Episode 109- Can You Lose To Someone Who Hasn’t Started Yet?

Can You Lose To Someone Who Hasn”t Started Yet?

I will answer your question, what are you procrastinating on? I asked this because most people move too slow. They overanalyze, they overthink, they over worry, they don’t take action. And the people that are to be successful in this crazy entrepreneurial world are the ones that are going to take consistent and sometimes massive action, not always massive but often massive action. And here’s what I you want to think about as you are overthinking and you’re overanalyzing. Your procrastination is the reason why you’re gonna fail, not the fact that it will be perfect and this right here is the take away immediately that I want you take from this episode. 

I don’t know what day you are listening to this, I don’t know what time you’re listening to this but I want you to write it down. Whether it’s in your phone or piece of paper write down the date and the time that you’re listening to right now. If you are listening, you’ve probably got an idea of something that you want to build. Maybe you’ve already built something you want to build the next thing. Maybe want to write a book. Maybe it’s the course who knows what it is. Well, actually you know what it is. But I you want to write down that day and that time. What’s gonna happen is two weeks from now, you ang gonna still procrastinate. You’re still gonna come up with a reason why is not done, you gonna come up with a good reason of what got in the way so you couldn’t get it done. The kids were sick, the vacation, the house happen. Whatever happened, there’s always a reason.

Let me tell you the sad part that you’re not seeing as you’re procrastinating. Look at that date and time one more time. The next day, after you wrote that down, somebody started doing what you wanted to do. They started with no experience, they started with no connections, they started with an imperfect plan. But unlike you, they started. This particular person didn’t overthink it. They weren’t concerned what their mom was going to say about it. They weren’t even worried if they were going to fail. They knew there was a good chance they’re gonna fail but they knew they were going to do it. So a month after that date, you’re still going to be making excuses. You’re still gonna be procrastinating, you’re gonna still be waiting for perfection. 

But guess what they’re gonna be. They’re gonna one month ahead and they’re gonna make connections and gotten experience and taken some lumps. They’re gonna failed at some things miserably in some cases. But they’re gonna keep going. That person’s not letting fear stop them but unfortunately you will be. Because if you’re waiting for perfection, it’s never gonna happen. So one month is bad enough cause this person actually started catching up to wherever you’re at, maybe even past you. 

But what’s scary is a year from now. A year from now, and trust me I talk to these people, I talked to people that they had the same exact idea right now that they had three years ago. And you would be surprised by how often when they talk about it, their tone of voice is exactly the same. They still think that they’re going to do it. They still think it’s fresh and new and exciting but they’re still stopping themselves, they don’t know why. But this other person, the one that started the day after you wrote that down. They now have a year of experience, it’s very likely they’re making a living at this right now. It’s very likely that they built a network around them of people that are helping them out. And by constant action and constant failure, they learn to overcome the downsides and the hurdles and the mistakes and there are no longer mistakes anymore because they realize I’m getting better each day. 

But you will not be. You will be stuck in the mud doing the same thing you’ve been doing over and over again. And then one day when you get that bite of inspiration again and you actually go after it for that brief period of time before you stop again, you’re going to do some research and you’re gonna see this person that is just absolutely crushing it. And they are known as an expert and they are successful they’re doing all the things that you want to do. It’s going to be that person that started the day after you wrote this down. And this person succeeded not because they had the perfect plan. They succeeded because they took imperfect action consistently. 

I have a friend that messaged me probably twice a year, maybe once a year about photography business they want to build. They’ll go off the radar for a while then they’ll comeback with me with the same questions. They’ll talk about the same dreams. And the last three years, they haven’t done anything to build the business. 

Meanwhile, I’m meeting people that are just inspired by photography. People I know personally that picked up my book and it helped inspire them. I don’t know if it was a direct result but they started shooting. 

People like Becca White who was in Florida and she’s building her business slowly but surely. But she’s doing the work, she’s going to event, she’s going to conferences. People like Andrew Mandy who was challenging himself, he is getting involved in different groups. He’s learning, He’s growing and is constantly looking how to get better. People like Tricia Preuss who is a social media marketer who shows up weekly, shows up often. She’s learning. She’s growing. Again taking the lumps, doing imperfect action consistently. 

If you’re sitting on the fence, people like Becca and Andrew and Tricia, they’re going to lap you. They’re going to do this while you wait. And people like that are not letting fear and procrastination and perfectionism stop them. So go out there, write down that date and be the one that starts tomorrow if you been pausing. Be the one that in a year from now is not looking back saying what if and you’re saying I’m so glad that I did. If you don’t, there’s going be someone who has even started today who is going to be doing better than you are soon.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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