Episode 150- Why I Just Invested $25,000 Into My Personal Growth

Why I just Invested $25,000 Into My Personal Growth

So last Tuesday I spent $25,000, actually a little bit more than $25,000. I’ve never made one single investment back into myself that big before. I’m recording this today putting it out there to let you know why. 

You hear me talking all the time about investing your money back into yourself, back into your growth and your progress and your development. Now traditionally we are trained that if you are going to invest money, you invest it for retirement and there are so many shows I want to do about this because I fight against that idea of retirement so passionately.

When I was an employee, I bought into that. I followed the lead. You know certain amount of my paycheck will go into my accounts, go into my investments, into the stock market and all that stuff, in compound growth and all that number have a couple million dollars when I retire. I will live frugally with what I do. I’m gonna go on a vacation or two about how it’s all said and done, I will amass a nice chunk of money then use that money to early bird dinners. give grandkids too many gifts. So, what I saw was a whole lot of people in their 30s and 40s and they barely really had money to invest on things that they really wanted to do. Entrepreneurs that really want to go to a great conference or get coaching on a certain area that would take them to the next level, training from a leader and their field of certain area. They could never afford it. But they made money. 

And it turned out it wasn’t that they can’t afford, it is just that they put their money in all these different areas and when they thought of investing they thought of retirement. Investing to them was putting money away now so that 30 or 40 years later, they’d have a bunch more money. then as I got in in this Entrepreneurial world and being around very successful entrepreneurs, I saw a way different approach. I saw some like Dan Miller from 48 days who was 70 years old, 71 years old and he invested heavily in himself. He wasn’t worried about retirement. At 70, he makes more money now than he ever did before and how did that happen? Because he kept investing in himself and his own growth that led to insane business success. It led to relationships and connections with other entrepreneurs that elevated and catapulted his existing business. Way more than the gains in the stock market were going to make 30 years down the road. 

Elizabeth and I talked about it. We said what do we trust more? The stock market or ourselves? And the answer was ourselves. So, we started taking some of the money that we would just blindly put into stocks and the stock market. We put that back into ourselves. We started hiring coaches, going to conferences, joining masterminds, connecting with entrepreneurs that we would never have been around if we weren’t in those situations. What we noticed was our business became more successful, much quicker. Not only that, we start to associate with some high rollers in the field. Some people that are really was doing some amazing stuff. And now because we invested in what they were doing, we were kind of on the inner circle. These people start endorsing our book, start talking about our business, start connecting us to the people and all the sudden you’re seeing it grow more and more. Then your income within a couple years starts exceeding the growth that you would’ve made in the stock market and now it’s all invested in yourself to grow even bigger and bigger. So, we thought, what do we need $4.8 million when we are 74 while we nickel and dime our way through our 30s, 40s and 50s. We need to keep investing in ourselves now. 

I’ve talked about it before that we want to invest at least 10% of our income back into ourselves for personal development and personal growth but each year we assess what’s the thing that that we’re going to do this year? What will we continue and what will we gonna add? Each year I try to find the next thing that were gonna grow, that I’m gonna focus on. And for me, for 2020 is public speaking. 

Each year I choose a new thing that we’re going to grow. It was the book one year, it was the mastermind. It was the membership, it was the podcast and you get all those things to the optimal level and then you choose the next one. We recently have a branding expert Mike Kim on the call for the Total Life Freedom mastermind and he told me a very similar in his career last five or six years. So, I decide public speaking is what I am really going to focus on. With everything built and in place, that is the logical next step to pay attention to. And I had signed up for Heroic Public Speaking, which just happened last Monday and Tuesday. It was Heroic Public Speaking course run by Michael Port and Amy Port. it was absolutely fantastic. 

Michael wrote the book Book Yourself Solid. He wrote the book Steal The Show. They are both trained actors. He is from NYU. Amy from Yale. I signed up earlier this year for a two-day intensive training called Heroic Public Speaking Course. It is the base thing that they offer. So, I traveled last Monday and Tuesday to Lambertville, New Jersey, with about 70 other incredible people that are all looking speak and Amy and Michael put on a clinic and I am not one that looks for the upsell. I am very careful. Everybody’s gonna upsell I’m always waiting for the angle of the hook on it. 

But the funny thing about this one as I knew the upsell was coming and I knew I was ready for it. I already talked to my friend Brad Ritter who just went through this as well and I knew what they are going to offer. Not only did I know what they are going to offer, I’ve already brought it up to Elizabeth and told her the price. I told the commitment and she understood where I’m coming from. She said to me if you like what you see over these two days and the dates for the live meetings lined up for us, let’s seriously consider it. And I went to day one and after day on, I am not a sucker, I’m really not a sucker for these things, but after day one, I saw the commitment and the professionalism and all the people they had helped. I’m friends with people like John Vroman who went through the sorority and raved about it. So, it is one of those things where almost like Here take my money. 

By day two, they offered it up and what it is is a seven-month immersive training into not just being a public speaker, but a performer like they talk about. And not to go too deep into details but the first three months is working with a writing coach and getting your keynote presentation just rock-solid. And then the next four months gets even more intense, which is where you go to the business side of speaking. You go through your live presentation. Every detail is gonna be worked on and I knew just watching them and seeing the result of the people that come out there, this is where I need to go. But man it’s $25,000. 

As I drove from Pittsburgh to Lambertville and I wasn’t that far out of New Hope, Pennsylvania. I drove past the car dealership and at that dealership I saw a bunch of people in there. A few of them probably buying cars and the price tag. I’m sure of many of those cars hovered around $25,000 if not a lot more. I thought about our culture and how buying a $25,000 car with all these payments and interest is just a given. It’s something that nobody would even bat an eye out when you told him that and it’s almost as if you don’t spend that much, that you are doing something wrong. You need a reliable car. I think of it this way that I want a reliable career. 

But after Michael and Amy gave the information about what they’re offering and they handed out the forms before they’ve even finished giving the final ending to the pitch, I handed them my application with all the information to sign me up. When I told a few friends later on, they seemed like wow they were just stunned it. Stunned in a good way, it’s just that they hadn’t done that before. I thought about the comparison between the car and Heroic Public Speaking Grads program. If I have taken that money and bought a car, I would have a lot of congratulations and “Oh it’s a beautiful car.” There will be no shock and there be no surprise. And three years later, that cars going to be worth around $10,000 or $11,000. It’s going to go down in value every minute that I own it. 

But this other thing that seems so crazy to people that most people probably haven’t done which taken $25,000 and investing it back in your own growth, in your own future and in your own career. I fully expect with my hard work and their teaching to at least 10X this investment. I have very little doubt that by doing this that it should get me in due time, $250,000 with paid speaking gigs because of it. I want to be clear I’m not making this about making money, about just having wealth or luxury. This is not what is about. It’s really about how we choose to use our money. 

So, I have a membership program within Total Life Freedom and it’s $50 a month at this moment. It’s interesting how many people will say to themselves I can’t afford $50 a month and I rarely have any conversation about that to try to talk to anybody out of that. I could debunk that for just about anybody in a minute. If somebody said they can’t afford $50 a month, if I want to challenge it I would say How many times have you been to Starbucks is month? How much did you spend eating out? Netflix, cable, beer whatever you want to go, it comes down to that money is hardly ever the issue. 

The real issue is where do you choose to put your money? Do you choose to put into things that gives you short term satisfaction? Or do you choose to put into things that give you long-term success? It really is quite ironic when you think about college that let’s give our kids $120,000 to spend on education when they’re 18 to 22 on things that they’re not even sure that they want to learn. But after we come out of college, we are never going to invest on the things that we want to do to grow that we do want to learn. So, I truly believe that we have a mindset shift that is a culture that needs to be twisted back. Because like Dan Miller, if I invested myself now and continue growing my thing, there’s going to be very little need for retirement money because I will be making more money when I’m 70 that I’ve ever done in my life because my business and myself kept getting better. 

So, I say all this as a challenge to myself to put in front of you because I want to take you on this journey with me. I start this program January 31st and I am recording as the very beginning where I just invested that money there’s been no return yet. And I want to do this periodically, time after time, I’m giving you updates. Not only on the progress of what we are doing but eventually on the progress of the business side of the speaking. Because I’d love to prove in real time how valuable this is. And if I can show you that when I can invest this money in myself at this point with no ROI, no real concrete numbers of what I will get out of this but the belief that this is where I need to go, the progress will be made in real time. So yeah, we are $25,000 lighter and I couldn’t be happier. I hope that you follow this journey along with me. I will talk to you tomorrow.

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