Episode 154- The New Old Fashioned Way

So I go against the grain on this, but so many people in the world that I’m at swear by the morning routine. I’ve tried it so many times. I’ve read the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed doing it for a while, but it never stuck and don’t feel really too guilty about it because I love the way my day starts and it’s not in a structured routine like that. But at the same time I’m fortunate I had the freedom. I pretty much can do what I want most of the day. So if I want to go to the gym later in the afternoon or mid morning, I have that option to do that and not miss it. But unfortunately, maybe because of this, I have not gone to the gym as much as I’d like to in the last month or two. So I’ve gotten back and I’m trying to ramp that back up.

And I went yesterday morning. I went early early for me, which is like 6:15am and I love that. I love getting out at the house was quiet, the kids were asleep, you know, we’re still here in Pittsburgh for another couple of weeks. So the snow was coming down and it was quiet and I just had some Christmas music on while I was driving to the gym and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree from Brenda Lee came on. It was the last song that was on the radio before I got to the gym and the song was nearing the end. I didn’t want to leave until the song was over. So I sat in the car getting into the spirit, watching the snow come down and the song came through the very end. And I’ve heard the song, you know, since I was a little kid, but I’m not sure I picked up the very last words until that moment.

And I must have heard it before obviously, but I didn’t listen to the words and what she said was ‘the new old fashioned way.’ I turned the car off and I went to the gym. I started working out and I kept thinking about that line over and over again, the new old fashioned way. And for a song that was written in 1958 I believe more than 60 years ago, it felt to me like such a modern statement cause I love to do business in the new old fashioned way. And let me explain what I mean by that. In the world of freelancing and solopreneur ship, it is a challenging time for so many people, a challenging time to get attention and to get business. You need attention. And I love the business world, but I hate the business world at the same time because there’s so many sleazy marketers, there’s so many people in it for the quick buck.

They just want to build a funnel. They want passive income, they want the quick money, they want the instant success and they want the hacks. And that’s what so many conferences and courses are built around. The problem is it works for a very few amount of people, but it doesn’t work for most. But there’s such an allure there because it seems so easy. And it seems so profitable, but I view business as how would I want to be treated? Do I want to be treated like just another number? So I mean it goes into a funnel, so maybe that gets checked off and then if I’m not going to buy their stuff, I’m never going to hear from again. Or do I want to live and work in a world where the people that work with me and the people that I work with are people that I actually enjoy being around and want to help and want to help me.

And again, that comes back to the new old fashioned way. And the old fashioned way is people did business with people in the past in the 1850s you needed to know who you were going to barter with in the 1920s you knew the different businesses that you’d associate with. You knew why you worked with these people and why you didn’t. And the people that were dishonest and the people that were scammers, they got figured out. It’s hard to be in business that way if you’re not trustful, but it’s a little different now. Everybody is selling something online. There are people quite literally that take courses, copy the information from the courses and then go and start their own course of the same thing. They’ve never done it before. There’s no experience there. They don’t have the relationships built, but they steal the information and then it’s so easy now to put that content on social media.

You put the quotes out there, you put the motivational stuff, but there’s no real world experience with any of it. And I hope, I don’t sound like an old curmudgeon with this because I truly love the world that we’re in right now. I think there’s opportunities abound for everybody. If you have a skill that you can take and you can help somebody else figure that out or create something for them that they really want. But the new old fashioned way to me is bringing the personal relationships back into the business world, the real ones. But while using social media and all of the modern advantage that we have, but so many people rely on staying inside and doing the social media stuff, but putting very little attention on actually building the relationships. And I will tell you, everybody says they do it, but I can tell you right now that most people don’t, and you’ve met or heard me say before, I have a consistent non-negotiable habit of reaching out to people in my circle, seeing how they’re doing, checking in, trying to connect them with no agenda.

And what happens over time with that is the people that are really interested in the things that I do. They wind up asking questions about it and then we wind up having conversations and that filters down. Then eventually there are people, they’re like, I really need you for this. I need coaching for this, or I need you to speak for this, or I need to be in your membership here. They know what they need over time as the relationship builds out. But that happens because it’s been years and years of reaching out with no expectation. But when everybody says, yeah, I know that’s, you know, that’s just the easy, but tell me the real hack to the whole thing. And I’m like, that’s a pretty big hack to the whole thing. 

But I can tell you this, when I had those days, when I go off the grid, but I have those couple times that I’m gone for three or four days cause I’m heavily into a project or I’m unplugged, my inbox goes kind of empty and it can feel kind of demoralizing. It’s like, do I always have to be the one that reaches out? And quite often, yes, that is the case because people aren’t trained thinking this way and I really want to start bringing that back. So when I tell you I start doing that again, when I get back into the groove and all of a sudden everything starts moving quickly again. Opportunities start coming up, opportunities to help other people start popping up, all the things that I want happen from that eventually. So I joke around a lot that it’s like the 1870s with the internet and to me that is the new old fashioned way, which is personal relationships, deep ties, powerful networks, people that trust you and people that you trust.

And when you can do that and work together with them, you don’t need all the noise. You don’t need 10 million followers because your network will make sure everything happens for you as you make sure everything happens for your network. And what’s funny is I’ve been trying to find a way to record this type of a message of an episode and there’s way more to it obviously. So there’ll be more. But being at the gym yesterday and hearing that song and being able to think about it while I worked out helped me really put this together. And the new part of the old fashioned ways. I get to record this and then within minutes it’s scheduled and it’s delivered to you. The new old fashioned way is such a beautiful combination and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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