Episode 112- Going The Extra (261) Mile(s)

Going The Extra (261) Mile(s)

So everybody wants to know the hacks, the quick fix, the shortcuts to success. I don’t because I find that kind of boring. What I find exciting are the challenging situations. The ones were people go the extra mile or more to make something special happen and that’s what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about a guy named Brett Inning and his story about going the extra mile plus and how that catapulted and kickstarted his business. We’re always talking of going the extra mile, doing something above and beyond to really stand out to make a difference to form a connection. Well Brad didn’t just go the extra mile, He went the extra 262 miles. Lemme tell you that story. 

Brad is a Google ad specialist and he had a short conversation with a guy name Aaron online who is also a digital marketing specialist. Aaron lives in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and Brad is 131 miles away in West Chester Pennsylvania. They are both part of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Choose FI Facebook group and Aaron asked if they want to have a call together to Brad. Brad said “why don’t we do one better, why don’t we meet in person.” and Aaron answered “well I don’t live in Philly and actually closer to Harrisburg” and Brad’s response was “I don’t mind making the drive to make a connection. I recently got a used Prius so I don’t mind miles” 

So last July, Brad drove 4 1/2 hours racking up 261 miles just for a 45 minute face-to-face conversation with Aaron and there was a lot in common because they were both in the same spot in their business, they’re both leaving a job and going into a business on their own. So, for 45 minutes, they talked about how each of them got started. They shared some tips and resources and then they wished each other the best. But it didn’t end there. They kept in touch on a nearly monthly basis from that point out. About six months after they met, Aaron reached out and said he have some good news. He talked to Brad and said he got a good lead for an Adwords client and he love to discuss it. 

So the following week, they had a phone call and he told him about a guy that he has been contracting with for a few months, whose agency was based in LA. Right before our mastermind retreat in Phoenix in February, the three of them had a group called to discuss their current clients to see how Brad might be able to help them. And by the end of that month, he was working on a campaign for the first client. It was a great story but fast forward to the seventh months, he is still working with the first client and he serves four other clients on multi-month projects. Here is such a great part of it all, all in all this work represents over 50% of the revenue from this year. They said it all started from a Facebook comment which led to a conversation in Facebook messenger which led to a long drive in a short face-to-face meeting which led to where he is today. And his Takeaway was it just goes to show that’s important to network online and you never know whether the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, where you might find a great connection. Most importantly, that there is value in going the extra mile, or in this case the extra 261 miles. And it goes to stress that even with all that, nothing happens overnight. 

They kept in touch together for six months, offering advice, having conversations about business and life. Getting to know each other better. Getting to trust each other. It’s a relationship that keeps on building cause even the past couple weeks, he has not recommended Aaron out to other friends with their agency and even another digital marketing specialist friend who is looking for someone with Aaron’s exact skill set. And having develop that relationship and develop that friendship and putting that time together, he will happily recommend Aaron for anyone looking for SEO or Facebook ads work. He even said that there is a good chance he’s gonna bring on to one of his client projects in the future to outsource some of that work. And we all know in time, everyone has gone through this, is that over time it becomes harder to keep doing things like that as you become more successful and you become more popular. Because people want more of your time, your price goes up. Your demand goes up. There’s more scarcity. 

So as you know we are all about time freedom. We are all about optimizing your time, but this is such a great story for those that are starting out in building something. And that who this is for because I get so many people wanting to know what is the hack? What’s the quick fix? And if you are looking for the hack or the quick fix, you have not optimized your business yet. If you have not optimized your business yet, the absolute best place to grow is through the grassroots building of your business. And I can tell you for us the beginning, the starting of so many of our businesses occurred the same exact way that Brad has built his. It started by going the extra mile. The extra effort going above and beyond what anybody would expect, and we still today want to do that with our current clients. We just take on a lot less of them and as you build the success in the business, the price goes up and the time availability usually goes down, and that is how life of time and money freedom occurs. But if you are struggling, if you are starting out, do not underestimate the value of going the extra miles to build those relationships, to make those connections, to get the ball rolling, to be patient to realize it’s gonna take time and to make something happen from nothing. So kudos to Brad who just celebrated his 27th birthday. So happy birthday and keep going the extra mile and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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