Episode 13- Go Waste Some Time

Here is transcription to Episode 13- Go Waste Some Time

I have a quote for you today that I absolutely love and this is what the podcast is about. “The secret to doing good research is to always be a little unemployed. You wast years by not being able to waste hours.” That’s by Amos Tversky. I really love that because it goes against our culture of just hyper productivity. We are just inundated with planners and journals and everything like that. Everything where you can measure everything, schedule everything, becoming even more productive every moment of the day. I know I go against the grain on this with a lot of people, but that movement really rubs me the wrong way. I’m going to go against the grain and say, you don’t need to be as productive as possible. You need time to be able to create. This is not about creating an assembly line where you are the most productive person you could possibly be, like getting everything done that you could possibly do. 

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To me as somebody who really appreciates the art of the work that we do, that stresses me out, that doesn’t make work fun for me. That makes it seem really strategic and really calculated but not creative. So for the ultra productive and so ultra scheduled, there’s no time to waste. There’s no time for wasted time. And that’s where this quote comes back to. And I can tell you right now that I am not the most productive person in the world. I am really good at wasting hours. And it brings me back to a story that I heard about Richard Branson from a while back where he said 95% of the day, he’s just like everybody else. I mean, he’s lazy. He’s kind of unproductive. A lot of times the work that he does, his normal, it’s average. It’s nothing special. He can waste a lot of time. 

He’s very unproductive, but it’s that 5% -it’s that 5% where he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s in his zone of genius and his what he does better than anybody else in the world. That’s what’s made him Richard Branson, the business genius. It’s that 5% it is not about being as productive as possible through every moment that you have. And I’ve heard this quote of, well, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done, and I think that’s a bunch of crap. I can’t imagine living that way in terms of running a creative business where everything has to be so scheduled that there’s so little time for creative thought. Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Darren Hardy, they all say they can be really, really lazy, but what most people don’t see in this day and age with it is that laziness gives them the freedom to think, and most people in this world don’t have the freedom to think, and I’ve learned so much from them because these are the people business wise that I wanted to emulate. 

It wasn’t so much just being as productive as possible. It was the one that had time freedom, that did the work that they wanted to do, that help people and money came freely to them. Those were the people that I’ve studied. There were never the most productive scheduled people in the world.. So I took a page out of their playbook and I very often will just go to the library with a pad and a pen and I’ll spend the entire day and I’ll just sit there. I’ll sit there, I’ll sit back in the comfy chair, I’ll put my feet up on the Ottoman in the library and let everybody do their thing around. And I just sit there with my eyes closed and I’ve got my pad and I’ve got my paper. And I’m telling you that my best ideas, the ones that are the most innovative in terms of creating more time freedom, the ones that are helping other people, the thoughts that I go through to solve other problems, they come during that time cause my mind just goes quiet. 

It goes really calm and I write down ideas I never would have thought of if I was productive. And you’ll be amazed by what comes out of your mind if you just sit there and quiet it down for a couple of hours. And I will tell you this, I have times where I’m going, going, going, I’m traveling, I’m giving a speech, I’m running a mastermind in a different city, I’ve got a lot of calls scheduled, I got podcast interviews, I got a lot of stuff going on here at the house with the kids. And I will notice by the end of that week, I will look at my paper and my phone where I write down my ideas and there’s nothing on there. And I realize then how dangerous that is and how destructive that is. Because I got stuff done. But I didn’t think, and I wasn’t creative, I was just getting stuff done. 

And even though it was productive, it wasn’t benefiting me. So all of my progress comes from growth. It comes from new ideas, it comes from new engagement, new creativity, new curiosity. And I have those weeks that I’ve tracked them when I’m really busy and there’s nothing in there, there’s nothing added to it. And that slows down the growth of where I need to get to. So in essence there’s very little time for thinking and ideas that that time for thinking and ideas and I have created all the content that is really gotten the highest amount of engagement, the highest amount of change and the highest amount of feedback from anything I’ve ever put out there that has come from the time where I’ve had quiet time to just think and come up deeper, more thoughtful ideas. Whenever I put something out there, somebody says, oh, that makes me think it’s always come from the questions or the ideas that have come from quiet time. 

It’s rarely when I’m busy and I’m not sure if this resonates with you at all or at least it helps you to maybe loosen up the strings on the schedule just a little bit, but just give it a shot. Blocking some quiet time, time that you’re away from your family, that you’re on your own where you’re not listening to music or a podcast where you’re just sitting there and you were just quote unquote wasting time and thinking. Think of that this way in terms of being wasted time. If you could sit there for an entire day and do nothing but think, but come up with one idea, one incredible idea that changes your life or changes the life of somebody else or send your business on a different track or figures out a way that you can be so much more time efficient or create a different business idea that you hadn’t thought of. 

Would you consider that wasted time or would you consider that maybe the most productive time you’ve ever spent? So slow down a little bit, waste some time, and also it’s going to help you calm down a little bit because it’s going to help you do brain dumps and get things that have been bouncing around your mind, but you haven’t been able to get out of it. It’ll get it out onto paper or onto your computer so you can calm down, sleep better, and actually progress towards your goal. I personally get my best sleep when I’m doing this. When I take time away just to waste, I sleep better at night because I’ve gotten all the junk out of my head. It’s all written down now. I just need to execute on that stuff. So I’m personally giving you permission to go waste some time, get the ideas out, get the creativity flowing, calm down, and get going with what you need to do. Thanks so much again for listening and I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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