Episode 132- I Don’t Want To Do This Forever

I Don’t Want To Do This Forever

I want to talk about one of my pet peeves when talking to the people that are trying to build a freelance career or a business so they can create a life of time, money, and hopefully location freedom. We all have our hang-ups. We all have our insecurities. We all have our limiting beliefs on what we really think we can do. But when I see the self-sabotage come into it with their own words, I realize how many hurdles there are to overcome. It is not about intelligence, it is not about business smart. It is not about even the ideas. There are more than enough ideas to create a business that can get you to financial freedom, at least to the level that most people just desire. I am not talking about the billion dollars, or even the million-dollar thing. What I find is people just want more time and they want less money stress. 

Very few people come to me because their driving force is to become the next Elon Musk or Jeff Baeza. Quite often there is an idea and it’s a good idea. It might be an employee who could do the same thing consulting make as much if not more money but control their time, get some freedom back and make a nice pivot closer to that freedom. Or, it might be something not so glamorous, something not so exciting but something that’s going to pay really well and I don’t encourage that if you just got to go and blow it on another car or a vacation or a bigger house or remodeling your bathroom. 

But if you’re going to make that money, you gonna put to work in terms of getting yourself the freedom that you want. It could be a brilliant idea, even though it’s not sexy or glamorous. Or it could be something you have a great skill at but you’re not passionate about. I meet a lot of people who are great at designing websites but they go I don’t really want to do websites. And when they finally see that they can do this to make the money that they need which is the biggest problem at the moment, they say the line that drives me nuts. And it’s this. But I don’t want to do this forever. And maybe because I’ve done this so much or I’ve done it myself numerous times and I’ve talked so many people to this process when they said the same thing that I just really have so little patience for that answer. Because that answers a complete copout. It’s an excuse. It’s a delay tactic that prevents them from actually going for the life that they want. Because I would remind them that whoever brought up you doing this forever? Whoever said that that’s were talking about? I never mentioned starting some things you can do it forever. My challenge is to start something to get you closer to where you want to be, to allow you to pivot out of the logjam that you’re already in, to give yourself some breathing room, to give yourself some space, some time, some extra money, some mental space to start thinking again and to stop stressing so much.

So, you probably hear the frustration in my voice when I talk about this because you’d be amazed at how many times the answer to what we’re talking about is well I don’t want to do this forever. But I asked them would you rather do this than what you’re doing now? And the answer almost every single time is well of course. So, let’s logically go through this. So, if you’ll do this, you enjoy doing this better than what you doing right now. You have the potential to make more money doing this and you will also have more time freed up by doing this. Is that better than when you’re at right now? Of course, the answer is yes. 

So, let’s just say this takes a year or two years to build this up, to get this thing moving, to get the referrals coming in, to get your legs underneath for you to be able to deal with all the different challenges that come with this new thing. And oftentimes it’s not a new thing and it is something already related to what you’re doing. Let’s say that takes two years and you freed yourself up from the job or the business that you’re in that you don’t want to be doing anymore. And maybe with that extra money, you put that money toward some debt, towards some personal development and toward some growth. Ans two years from now, you have more time, you have more money, you have less debt and you have a mental freedom that I talk about so much to think about new ideas. do you think you’re gonna be a lot closer to freedom doing that if you just stay at the job? And they can see it is the truth. Because now with that extra time and that extra money you can put that into the thing that you really want to do. 

And I look at it this way, you’re stuck on some block of land that you don’t want to be and there is this bridge going to that beautiful island. But the island is where you want to be but you need the bridge to get you to the island. You are not going to get to that beautiful island directly from the mainland without the bridge. So, what we’re talking about is building that bridge, this next thing that get you closer that allows you to see the island clear. That is the bridge. The bridge is not the destination. The bridge is the thing to help you get to the destination. So, nobody drives across a bridge and says I want to stay here forever. They know what the bridge is for. The bridges will get them to the other side. So, the key is convincing these people to put the work in and put the time in to build that bridge to get them closer to the freedom that they really want. 

So just realize when you say that I don’t want to do this forever, that is you staying stuck on that body of land, out of fear of the bridge that’s going to get you to your dream. So, you can stay stuck and wait for something to magically get you to that island or you can start moving in the right direction and start building that bridge to help you get to that dream life. So that’s it, rant over for me. I am not sure if I should title this podcast, I don’t want to do this forever or title the bridge. But if you’re listening to this you know which one I chose, so we’ll keep going and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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