Episode 149- What If You Quit A Week Ago?

What If You Quit A Week Ago?

It is quite amazing how many messages and conversations I have now with people who are on the fence about quitting their job. These aren’t lazy people just looking to hang around and do nothing and mooch off of somebody else. These are from people that either have a dream to start something on the side and they have been pushing toward or they already are starting to be on the side and they just had this fear of what it’s going to be like if they quit. I got off the coaching call yesterday, a really incredible call with a guy that I cannot say his name, which frustrates me because I’d love to give a plug to his business. But he’s in a job and because of the rules of the job, he shouldn’t be doing something on the side. 

Now it’s not ironclad but it’s frowned upon but his person has an incredible gift that he’s bringing to so many people. His side business, which he only spent a couple hours a week on has become profitable. I mean it become so profitable that it now rivals the salary from his job, from his full-time job and he puts in over 40 hours a week plus the commute time. I’m sitting here talking to him and my head is spinning because I was like What are you waiting for? Like I mentioned on the past episode about Greg Tosi when you can build something on the side, on your mornings and evenings or weekends, but even comes close to your full-time salary, even half of it. If you could do that in a short amount of time, what could you do if you have all the time to work on. 

So, I get really jacked up and excited by those conversation as I consider it my job to give them the permission to be able to push forward and to do what they really want to be doing and not just workwise but just the time freedom that comes with it. What I want to do is give them a crystal ball and be able to look ahead and say what do you think life could be like when you hang out with your kids whenever you want, when you don’t want to answer someone else’s schedule or their demands or some crazy policies that they set in? What’s going to be like when you know you got about four hours work to do that day and you’re so excited about what you do that you are up at 5 o’clock doing the work and all the work that you needed to get done that day is over by 9 o’clock? 9:00 AM. Can you imagine what that life is like? 

But so many of these people I talked to, it’s amazing how indoctrinated they’ve been into the job culture. And not just indoctrinated but scared by what’s on the other side. This guy is planning on quitting his job within the next month but he kept coming back to saying I know it’s going to be scary. I know there’s going to be a lot of fear once I quit. And he kept coming back to how it was gonna feel after he quit. It wasn’t what most people have is the fear of before they quit. What it’s going to be like and I don’t know if I will be able to do that. He was saying how much he was going to be scared afterwards. Having gone through this myself and having coached so many people out of this, a question popped at the top my head immediately and asked this question. What if you would quit a week ago? 

I love asking questions that make people go, What? I said let’s not talk about you quitting in the future. I want you to pretend like you quit the job a week ago. Not only that the decision was made but you already taken action and you done it. You also had a week under your belt of getting past the emotion of it and doing the work towards the next step. So, I asked him the question again. So what would you be doing now if you would quit the job a week ago? He shook off the cobwebs for a second and then he said “Oh, I be creating content for people in my group. I will be creating content of my clients and talking my client about how we can help them. And I will be totally networking with the people I need to network with, the people in my peers this business and also people that have been asking me about what I can do.” He said, “Man, I can also be reaching out to the people that are doing stuff that I will be doing. I can be having conversation with them as well.” He paused and said that there is so much that he be doing. 

And I love it on those calls when people I’m talking to answer the questions the way that I’d want to answer it. Because they basically contradict their own fear. So, I said “Ha, it’s interesting. Nothing you talked about was about the fear that you thought you are going to feel. And none of it was not knowing what to do next. You know what to do next. There’s actually so much that you could do that you came in and get to right now. But the main point that I want to make was the thing that’s really slowing you down is the fear of what it’s gonna feel like after it’s done.” 

The reason why I asked the question that way what’s going to feel like a week later is to make you realize that once you get started, there’s no time for that fear. And not only is there no time for you, you are not even thinking about it because you are not afraid anymore because you already made the decision. And what stops people most of the time is they’re afraid to actually make the decision. Once they make the decision, they go. There’s nothing to fear at that point except not doing the work. I said to him that you already prove that you can do that. You already have a proof of concept in what you’re doing. And he questions himself do I really? We ran down everything he just told me and I think he didn’t believe in what he has already done. And it’s just amazing how much fear takes over so many of our decisions and is the main thing that holds many of us back. 

So, what I did by asking that question was to have him to look past the fear. So many people tell you to face your fear and go through it. I want you to look over it. What does it look like on the other side? What does it look like after you make a decision that you are afraid of? That’s what I want to get through to him and I was excited because it did because the rest of the call was focused on where he was going not where he is coming from. It wasn’t about the things that are holding up. It’s about the things that he’s going to be able to do going forward. And to get a message from him the next day saying how fired up he is for what’s ahead. I just hope it sticks. I hope he doesn’t allow the fear to stop them or delay any longer because of the outside looking in without emotional attachment that he has which I don’t have, it’s so easy to see how much more potential he has, not only for increasing his income tremendously but increasing the time that he has with his family and for the things he wants to do which I’m telling you is more important, especially once you get to a certain income level. 

So maybe it’s you, maybe it’s not about quitting your job but it is about getting started writing that book that you keep talking about or hosting that event that you always want to do. And for him, it was what if you quit the job a week ago? But for you it is what if you quit being afraid a week ago? What would you be doing right now? 

I will talk to you tomorrow!

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