy and financial independence or people have a better life from it. That’s why they’re so focused on bringing this into schools and into different organizations. And when you find organizations and people that you believe in that you want to bring up and you’re not keeping score on it, that’s where the higher level of success comes from.

Because I think there’s so many people scrambling looking to get money and they realize they need that in the moment. But if you talk to enough rich people, the motivation for the money goes away after a while for themselves, at least the ones that aren’t narcissists. But there comes a point where it’s a higher purpose than just making the money for yourself. And when successful, helpful people meet other people like that, not only is it not a burden to help them, but they truly want to because they know that’s their purpose. So the key to me is to find people like Brad to have in your life and to support because it will come back to you because it goes both ways. Helpful. People want to help helpful people, and that turns out to not be a one way street in a winds up bringing success to everybody and most importantly to the people around them to make those people better as well. So shout out to Brad Barrett, Jonathan Mendonza, good friends of mine who I’m so excited for. Make sure you check out their podcast. Go download it, subscribe to it. It’s the choose FI podcast. You can find it anywhere, iTunes, Stitcher, everything and go support what they’re doing. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

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