Why We Are Niching Down (And Why You Should Too)

It’s been said that the best way to learn is to teach. 


I didn’t always believe that. In my years in journalism, teachers weren’t always held in the highest regard in the field. Those who were teaching were often scoffed at. Those of us in the trenches, shooting the assignments and stories, didn’t take the opinions seriously of those who hung up their cameras to go teach at a school somewhere. 


“Those who can, shoot. Those who can’t, teach,” was the well used line. 


I believed that for a long time. A few decades later, though, the people who would sarcastically state that they are the same ones who never learned to do anything else but be a photographer. And with budget cuts, media disruption and bad shoulders and backs, many of them have struggled to adapt to a new era of work. 


I sarcastically uttered that phrase as well back in the day. But it changed about ten years ago when my focus began to shift from what I was creating to who I was helping. It’s hard to help without becoming a teacher of some sort. 


Earlier this year, when we started Total Life Freedom School, I went full into teaching mode. I wanted to create a program to truly help people create that business that gave them the work and freedom that they craved. As I gathered my notes, built out the lessons and began recording them, an early and common theme was consistent. 


The vital importance of niching down. 


And with each lesson, and many coaching calls that would come off of it, we saw almost immediate results in terms of clarity, focus and direction. Instead of being pulled in eight different directions, our students saw the value in having a niche, the courage to make the pivot, and the immediate clarity that came from it. I talked so much about it that it naturally made me question if we were niched enough in our business. 


And I wasn’t happy with the answer to my question. 


We weren’t. 


For the first time since we came up with the name, I questioned what Total Life Freedom represented. So I did what I have many of my clients do- good old-fashioned market research. And what I learned was that, although people loved the life vision of what the title meant, there was very little “niched” about it when it comes to business. How do you define that niche, I would ask. 


Again, I wasn’t happy with the answers. 


So I did what I asked my people to do. I did some serious thinking, researching and planning. And at that time it became clear. Yes, I help them achieve total life freedom. But, the best, most effective way that I help them do it is through memberships. Memberships are what gives us freedom. It’s why I can work from anywhere at any time. It’s why I can almost completely control my schedule. It’s why we were able to just pick up and move to Florida two years ago just because we wanted to. 


And that’s the way that I help and guide others towards that life as well. By guiding them on a roadmap that takes them from the idea phase all the way to making full-time income from memberships- and then multiple income streams off of that membership- I would teach on that all day long. 


So, whether you are new to the newsletter, or you have been around for a few years, you might have already noticed the shift in our content, our logo and our niche. 


We are transitioning to Membership Freedom– because that is the niched area that we have made a full time living- and gained a life of freedom from for the past seven years. It’s the area that I’m most excited about teaching in, and the one that we see the best results in. Oh, by the way, it’s the area where so many want to learn about so they can create recurring revenue, that gives them time freedom, doing work they love while serving their people the best. 


If this is interesting to you, we have so much to share with you on this in the weeks, months and even years ahead. This newsletter will reflect that shift, as will our new YouTube channel, the rebirth of the podcast and our new community that officially launches on September 12th, all called Membership Freedom


And if you have questions about a membership idea, about how to build your membership, or if you want to know if an idea you have is viable, please email me and I will do my best to answer questions here or on one of those channels. 


Buckle up- this is going to be an amazing ride!


Have an AMAZING week!




We Now Have A YouTube Channel! 

We’d love for you to check out our brand new Membership Freedom YouTube channel, where we will be bringing you additional content to help you turn your idea into a membership that not only helps others, but gives them the life that you truly desire!


We would love for you to check it out and subscribe!


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