Episode 159- Own Your Own Beach

So a few years ago we did our first month long venture as a family. We had always dreamed it and desired it, but we never had the opportunity to do it. And we’ve done it now for three years where we take the winter and we spend a month in a different state each time. Well, last year we were in Arizona for three months, but I have a goal and a dream if it’s possible to live in all 50 states for a month with the kids before they grow up. But that first trip to North Padre Island in Texas, outside of Corpus Christi, was an eye opener for us and it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t the smooth ride that we thought it might be. Everybody sees the pictures and they’re at work and they hear that we’re gone for month. It all seems glamorous. Rainbows and unicorns and it’s not a funny part of the story.

The first morning that we’re there, we got up bright and early. I mean it was probably like seven o’clock and the kids were ready to get out. There was a park right across from our place. We brought a soccer ball out and we never spent much time in Texas before and we’re playing soccer and there’s these burrs all over the field and they’re attaching to our leg into our arms and the kids are screaming because they’re getting cut and then we’re being swarmed by these mosquitoes. And we looked absolutely ridiculous. The five of us running around slapping mosquitoes off our body, screaming, not even knowing what’s going on and quite literally went running towards our place. We got into our house, we’re all bitten up and Elizabeth and I looked at each other and we’re like, what the heck did we do? We’re going to have a month of this?

And then we asked somebody, we were on a walk that day. They said no, just early in the morning it was terrible mosquitoes and then they’re gone. And we really thought we’re going to have to be locked up in our place for a month. We just wasted a ton of money and time but it eventually got better and we had a fantastic time there. But one day we were just sitting on the beach and it was 72 degrees and there was nobody on the beach. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the kids were catching crabs and we were just sitting there on the sand and I looked around, nod my head and I was like, we own this beach. And Elizabeth was like, yeah, it kind of seems like we do. And that’s when I go into daydreaming mode at a moment like that because I’m like, we could own our own beach for periods of time and why don’t more people do it?

Because I never enjoyed the beach as a kid because when we would go, there’d be thousands of people there. It’d be ¬†getting sand kicked in my face. The lines with the bathroom are long. There were tons of people in the water. People blast their music or whatever they wanted to do and it wasn’t enjoyable. And we’re sitting here on this beautiful pristine beach and there’s nobody. And I was like, how do you own your own beach? And it hit me right then and there. It’s time freedom. And I talked so much about time freedom and so many people are focused on money and making more money and yes, money is a part of it. You cannot do that without money, but more importantly you can’t do it without the time freedom because you can make a lot of money, but if your schedule doesn’t allow you to do these things at times when other people aren’t doing them, it’s not possible.

But when you can create a business or a life where you can do it, when and where you want, you get to own the beach because you know when we plant and not go to the beach Saturdays and Sundays and the summertime, you have to envision this out. We want to build a life to where we can go to the beach when the weather great when it’s not crowded and crazy, so we’re doing that again this winter blitz, all intentional. It’s intentional because we set out to build businesses that support that type of lifestyle. We set out on purpose to turn down the work that is not going to support that and envision, create an implement the work that is now when you start thinking that way, you start thinking of different things than you normally would. You begin to not accept what you believe is normal and you start to see the strengths that you have that can be transferred to other areas that could earn income in different ways, in multiple ways, in ways that allow you to get paid while you’re sleeping instead of you having to be there to actually physically do the work at that time.

So when you realize you could take a bit of information that you have or some knowledge that you have and you can teach it to other people that need it. So a lot of us start by doing one on one coaching or teaching in a classroom. But when you can take that online and you can take that to creating, for instance, a membership site, take the information that you would teach one to one and put it into a format to teach people that want it in a different way. That’s another income stream that you can create. And once you see that you start seeing different worlds open up from that one thing or around that are multiple different income streams that you can build off of that or build as a complimentary thing. Affiliates, courses, masterminds, live events, and the beautiful thing in this day and age, it doesn’t require a huge following.

To do that. You just need the right people to truly want what you deliver. And that’s why the entrepreneurial world is so much fun. And I’m not sure how many employees listen to this, but I want them to start seeing that they have a marketable skill if somebody is employing them so often you can take that skill and you can use that skill in the open market to create other income streams. And I think we’ve been trained and brainwashed to think, get a job, stick with that job. Don’t rock the boat. Stay for the benefits, retire when you’re 65 and then enjoy life. And I’m like, forget that I’m going to do it now. Or at least I’m going to start figuring it out now. And the results might not be for three more years. I get so many people that tell me, Oh, I’d love to do what you do with your kids.

And I’m like, why don’t you do it? They have all the reasons why they can’t. It’s because they haven’t developed the mindset and the business to be able to create income streams. I give you that freedom to do what you want, where you want, when you want, and when you’re able to do that. You don’t need to physically purchase your own beach, but if you do it right, you could be in the right place at the right time consistently with the time freedom and the money freedom to feel like you own your own beach. And I will talk to you tomorrow.

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