Episode 110- Why I Don’t Use An Online Scheduler

Why I Don’t Use An Online Scheduler

So, I’m just that type of person that pushes back against most cultural norms. Even the most innocuous or sublime, I’m just gonna challenge it just to see why people do it. So the latest for me, I’m gonna annoy some people with this, but I ain’t cool with that. The latest for me is the online scheduling calendar. Now I understand that if you are recording a podcast and you are recording interviews in a schedule that you need something like that. But I think we’re starting to go off the rails a little bit, at least in my world with the online scheduling calendar. And before I dive into exactly why, I want to refer back to Warren Buffett, who was one of the richest men in the world. 

I just love his perspective on business and life and it is so often against the grain. And there is an interview with Buffett and Bill Gates and they’re talking about scheduling and Bill Gates is just laughing about Warren Buffett’s scheduler. Cause Gate has everything planned out and schedule and if not scheduled, it doesn’t happen and Warren Buffett just giggling as he is talking. So then Gates says “Warren, why don’t you pull out your planner?” And he pulls out this normal little black planner with white paper on it and he opens it up to the upcoming week and there is virtually nothing on it. And Gates talks about when Buffett showed him his calendar and Gates had every minute planned impact as we supposed to do things and then Buffett pulled out his calendar and there are days when there’s nothing on it. They showed a week in April on his calendar with there are only three things filled in for the entire week and Buffett taught Gates right then that you control your time and that thinking and sitting and having that freedom might be of a much higher priority than the ultra planned people think it is. 

And Buffett has more money than probably any of us will ever have. And he said I can buy anything I want but the only thing I can’t buy is time so I better be careful with it. And he said when he has blocks of time open like that and people want his time, he can give it to them. But we are in a culture now where people say well if it is not planned, it doesn’t get done. And to see Buffett’s approach years ago was so transformational for me and not only that, it proved to me that I wasn’t crazy for thinking the way that I did because I wanted freedom. I wanted time. And I want one of those long blocks of time so I could do what I want with it in any way that I want. 

So it was hard enough before, but now we bring in the calendars, the online calendars with everybody else’s schedule. To me, it’s lunacy. Because now every day all day long, I and my schedule can be on the whim of what you planned out in your calendar just randomly. So I can’t tell you how many times and no offense to anyone that has done this but I can’t tell you how many time I got a message from somebody and they want to meet up, they want to talk to me. “Hey let’s schedule a call” and then they say here’s my calendar link and I amuse it and I look at the calendar link and there’s like four openings: next Wednesday at 1:30 and 2:30 or next Thursday at 11 or 12. And I just say to myself when did this craziness habit. So now you want to talk to me but I need to rearrange or change or block off or cut apart my days because you only has scheduled yourself for these certain days and now I have to go along with it. Now I know this might sound petty but it is really a huge part as to why time freedom is so valuable and so helpful to what we do. Because it allows me to create my schedule in terms of what I need to get done and now I’m on the whim of other people’s just random schedules.

So my response back usually is I don’t use a calendar because I want freedom and freedom to me is having as much spare time in each individual days I possibly can. So the funny thing happens. Somebody wants me to schedule a phone call a week and a half from now and I’m generally not gonna do that and so often I’ll say “ Do you have time today?” or “Are you open right now?” And you’ll be amazed at how many times they say “yeah, I could talk now”. And I just throw up my hands up in laughter and like why don’t we just do that? Why don’t we just text each other and say hey do want to talk?

The people has gotten themselves so scheduled out that there is not freedom to just do what they want to do. And I know from Warren Buffett, there’s no way that he’s scheduling calls weeks in advance, in the middle the week while he might be doing you know blocked off content time, deep thinking time, whatever. He is not sacrificing that because somebody randomly threw out a date and time for a phone call. We’ve got a be able to value our time way more than that. I do not have a counter set-up for it, if we’re going to talk, let’s just set up a time and do it.

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