Episode 121- Video Killed The Radio Star

Video Killed The Radio Star

So my wife said to me the other day “Do you notice that the things that don’t go on your to do list are always a thing that you don’t want to do?” And she called me out on something that is fairly obvious because running your own business, you could really make it to where you do the things you want to do and you can kind of blow off the things that you don’t want to do and there’s not a whole lot of people there to tell me what I’m doing wrong. 

So I gravitate towards the things I really like doing and we will outsource or eliminate the things that I don’t want to do, and this podcast is one of the things I absolutely love doing. I have no issue talking to my wall over here and talking to you and just telling you a story or giving a situation or trying to give a lesson that help somebody out. This does not freak me out at all. It’s so intimate for me that I forget that people actually gonna listen to it that I just tell the stories and I do the podcast. Then when somebody comes back to me and they say “Oh that episode you did about It’s all bonus or whatever, that really impacted me. I love that” then I forget often that I even recorded it. Because I’m recording it to get it out and recording it to get out into the world and I’m moving onto the next one, in the next bit of content or the next story I can tell. So I give very little thought in terms of how do I sound or do this go wrong? I just move on and do the next thing and keep trying to get better and keep trying to figure out ways to improve this more and more. 

But then there are things like video which I am frightened of. Just to be clear, I am not frightened about being on video. I run five video mastermind calls a week and there I am talking and having conversations and challenging and that’s totally fine with me. But when I have to talk into a camera and pretend like I’m talking to one person and do video, I’m like a deer in the headlights. It came to pass a couple months ago in a mastermind that I was in with Johnny Dumas and he challenged me to do more video I pushed back on as I don’t want to do video. I don’t need to. The problem with is we do these other things well that we really don’t “need” to do it. We’ve done just fine without it. But I also know there are certain times which probably can be a good thing to be good at video. 

So I tried it once or twice and they made fun of me and said all the sudden I was a different person. I seem scared, I did not seem comfortable, I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. I tried my hardest to do it but then I slowly slink away, change the subject, went back to doing the things that I like doing, like slowly went away from the video. Then I got faced with a bigger challenge and the challenge is this, who is an expert at building membership sites and he’s been helping me build the membership site for the Total Life Freedom community. As we’re planning and strategizing eventually came up that we need a video at the front of the website to introduce yourself. And my immediate response was, do I really have to and he said “you know, it so much more engaging, people will relate to it and you can explain everything.” And this was a great fear of mine and something I did not want to do but I really kind of had no choice at this point. It was you know feet to the fire, we’ve got to get over this and get through this. I had Elizabeth telling me this is necessary and I’m like all right I’m going to do it. 

I don’t know if you ever done a video for a site but some people make it look so easy. I had a few people tell me that I made podcast look easy to them and I try to tell them, I did podcast for a year for the mastermind alone before I ever went public with it and I had my fair share of just blunders before I felt really comfortable going behind the mic and talking. And they all told me that people who do video, feel same way. This video is going to be 2 and a ½ minutes long which doesn’t seem very long. It’s going to be the first thing the people see on our website. So I immediately freaked out because the last thing I want people to see at the very beginning of our website is me uncomfortably doing a video that I have not done before. But I committed to do. it is gonna get done. 

I got Elizabeth and the boys out of the house so I could be comfortable and I got started And it was a comedy of errors, it was me recording of video over and over again where I couldn’t get through the first line without messing up. I probably did about 30 takes on the first line of what I was gonna say. And to spare you the details, after three hours of recording for a stinking 2 and 1/2 minute video, I finally recorded something that was workable but will require multiple edits to make it work together and David had his assistant do the editing put it altogether and got it back to me. He watched it, Elizabeth watched it, I did not watch it and both of their answers to how it was was exactly this. It wasn’t bad. I immediately told Mike that it can’t go on the website. I can’t put something up there quote unquote wasn’t bad. 

So now this is the challenge. I’m not really even scared of it anymore. I need to get this done and I need to get it done well. So, I rehearse on what I am going to say and practice it more. I really get more professional about getting this thing done. Again, it takes an hour and ½, I finally get it done and I realized that my timestamp and my name is at the bottom of the video and cropping that out will going to make it look really awkward. So even though I had broken anything down, I said all back up again and this time I was really comfortable, I felt fine. I ran through it and I got it and I nailed it in about four takes. it took about 15 minutes, I was all done and I finally overcome it. As I finished, I looked down I realized that my mic wasn’t plugged in. So it recorded only with the computer audio and it sounded like garbage. But at this point, I already broken everything down. I need to start over on Sunday, the third day of doing this. 

So, I go to do it again but the problem is this is the day that I will take Dylan out, our youngest son. We are going to do one on one time while Elizabeth was out with Andrew and Nolan. So, I have the light set up and I made sure that the mic is plugged in, everything is ready. But I got Dylan at the top of the stairs waiting for me because soon as I’m done, we’re going to be able to go out. Even though I was ready and everything was quiet, I heard Dylan at the top of the stairs and he was being so good. He was being so polite and so quiet but I know he is waiting for me. I can hear every little movement that he makes and internally I felt the pressure. And again, like the first day, I kept screwing up and every screwup I hear myself, I hear him listening. I can imagine him repeating the words back to me over and over again like a parakeet because I said it so many times. I finally get it done and everything looks good. Elizabeth comes back and she watches the final version and were ready to go and then she notices something. She said “ I don’t really want to nitpick, because I know you got to get this done but do you see the shadows from your hands?” And I talk with my hands a lot and we have these two light set up. The way these lights were situated, it made these crazy shadows on my body that unfortunately were impossible to ignore. And with my hands moving and the shadows are moving all around, I was like that’s going to be impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, Elizabeth agreed with me and she normally would be one that was a you just got to get this done and put this out. She even saw that this need to be redone. 

So now I’m on to like take number 87 or whatever it is and Elizabeth took the kids upstairs, I took a deep breath I tried one more time and it probably took another 45 minutes. I’m not sure how many takes to get it right but we finally had one that we could send to David and that was how I created my first 2 and 1/2 minute video. Here’s the problem, it’s not even close to being done to what I wanted to be but we’ve got to get something out. We got to get something shipped something ready into that spot. 

So that is the behind-the-scenes look at how I created a 2 and 1/2 minute video for our website. It’s embarrassing to even say go look at it because I know that I’m mashing some words together. I know that I’m rushing through the words a little bit. I know the message isn’t as clear and concise as it will be in the future. But as my friend Andy Storch says we have to start our fears. We have to get over it. We’ve got to be able to ship these things, put them out and then move on to version 2.0, which will be coming soon. But I know a lot of people struggle with perfectionism, with getting things done, getting things out there and thinking it’s just easy for other people. I just want to give an inside glimpse that we all struggle with this stuff and you just have to keep pushing on. If you’d like to see this video, this mediocre video that took me an entire weekend, go to members.totallifefreedom.com and that’s the video of me after three days of frustration and uncomfortableness. But with video, I’m better than yesterday and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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