Episode 143- Be A Pioneer

Be A Pioneer

I got asked the question about a year ago from somebody who was transitioning out of corporate America to build their own business. And the thing that they struggle with more than anything in their mind was there was no path. This world that she was coming from, she couldn’t find a way to measure herself aside from measuring against other people which she knew was a bad way to measure what she was doing. So, I want to talk about the idea of the struggle of wanting a path. The problem is there isn’t a path. If you’re looking for a path, you’re going to be frustrated. There are guideposts and there’s checkpoints but there is no path. If you could see way I’m about to talk to you, you might understand it more. 

If you want to be in the world of entrepreneurship, you have to see yourself as a pioneer. A pioneer had no map. A pioneer had to create the map. The people that really struggle with this are the people that are used to being given a map. A lot of times they were good in school where you’re given a map, follow directions, don’t veer off course, memorize what we teach you, don’t make mistakes and you will get the almighty A. That’s having a map. The problem is in this world of being entrepreneur or being a solopreneur, everything changes so quickly now compared to what it used to be that you can’t look to follow the map and you need to learn how to make your own map. Because this won’t be the only map. You have to learn how to make them so you can make the next one and the next one as things continue to change and evolve. You have to be a pioneer. It is a mindset that if you can’t get that, you’re going to struggle. You have to understand that if you’re going to build your own thing because even if you follow the map, there’s gonna come a point where either that person doesn’t give you the map anymore or you get frustrated and you want don’t want to follow that particular map anymore. If you’re so used to just following the map and not creating, you’re going to get to the end of that map that was given to you and you could be lost again. And the beautiful thing about creating your own thing is that you eventually got people that want to know how you did it. When you create success with what you’re building, you’re going to have people that want to learn from you. Then you get to teach them this. So instead of looking for a map, a step-by-step plan, look for other people that get what you’re trying to do. Look for other people who’ve gone through this who can poke holes in what you’re trying to figure out. Find those people who’ve been down that road and say listen when you get to this spot, be careful of this because this can happen or if you go this direction look what was possible if you do that. 

Having people to go on that journey, that pioneer journey, with you and for them to help you and for you to help them is way more valuable than a map. Because I want to let you know that this never ends, especially in the Internet age. You’re constantly tweaking, you’re constantly learning, you’re constantly pivoting and things that were best practices two years ago, things that really worked don’t work the same now. That’s what I love about. I love the constant growth. I’m energized by the fact that I don’t know what is going to be like a year from now, but if I learned it, I am so far ahead of the curve. I got a major head start on even the next thing. But the people that stay stagnant. The people that follow the other people never get to take those lumps. I think you can really be excited by that or you could be frightened by that. And the ones that are frightened by that are generally the one that leave this and go back in the safety of the corporate world even though the ones that want more doing here are internally frustrated because they know that there is so much more to this than what they’re doing. They give into the perceived safety of the job. So, the people that don’t want to make it on their own, their own map, the frustration and the drudgery and the question what could been done is accepted because they fear the unknown. That’s the first part of this. 

The second part is the comparison that you are feeling to other people. As long as you’re feeling comparison to others and most of it is in an unhealthy way, you’re going to always struggle. You will constantly feel like you’re behind and you’re not good enough. Quite often, we have two people compare ourselves to. The person at the head of us, perceived or the person behind us, also perceived. We mostly focus on is the person that’s ahead of us. We don’t take into consideration the fact that they might be doing this longer, that they might have been putting so many hours to learn what they’re doing than you did. The fact that even though you think that there ahead of you, they still struggle with something that they’re trying to figure out for so many reasons that don’t even matter because it truly makes no difference what they are doing. It only matters what you want to do. So instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to where you were yesterday and be better than yesterday. I wrote about that in my book. That was the one thing that got me out of the struggle of being paralyzed by the future was just trying to be better than yesterday. When I was better than yesterday, in some way every day I built up momentum. And when I build up momentum, then I got the energy behind me. When that happened, things started to move. And that’s when I got the confidence to do more and to believe in myself. 

So as long as you are setting goals and I’ll tell you most people are not. As long as you’re setting goals and you’re going towards those things to achieve them, you’re doing better than most. So, if you’re trying to see that you’re just trying to better than where you were and you’re not trying to keep up with anybody else, you feel so much better. You feel so much lighter and you have so much more energy. So, remember these two things to make this work to be a pioneer. First thing is, there is no map. You need to go be a pioneer and create your own path because what is way worse than having a map is following somebody else’s map and getting to the end of it and realizing this isn’t what I wanted anyway. So, do your own thing. And the other thing is to stop comparing to others. If you are going to compare anyway, compare yourself to where you are yesterday. As long as you do that and you set your goals and you go after him, the comparison is healthy and it allows you to forge forward, choose what is it you want to do and then go ahead to accomplish that. So, go become a pioneer.

I’ll talk you tomorrow.

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