Episode 102- It’s All About The Network

It’s All About The Network

I want to talk more today about the idea of building a powerful network because building a powerful network for me has been the number one thing that has elevated our business and our businesses over the last four to five years. Inside the Total Freedom mastermind and the community, we’ve been doing a two-month dive into the idea of building a powerful network. So, I am recording two lessons a week, for eight weeks on the start to finish of how we build our network, how they can do it and how powerful this really will be for your business. In the research that I did, I came across so many incredible stories, wildly successful entrepreneurs that have built their business through their network. And it always intrigues me and excites me when I hear stories about people that built it without the advertising machine, without spending money on all things that we were told, that we need to spend money on to build our business. That when you can build a powerful network around you and it doesn’t happen overnight. That is the first clue. But when you can do that, magical things will happen in the years to come. 

One of the stories I came upon while doing the research I have not even brought to the group yet. So, for those of you in TLF listening, this is a bonus. The stories about Tim Ferris, the incredibly successful author, entrepreneur and podcaster and his journey to success was so exciting to study. Now Ferris was in the midst of writing the Four Hour Work Week and he was successful in business but he is relatively unknown as an entrepreneur. So, as he was writing this book, instead of spending tons and tons of money on advertising and traditional media, he went a completely different route. Ferris decided to go on a conference tour. So, what he did was he went conference hopping from one conference to the next to try to meet as many influential people as he possibly could before his book release. There was absolutely no assurance that this book was gonna be successful as it already been rejected by 26 publishers at that point.

So, he decided to do this conference tour as many conferences as he can get to. He went there just to meet people, develop relationships and connect. This was Ferris’s strategy for marketing his book and one of the people that he met at the conference was a young guy named Ryan Holiday. 

Many of you might know Ryan from his book Eagle Is The Enemy or The Obstacles Is The Way or his latest that just came out which is Stillness Is The Key. But in his book The Perennial Seller, he talked a little bit about Ferris strategy and some of his tips on how to do. The first one is to never dismiss anyone. The first one is the perfect example because Holiday was only 19-year-old at the time and he was an assistant but his boss was influential and Ferris took some time with him and they got to know each other during that conference. So when he says to never dismiss anyone, his ideas is that you never know who might be able to help you in the future. So his mindset was to treat everyone like they could put him on the front page of the New York Times. So even with Holiday, who was a 19-year-old, a nobody and Ferris gave this guy time and attention and he’s writing about them in books. And this 19-year-old guy who he met is now a best-selling author talking about him over and over again. Never dismiss anyone.

The second point Holiday talks about the book in terms of affair and strategy is to play the long game. Now if you listen to this podcast enough, you know that that is what I truly believe in and I believe that most people that aren’t finding success are not finding it because they are not playing the long game. And even though they may not think they are, they’re playing desperate. When you play desperate, you play for today. You play for what you need now and anybody smart can see through that. I think we all know that it just doesn’t feel right. So, his point to do is it’s not about finding somebody who can help you right now, it’s about building relationships, real relationships, where you can help each other down the road.

The third one which I thought was really great was to focus on the pre-VIPs. These are the people that should be well known and will be well known, but they’re not yet well known. So many people are chasing after the rock stars at these conferences but you got to understand that everybody is chasing after the “ rock stars” in these conferences. And even if you meet them, which is great, it’s an ego boost, you get a picture with them, the chances are they are being hounded by hundreds of other people and they’re probably not gonna remember you. And I am not saying not to introduce yourself or try to form a relationship with them but realize that the bigger their platform is the more people that are vying for their attention. 

So Ferris and Holiday’s strategy was brilliant. To focus on the up and comers, to focus on the people that are going to be great is the key. Now that takes time and effort and work because you know the rock stars are that easy to find but is not as easy to find the people that are going to be great. But that requires paying attention, having conversations, listening and understanding where people are going and seeing what they’re doing and then going deeper from there. It is a great example to two of them because they both were in that spot when they met. Because in the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t that long ago but now they’re both New York Times best-selling authors. They are both incredibly successful, at the top of their field, but at that point there were young and unknown, both of them saw some greatness in the other one and they gave each other the time and they develop the relationship and neither one of them were expecting anything in the moment. 

And a few months after that conference, Ferris’s book, The Four Hour work Week debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list. But it wasn’t just the New York Times, he had developed so many relationships and so many connections and helped so many other people out that the media attention that came from the book was astounding. And Holiday said that almost all of the success of that book launch could be traced back to the conference tour and the network that he built while doing it. And now that book has sold millions of copies. It’s been translated into over 40 languages and is successful as it is, it still has kind of a cult following that goes along with it. That book was released in 2007, which is simply astounding to see the success of that book, the incredible rise of Tim Ferris podcast and his other books like Tools of the Titans and the Four Hour Series. I recited the line in my book the old saying the best time to plant trees is 20 years ago. The second-best time is today. And Holiday said the same thing about building a network that the best time to start building your network was yesterday but the second-best time is today and if you’re interested learning more about this and what we’re doing inside the Total Life Freedom community, go to totallifefreedom.com and click on TLF membership. 

I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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