Welcome to The Connection!

Welcome to The Connection!

If you scroll down, you will see a few different variations of this blog from past lives. Yet as the band Semisonic sang in their song “Closing Time,” every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. 

The Connection is going to be different and I’m here today to tell you about it. My latest book, The Wealth of Connection, will officially publish on May 2nd. As the writing part of the book was wrapping up, I became torn. In fact, being torn delayed the launch of the book by a few months. It was delayed because I kept finding new things to write about for the book. New ideas and research led to new writings that fit into the book. It kept getting pushed back further and further. And then I got booked as a guest for Entrepreneurs on Fire, one of the biggest podcasts in this space. They asked what the release date for the book was but  I didn’t have one. 

I then thought about my dad. The man who inspired me in so many ways to be who I am today- and who also gave me one of the greatest “tough love” moments a son would ever need at the time when he would need it most. From that moment on, it changes my life for the better. As I thought about it, I thought about his upcoming 80th birthday. In an instant, I thought that making the launch day on his birthday- May 2nd- would be a wonderful way to honor him.

With that decision, I couldn’t delay any longer. We needed to get this thing wrapped up. We needed a word count, editing, book cover design, formatting- all of the things to get a book published. That also meant that there would be no more additions to the book. That gutted me because as much as I love this book- and I feel it’s solid and complete- I keep learning about this topic every day. There are new stories, tie ins and ideas that compliment and add to the idea behind The Wealth of Connection

At the same time, I felt overwhelmed by my last attempt at the blog. It was daily- like the podcast- with either complimentary or similar stories from the themes of The Total Life Freedom Podcast. As much as I loved the idea of that, it was just too much. I can do that to myself sometimes. 

It was around this time that I got an idea. We have a book coming out that can be expanded on, possibly into more updated editions in the future. But I didn’t want to wait years to keep writing or talking about this. There’s a new idea every week that could be added! And that’s when it hit me. We have a blog that has gone quiet but the space is there to be used. We have a book that needs space for additional, updated and relevant content. 

So why not make the blog an extension of The Wealth of Connection? From the reviews that we are getting back from the pre readers, I’m getting asked to share more stories. I’m getting questions about content in the book that they want more details on. I’m getting thoughts about ideas that could have gone into the book. 

The Connection is less of a blog and more of an extension. An extension of the book. So when you close that book, it doesn’t have to end there. It can continue on with deeper stories, updated versions of content in the book, expansion of stories that couldn’t go further inside of the book and new content to strengthen the concepts of the 5 C’s.

So here’s another cool part. The five sections of the book have their own title and subtitle. So, each week, I will bring you a story or lesson that fits in exactly as the book is laid out. Essentially, a seamless extension of one of the sections of the book. Each week, it will be a deeper dive into Character, Curiosity, Connection, Collaboration or Creation. And it will be written in a way and a style that would have made it into the book. So if you have read it- or will read it in the future- you will feel a connection to it. 

Here’s something else that’s exciting. The ideas behind these stories- often coming from you- will potentially be additions to the updated versions of The Wealth of Connection in the future. And, if you asked a question that inspired the story, if you are an inspiration or a success story inside of The Connection, and it makes it to the book, you might be featured in the new version. 

All this to say that I am extremely excited to bring this project to you. And to coincide with the book and the blog, a brand new podcast- unsurprisingly titled The Wealth of Connection, will also launch in June.

I want to thank you for reading, being a part of this exciting time for me, and I just hope to bring you tremendous value and I hope to continually earn your trust and attention. 


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