Episode 148- Trust The Backup

Trust The Backup

So, the other day my buddy Ken Hoops tagged me in a post on Facebook. It was from a friend of his, she must be a photographer and she had a digital card that went corrupt and she couldn’t recover the files from one of the shoots that she did. He tagged me if I have any advice to help her. 

Have you ever gotten to one of those moments when you just see something and your body kind of seizes up because you remember something that happened in the past that is a rehash and awful memory that you went through? This post did it for me. Doing this podcast is kind of crazy to me, especially doing a daily show because the stories and things coming out of my mouth that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about, but I am now because of this. And I love it because to begin with there are people listening but even if there wasn’t, this is therapy for me because it gets it out. I get to tell story. Hopefully I get to help some people. 

So not that long ago, it probably was our second to the last full year of shooting weddings, we had a nightmare happened that had never happened to us before and it is a photographer’s biggest fear. So late in this wedding season I was shooting a wedding alone. They hired a one photographer package, not Elizabeth and I. So, I did the entire thing myself. It was a beautiful day, great couple, great venue. I mean from start to finish it was picture-perfect. and to that point, we probably shot close to 400 weddings and you get a real good sense for how things go when you do that often. There is really no cause for concern after the wedding. And the first thing we would when we come home is to download the images. We make sure that we secured all the images on the backup site, actually multiple locations. So, if anything went wrong with the card or hard drive, it was backed up. I did the same thing that night. The only thing that caused any concern for me was that during the reception while they were dancing. I pulled one of the discs out of my camera and before he could secure it in my bag, it fell to the floor and hit the wooden floor on the edge of the disk. That’s happened before but it really hit in a certain way like “Ugh. Don’t do that” like I didn’t want that to happen. I secured the disc away and I shot the rest of night and everything was fine. At that point I did my side of the business and Elizabeth would do hers, which was editing and toning all the images and getting them ready to be sent to the client. I would work on the slideshow and we put the whole package together. 

A couple days later and I hadn’t thought about it all, Elizabeth called out to me and said we have a disc here with no images on it. And it was an immediate concern because it was in the pile of discs from that specific wedding. So, any of that don’t have the images could be a problem. We put in the computer. We kept getting error messages. So, I start to get really concerned because I shot this wedding alone and whatever I would’ve shot Elizabeth would’ve gotten something similar because she wasn’t there with me. so, anything that’s missing is really missing now. It could be worth a small part of the reception or getting ready and you can get away with missing some images, which is not ideal and it’s never happened. Or it can be what happened that day. And what happened was we truly had a disc that went corrupt it didn’t just have a random smattering of images. It was the disk that at that day had the most images that I shot. Not only that, it was a very big card that held a lot of data and from that one camera it had images that span from before the ceremony through the entire ceremony and into the reception, including their first kiss and their first dance. 

And I don’t know how it feels like to have a heart attack, but this is probably as close that I have ever felt. I felt my chest just seize up. We immediately started calling some data recovery centers and we’re getting not a quick enough response that we wanted. We are looking at the cost and we’re pretty concerned by that as well. When I called my friend David Burke, he didn’t live a little bit far from us. He said to bring on over and we will see if we could figure it out. He spent a couple of hours trying recover the images and all of a sudden, he got something to work and it’s downloading now. I could see the images and I felt such incredible relief. We went into his kitchen. We opened a couple of beers and a few minutes later we went to check on it and he was like “oh no.” I said “What?” He said it is not working anymore. So, I was able to see the images that were downloaded. I knew exactly when on the day it was from. That’s when I realize how many other images were missing. We tried and we tried but we couldn’t get any more data to come out of it. So, I’m sitting here flipping out trying to figure out how to tell this couple that one of their discs went corrupt and we lost these images. 

So, I couldn’t sleep that night. The next day were on the phone with every data recovery center that we can get a hold of. We found one who was to be the most reputable of all of them but they cannot guarantee that they can be able to recover it. But they had the best percentage. The price tag was over $1800. You just sit back and take a deep breath and you go. There is no choice. we got to do this. So, we carefully packaged it up shipped it out and waited. We waited and we waited. Ironically about a week and half later, I was assigned to photograph the President of the United States Barack Obama when he came to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. And whenever I got to photograph the president I was so excited but not on this day. Because this is the day that we’re supposed to find out if they can recover the images. So, while I was photographing the president, all I am thinking about is if we would destroy the reputation of our business because of this. And as the announcement was made that the president was minutes away from speaking, I got a phone call from the number that I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks. 

I remember stepping down from my chair and moving behind the riser and my hands shaking and my heart racing and anticipating them saying we couldn’t recover anything. But instead they teased me, they said the good news is it doesn’t look like it’s permanently disabled so the chance of recovery is pretty good but it’s still not a guarantee. We won’t know for another day or two. I was like, “Ugh. Please just let me know what’s going on here.” and luckily we were ahead of the games so the couple hasn’t been asking yet for the images. We had a little bit of time and two days later, they called again and I just couldn’t handle it. I had Elizabeth pick up and answer. I sat there just waiting as she was talking to them again. Do you have that situation that you are watching somebody talk and you know exactly what was said on the other line but that person is not saying anything to you? And I could see Elizabeth’s face, the tension and anticipation, the waiting and that slow look of relief coming across her face. Then the half smile and the full smile and then the thank you that she said and the look towards me and the big thumbs up, which said that we have the privilege of spending over $1800 to save these awesome people’s photographs and to save our reputation for our business. After we realize that everything was going be fine, we took the rest of the day off to do absolutely no work and just to relax and decompress. 

What’s really interesting is Elizabeth busted to get those images and get them all toned up and get them ready. We went as fast as we could because we’re almost on the exact day that we promised we have the pictures for this couple. We worked start to finish, to not only get all the images done but also to get the slideshow done, to get it online and have it ready for them. And timing is just funny sometimes because as I was putting the finishing touches on the last part of the slideshow which is the last thing to get completed, the bride emailed and said “We’re just curious on how the pictures were come along.” I nonchalantly said “It’s fantastic. It will be ready tonight.” 

We send them the link and the next day, we just took the day off. We drove the kids to one of our favorite parks, New Germany State Park over in Maryland where was no internet access and it was just heaven. When we left there to go to dinner where I got a series of messages from this couple that were just bawling about how beautiful the images were. They have tagged all their social media and they praised us like you wouldn’t believe and they have no idea what the hell we went through emotionally and a tiny bit financially, to not lose those images. 

So, all’s well that ends well I suppose but it’s bigger than that because there is always something to figure out and learn from. What I learned is this. After all those years of shooting weddings, I got a little lazy. I got lazy because our cameras were equipped with dual slots to put discs in and for years I always made sure that there were two empty formatted discs in their so that even if a disk went corrupt, there was another backup disk waiting there, capturing the images. Well I got lazy. I didn’t use that for backup. I use that disk for overflow so I can keep shooting without changing discs. It was lazy but was also because I knew the less we handled the discs, the better. So, I was trying to be efficient and safe but it shortsighted. By not having a backup, I left myself and our business exposed to a possible major disaster. Even though that company bailed us out and this couple got all their images, it cost me two weeks of stress, nearly $2000 and it taught me a lesson that no matter how long you been doing something to always backup your files and your data. I know people who’ve lost their books because they didn’t backup their data. Folders of podcast episodes everything you can imagine, because we tend to take the easy way out. So, let this be a warning to you if you have files that are not backed up, back them up. Spend the money on the hard drive, spend the money on the storage, get it into the cloud because it’s all fun and games until the files go corrupt. I got to say it that even though there’s a silver lining and a lesson that comes from it, I still hate that story. I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

Episode 147- The Influence Of Giving Up Power

The Influence Of Giving Up Power

So, our son Andrew who is 14 years old, who very much like his dad has taken a liking to studying history. One of the things that he study was World War II. He has countless books, watches documentaries, and studies it. One of the things that he really is gravitated towards is the tanks. He is taking this and building his own miniature tanks. It’s amazing to watch our kids dig in and study the things that they find interesting at certain parts of their life. I’m not sure where it came from. I love history but I was never a war buff. He studies the leaders and the battles and he will get wrapped up in it like I used to as a kid. What also is intriguing is his grasp and interest in the German side of the war. 

So, I’ve learned a lot watching from him because growing up in American culture, we’ve only heard the American side. But what’s interesting from the German side, not necessarily the Nazis but for the rest of the Germans that warrant that were either coerced into it or forced into it and it wasn’t what I was believed that it was just one country that believed this one way. It’s fascinating to hear the different layers to it that I never knew before. So, with that, we try to keep her eye out for different things that go on, things from the past to talk about and discuss. And so much World War II ends around 1945. 

But after 1945, Germany after their defeat was split up in 1949 between two countries. There was West Germany and there are Soviet controlled East Germany. So West Germany was a free society and was growing. The economy was growing. But communist East Germany wasn’t and East German start heading over to West Germany for more prosperity. So, to stop the flow, the East Germany government set up a barrier with barbed wire and sometimes even mines to stop people from crossing. 

But the interesting thing that happened was Berlin, the capital was deep into the eastern part of the country. But almost like an island, it was divided up after the war as well. So, there was a West Berlin and East Berlin. West Berlin was the free side and East Berlin wasn’t. But there is no barrier there so there was an influx of people leaving East Berlin to West Berlin for prosperity. So, the labor force, these people, these young smart people realize we have a better life if we left East Berlin and went to West Berlin. So, they call this the brain drain. They lost about 3 1/2 million people over to the West because of this loophole. Because there was nothing in Berlin to stop them from going. 

But in 1961, East Berliners woke up to find soldiers making a human wall along the line that separates East and West Berlin. They watched stunned as they put barbed wire around the city, creating the beginning of the Berlin wall. So, before they knew it, they were on border guards and there was no leaving back and forth without government approval. And the orders were if anybody tried to leave illegally, they will be shot and killed. 

In 1989, it all started to change. Some of you might’ve heard Ronald Reagan’s famous line of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” There been a lot of social change. A lot of talk of opening up the wall. What also happen is that all the countries around them were losing out their border status and allowing the East Germans to flee. So, there are tremendous protests going on and the East German government decided to relax the travel ban. They thought it will be a good idea so they could stop these massive protests. This was supposed to be temporary, but they made a major mistake from what they wanted to do. They said private trips abroad can be applied for without conditions. So, what supposed to be a temporary, short-term fix turned into a world altering situation. Because essentially with that one saying without conditions, the East Germans had created a paperwork that say that everyone was now free to leave or come back the way that they want. This is put together so quickly that they gave it to spokesman Gunter Schabowski to talk about in just a mundane press conference. Schabowski hadn’t been briefed that deeply what was going on here. So, when they asked him when this will take place, he said immediately, and the press went crazy. 

The word started getting out that the walls are coming down and any will be able to crossover. So that evening in front of a live television audience and all the media, he announced the updated travel restrictions. But if he had reviewed it more and had more time, he would have realized that it wasn’t supposed to go into effect until the next day when the passport offices were open. And the anticipation exploded when a television report that night declared, even though it wasn’t true that the doors were wide open. 

Tens of thousands of East Germans started flooding towards the wall but the border guards were confused. So, there’s a rush of all these extremely happy people and this confused border guards who have a serious job because they were told protect this wall or kill anyone who tries to escape. so, they have given no instruction to let East Germans to crossover into West Germany. 

So, let me tell you the point of why I am even recording this for a podcast for you. That something so amazing, so historic can happen like that. The Berlin wall, the symbol of separation been guarded with arms sold for 28 years how that can happen with no bloodshed. And I heard a lot of this stories before but by doing research on this, there’s a reason why it comes down to certain people. And one of them is a guy by the name of Lieut. Harold Jaeger. He was a border guard and he was on patrol that night on November 9th. So, in his face were thousands of East Germans that were angry because they were unable to get through and they have heard mistakenly that they were allowed to cross over. He attempted over and over again to get clarification on what to do and he got no response. There was this pressure pot boiling and nobody knew what to do. And his decision there was the one who was not been talked about, at least to my knowledge at all. 

He decided to put his gun down and open the gate and let them through. And because of his decision, the other guards did the same and let everyone else through. The entire scene went off without any deaths, without any bloodshed and was as seamless as any like that could ever possibly imagined. The point that I learned from studying is this is truly what do you do with the power that is given to you? This guy Jaeger, he had the power. He could’ve shot down many of those people. If he would’ve opened fire, others would have as well. It could’ve been an incredible disaster. If you think about the scope of it and what could’ve happened, it’s unimaginable. He made a choice with the power that he had been given. The choice that he made was to give it up in that moment. I don’t think any of us have ever been put in that spot. It is a pretty rare and unique position to be put in. But we all have power. We have power with our kids. We have power in our jobs, in our friendships or our businesses. But what really matters is what we do we do with that power? Do we make sure that we get ours at the expense of others? Do we take that power when we think clearly and make what could be the right decision even in a really difficult spot? Do we use that power that we have and we follow directions to someone who have power over us even if we don’t believe it? What we do with the power we have is way more important than using it just to get more power. And sometimes giving up the power can be the most powerful thing that we could possibly do. So that’s a little history lesson for you today and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Episode 146- How The Rock Uses His Fame

How The Rock Uses His Fame

As I’ve mentioned a few times back in my previous life as a photographer, one of my gigs was shooting the World Wrestling Federation which is now World Wrestling Entertainment. It was an exhausting gig but it was a really fun gig for a couple years. It was during the heyday of everybody’s a wrestling fan or watch videos during the attitude era of the WWF which I am essentially with them from 1998 through 2000. 

What’s cool about that is how many people still remember so much in that era and how a few of them are actually bigger now than they ever were back then. One of them is The Rock. What’s funny is now The Rock is kind of just this huge star and he’s essentially untouchable. Like when I talk to people who they want to be or who they want in their podcast, The Rock so often is at the top of the list. It’s funny because back then The Rock was a big storm to WWF but he wasn’t by any stretch a household name. During those years, we had a ton of interaction with all the wrestlers but we definitely hang out, have conversations, a lot of laughs and at times you almost feel like your friends. The Rock was cool. He was always such a nice guy, very personable, very professional. I try not to over blow this thing because I don’t know them that much but he just seemed humble. His dad was a professional wrestler when I was a kid named Rocky Johnson. He is a football player and he play for the University of Miami. I know he had hoped for the NFL but it didn’t quite work out. He just came across as a humble, hard-working guy. 

And there’s just a moment that I remember when I think man this is one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now. I remember hanging out backstage with him in New Jersey, The Meadowlands Arena when I was doing behind the scenes documentary about WWF. I remember once going to New York City because he was at the Jacob Javits Convention Center doing some type of an event and getting hired to go from Ohio University into New York just to hang out and photograph The Rock for the day while he met his fans and sign autographs. That I tell you is a future episode because of the Greyhound trip that I took to get there. There’re actually two Greyhound trips that are going to be podcast in the near future because there’s so ridiculous. 

I don’t do this is a name drop because at this point when we meet up, I am positive he has no idea who I am. But the other day, as I was mindlessly surfing the Internet, I came across a video of The Rock. You didn’t see The Rock in the video but it was from a high school in Minnesota called the Stillwell Area High School. Let me backup first, before that, a senior at the high school named Katie Kelsinberg sent The Rock video asking him to go to the prom with her and she posted it on social media for The Rock to see. She said how she’s the biggest fan. She even dressed up like him for Halloween and then she made the big ask. Fast forward a little while later, Katie is sitting in her classroom and an announcement comes over the PA system. In the announcement, people start to realize that they recognize his voice. The camera is focused on Katie and you could see Katie’s reaction. All of a sudden, she realizes oh my goodness this is The Rock talking to our school. You could see she is overcome by emotion from this then The Rock goes on to say, this announcement is for Katie and how awesome she is. All her friends around her in shock and she’s blushing. He mentioned that she invited him to prom but unfortunately, he can’t go because he will be filming a movie in Hawaii. But he had a surprise for her. He said because you’re so cool, because now he’s her best friends which made her cover her mouth in shock. He then went on to announce that he rented out the local theater near the school. He rented it out just for Katie and her friends and they can watch a screening of his new movie called Rampage. And he added up that all the popcorn, candy and soda. It’s all on him. He’s paid for it all. He said he rented out 232 seats just for her and her friends and to have the greatest time. At this point, we see Katie’s face a couple shades darker than the rest of her skin, because how embarrassed she looked, a happy embarrassment. The Rock made one last comment and he says he’s waiting for some chivalrous gentlemen to ask Katie to the prom and then with that he said he was out to the amazement of the entire class.

When I watched this video, it made me like him even more because we hear so many stories of people that have success, have fame and have money and often use it for personal gain or they don’t use it to help at all. I see what The Rock is doing and I love it. He’s using the fame that he’s acquired and he’s worked for it. He’s using it unexpectedly to make people like Katie feel really special. What he did for that girl and for that school will probably never forget. Can you imagine when you’re in school, if the person you admire the most took not only the time to record something like that and to make it so personal and so fun but then to use your money and your influence to create an experience that the whole school will never forget. I can say that that inspires me to dream bigger. I am not sure how often I said here but money even though we talk about financial freedom, money is not a huge motivator for me personally. But when I see something like that, it becomes more motivational to me because that’s just an awesome way to use your money. 

And to see people like The Rock use their success in ways like this, I hope is an example to all of us because you don’t need to have millions of dollars and tons of fame to do something like that. Now maybe to that level you do because if you don’t have fans in high school, you coming onto the PA systems not going to have much of the affect. I can tell you that The Rock’s generosity and his heart didn’t start when he got millions of dollars. But the millions of dollars can enhance that heart. We can all do our part to create moments like that for others but I do want to dream bigger and I want to think bigger. If you had that type of success, if you had that type of money, how would you use it? Would be just to get more for yourself? Or, would it be to do things like The Rock just did there? I can tell you about watching that video and seeing the looks on those kids faces and the impact that he had on them, I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend money. I’ll talk to you tomorrow

Episode 145- A Standing Ovation Of One

A Standing Ovation of One

I was recently in New Jersey and whenever I travel, I try to look up or pay attention to some historical facts, something to understand about the area that I’m visiting. And I’m somewhere near Lambertville, New Jersey. Frank Sinatra is from the garden state New Jersey. I did a podcast, maybe a month or two ago about Sinatra, about his cuff links he gave away. A story I really love because it’s about if you can’t give something away, it owns you. And even if you don’t want to give it away, you have to admit that it owns you and I really reference that in my own mind often. 

But there’s another story about Sinatra that I want to talk to you about. This is what I like about history is you find stuff when you just study and research, things I’ve never knew. I thought I would see something like this but there’s stories that are sometimes buried for years and they come out and this was one of them for me. Tom Drazen, who was a friend of his and said Sinatra is like a father to him want to be a pallbearer in Sinatra’s wedding and he tells the story. 

Sinatra was 78 years old and everybody in the inner circle, including Drazen, were wondering when is Sinatra going to give it up. When is he gonna hang it up and retire? Because even though the crowds at that point love the music and they couldn’t get enough of him, he said Sinatra had a bunch of hit and miss night. He was no longer on the game like he used to be so the people that knew him best, not the fans were really wondering when it is going to end. And even the fans knew it because Drazen says that they were coming and like saying goodbye to Sinatra. Every city they went to was almost like a farewell tour without him announcing that. 

One particular night in his tour, Sinatra was into his set, about three or four songs into it and Sinatra completely lost sight of where he was in the song. He didn’t know where to go. The orchestra was playing. They can’t tell that he doesn’t know yet. So, it is his moment with orchestras playing and Sinatra doesn’t know what to do and he is just saying “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” And his whole inner circle at this point, thinking this is it. It’s over. He can’t recover from this and this is the end. So, the concern of is this really going to be the end and the orchestra starts to notice this. so, an instrument at the time, they start slowing it down, they start ending their music and little by little, they start bringing it down. There is about 20,000 people in here now and now the music coming down there is just silence. Sinatra still talking to the microphone and he is still apologizing and saying sorry. Drazen is at the side of the stage now and he is just waiting for Sinatra to come out the stage and he would say “Boss, come on, let’s go home. It’s been a great career.”

Here’s the moment that happened. He said that Sinatra had tears in his eyes. He can tell there’s nothing else he could do. And as he is about to lay his microphone down and this historic career is about to come to an end, some man in the top of the arena stands up and yells and says “It’s all right Frank, it’s all right we love you Frank.” And all by himself, he started to applaud then the next guy next to him start to applaud as well. Then two turn into hundred and a hundred turned to a thousand and before they knew it, the entire arena was cheering for Sinatra. And Sinatra goes to center stage and Drazen think this is where he’s going to say goodbye and everybody is just going crazy, ensuring that they don’t stop. Instead of putting the microphone down and ending his career, he went into the next number which is “Mack the Knife.” Drazen explained that he crushed that song. Every note he said, every nuance he hit it solid. He described like Sinatra was back in his prime and the crowd went crazy and they wouldn’t stop. They kept cheering. So, everything seems to be back in order, back in place. The place is going crazy and he is going to the next song and Sinatra stops. He looks up into the crowd and he looks at that guy. He points at him and he says “I love you too pal.” Sinatra finished out that night and he went on to play for two more years. He doesn’t know who this guy is and the guy doesn’t even know what impact he had. Because of that guy Sinatra’s career continued. Because of one person in the last row, he took the initiative to stand up and to applaud and support one of his idols at his lowest moment. It had such an impact on such a personality that he didn’t quit. Maybe that guy knows it maybe he doesn’t know it, but he single-handedly kept Frank Sinatra’s career going. 

I love that story just because of the impact that anybody can have on anyone else. You would think being in the last row of the big arena, you have absolutely no impact on the event, let alone restore a career. This guy did it and it really just goes to show the power that each of us have on the people in our lives when their down. Because nearly 20,000 people didn’t do anything wrong but they sat there as spectators and they were watching the end of a remarkable career. But one guy decided to do something different. One guy decided not just to be an observer but to be a participant because he knew that this person was struggling, this hero of his was struggling and he might’ve even sensed that this was the end. But to have the courage or the have the heart to stand up and yell out like that really gives me chills and I wasn’t even there. He didn’t need a standing ovation of 20,000 people at that point, all he needed was a standing ovation of one. I think about that and I think who is it in my life that needs a standing ovation right now that’s hurting? Who is it in your life that also needs that? Because how many great careers, how many great families, great lives might be saved with just a little bit more support? So, I challenge you today to go find somebody that needs a standing ovation literally or figuratively, and go give it to him because somebody needs it today and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Episode 144- The Pyramid

The Pyramid

Personally, I don’t think there is a better time to be in business than right now and for those that are scared of it, think about it for a minute. You got a phone in your pocket where you can start a business in no time. There are teenagers and younger that are starting businesses with their phone, with their computers and truly anything is possible. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how old you are. No matter how old or how young or what color you are or you’re from, you can start a business and earn income and even when you think people might discriminate against you, they won’t even know who you are to discriminate against. So, I find all this very exciting because there is nobody to hold you back anymore. 

When I graduated high school and I looked for jobs, I literally have to write out a paper application and bring it into a place and hand it over and wait for them to find my phone number and call me back and offered me a job. That was pretty much the option I had aside from mowing lawns. So, the excitement I get from seeing the possibilities for everybody, for you, for your kids, for my kids fires me up. But there is a downside and the downside is that a lot more scoundrels than there used to be. Maybe there’s not more but there’s more opportunity for them to be involved. So if you get a legitimate business that solves problems for people and is helpful, there is no better time than right now. But it’s so easy now for the scammers to get a quick fix to get in there to take your money to under deliver and then get out without anybody knowing who you are. I am starting to notice people getting a lot more suspicious and a lot more tired of people that are scamming them or just trying to make a quick buck. 

My friend John notices recently when he jumps into different Facebook groups and he adds value and he answer questions. He just tried to be helpful and what he found is people become very wary of even being helped. And he learns that people are wary to even get helped because there are so many people that go on there to help then immediately try sending them request and sell them something. So even the people that need help and are to get legitimate help from an honest person are becoming wary of it and this is where the trust factor comes in such a big way. Between this and the episode that I did a couple of weeks ago where I answer the question about something that I was worried about being scammed, I thought about the time that I trusted somebody and I thought about painful lesson I went through years ago. And I am sure you’ve heard of a pyramid scheme and it’s been blended into multilevel marketing where it’s a pyramid scheme but it’s not but there’s products so it’s kind of hard to tell always what it is. 

Back in the 90s, before the Internet, my brother came to me with an opportunity and it was this thing that I’ve never heard of before but he drew out this pyramid and the pyramid had four levels to it. In the bottom I believe it was the secretary. In the next level up is the treasurer and above that was the vice president. At the very top was the president. He explains this to me and he said “okay this is how it works. We each put in $1,500 and I was like “What? $1500?” He said “Yeah, we put in $1500 and when we put that money in, we are in the secretary spot. So, what we need to do is we need to find other people to put in the $1500. When they put it in, we get jumped up to the treasurer spot. There were four spots in the secretary, 2 spots in the treasurer and one of the vice president and one in the president. I am not sure if I am totally explaining the structure right but hopefully I am close enough. What happens is when you bring other people, they go below you and you go up a higher notch. So then when those spots are filled, because the people below you will now bring other people in to underneath, we then get bumped up to Vice President. Here’s the best part, when those people bring in the bottom group then we get elevated to president and when we get elevated to the president, we get all of that money. So, I don’t remember the exact numbers but I think it is going to be $12,000 that we would get when we cashed out. So, I was young and obviously really smart and said “okay, let me get the money.” 

So, I went to the bank and withdrew $1500. Now I don’t know how much money I actually had but it couldn’t have been tremendously more than that. Not only did I get the money out, but my brother did as well, our friend Ben and I think one other person did and then we drove together to this party. It was this weird party because it was a really nice home. These people are dressed really nice. They got fine wine out. They got food and we totally didn’t fit into this. But I remember handing over an envelope with $1500 and thinking this is legit, this is going to happen. So, I went gung ho trying to recruit friends to do the same thing because you know I need to go from secretary to treasurer and I need people below me to bring me higher. 

So, as you can imagine, most of my friends either thought I was crazy or blew me off. They thought I was trying to rip them off. I got one person to say yes, this guy Scott. I got him to say yes and he went to the next party. He brought $1500 and I jumped at the secretary or treasurer whatever the next one was. So, the excitement between all of us that invested in this is pretty high and I remember going out the bars and going to the pool and talking about when I cash out and when I get the vice president and when I get to President, I would do this with the money, I am going to do that with the money. We all felt like we are going to hit on something big. But over time, we stop talking about as much because nobody is really finding anybody and nobody committing to be a part of this. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know who the people were that we give the money to. I didn’t even know where the house was. So, about a month later, none of us even have the guts to bring it. It was now a joking manner that when I become president and we just laugh and it would all go away. 

It was around that time that I realized that we’ve been totally ripped off and it is embarrassing to realize that you just gave way $1500 to somebody that you never met, you didn’t know and you never even talk to before. Not only that, you and your brother and some friends also did the same thing. It was a hard pill to swallow. It was a lesson I had to learn that I need to be a lot less desperate for quick money and also to be a little bit more cautious about who I went to business with. As much as I was frustrated because my other friend didn’t invest in the stupid thing, they were the smart ones because they weren’t desperate and they weren’t going to trust somebody who they’d never met to give away a pile of cash to.  The pyramid scheme back then, which ironically after a couple weeks after we realize we lost all that money became a major thing on the news about these different pyramid schemes that were going around. They describe exactly what we just went through and I wish I have seen that a little bit earlier. It was a great lesson to have to deal with. But I think it is really the caveman version to what could be going on today. Because like my friend John experienced even when he’s trying to help people, people are so wary of being sold to because so many people are trying to sell something without earning trust first. And what happens is a lot of them get away with it because so many people are so desperate for quick fix just as I was with that $1500 looking for a quick $12,000. It seems so easy now to prey on people that are also looking for that quick fix. 

Now you’ll hear me often saying I’m a proponent of investing in yourself but do your homework. Make sure that the people you’re investing in are trustworthy, are reliable and have your best interest at heart because unfortunately not everybody is. I don’t want to see you do what I did, which is handover a lot of cash for false promises and a pile of disappointment. So, do your research, study the history, look for the testimonials, trust your friends who have gone through it to give you the right information and don’t wind up like a sucker like I was who was left with nothing but a depleted bank account and a lesson to share with you. 

I will talk to you tomorrow.

Episode 143- Be A Pioneer

Be A Pioneer

I got asked the question about a year ago from somebody who was transitioning out of corporate America to build their own business. And the thing that they struggle with more than anything in their mind was there was no path. This world that she was coming from, she couldn’t find a way to measure herself aside from measuring against other people which she knew was a bad way to measure what she was doing. So, I want to talk about the idea of the struggle of wanting a path. The problem is there isn’t a path. If you’re looking for a path, you’re going to be frustrated. There are guideposts and there’s checkpoints but there is no path. If you could see way I’m about to talk to you, you might understand it more. 

If you want to be in the world of entrepreneurship, you have to see yourself as a pioneer. A pioneer had no map. A pioneer had to create the map. The people that really struggle with this are the people that are used to being given a map. A lot of times they were good in school where you’re given a map, follow directions, don’t veer off course, memorize what we teach you, don’t make mistakes and you will get the almighty A. That’s having a map. The problem is in this world of being entrepreneur or being a solopreneur, everything changes so quickly now compared to what it used to be that you can’t look to follow the map and you need to learn how to make your own map. Because this won’t be the only map. You have to learn how to make them so you can make the next one and the next one as things continue to change and evolve. You have to be a pioneer. It is a mindset that if you can’t get that, you’re going to struggle. You have to understand that if you’re going to build your own thing because even if you follow the map, there’s gonna come a point where either that person doesn’t give you the map anymore or you get frustrated and you want don’t want to follow that particular map anymore. If you’re so used to just following the map and not creating, you’re going to get to the end of that map that was given to you and you could be lost again. And the beautiful thing about creating your own thing is that you eventually got people that want to know how you did it. When you create success with what you’re building, you’re going to have people that want to learn from you. Then you get to teach them this. So instead of looking for a map, a step-by-step plan, look for other people that get what you’re trying to do. Look for other people who’ve gone through this who can poke holes in what you’re trying to figure out. Find those people who’ve been down that road and say listen when you get to this spot, be careful of this because this can happen or if you go this direction look what was possible if you do that. 

Having people to go on that journey, that pioneer journey, with you and for them to help you and for you to help them is way more valuable than a map. Because I want to let you know that this never ends, especially in the Internet age. You’re constantly tweaking, you’re constantly learning, you’re constantly pivoting and things that were best practices two years ago, things that really worked don’t work the same now. That’s what I love about. I love the constant growth. I’m energized by the fact that I don’t know what is going to be like a year from now, but if I learned it, I am so far ahead of the curve. I got a major head start on even the next thing. But the people that stay stagnant. The people that follow the other people never get to take those lumps. I think you can really be excited by that or you could be frightened by that. And the ones that are frightened by that are generally the one that leave this and go back in the safety of the corporate world even though the ones that want more doing here are internally frustrated because they know that there is so much more to this than what they’re doing. They give into the perceived safety of the job. So, the people that don’t want to make it on their own, their own map, the frustration and the drudgery and the question what could been done is accepted because they fear the unknown. That’s the first part of this. 

The second part is the comparison that you are feeling to other people. As long as you’re feeling comparison to others and most of it is in an unhealthy way, you’re going to always struggle. You will constantly feel like you’re behind and you’re not good enough. Quite often, we have two people compare ourselves to. The person at the head of us, perceived or the person behind us, also perceived. We mostly focus on is the person that’s ahead of us. We don’t take into consideration the fact that they might be doing this longer, that they might have been putting so many hours to learn what they’re doing than you did. The fact that even though you think that there ahead of you, they still struggle with something that they’re trying to figure out for so many reasons that don’t even matter because it truly makes no difference what they are doing. It only matters what you want to do. So instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to where you were yesterday and be better than yesterday. I wrote about that in my book. That was the one thing that got me out of the struggle of being paralyzed by the future was just trying to be better than yesterday. When I was better than yesterday, in some way every day I built up momentum. And when I build up momentum, then I got the energy behind me. When that happened, things started to move. And that’s when I got the confidence to do more and to believe in myself. 

So as long as you are setting goals and I’ll tell you most people are not. As long as you’re setting goals and you’re going towards those things to achieve them, you’re doing better than most. So, if you’re trying to see that you’re just trying to better than where you were and you’re not trying to keep up with anybody else, you feel so much better. You feel so much lighter and you have so much more energy. So, remember these two things to make this work to be a pioneer. First thing is, there is no map. You need to go be a pioneer and create your own path because what is way worse than having a map is following somebody else’s map and getting to the end of it and realizing this isn’t what I wanted anyway. So, do your own thing. And the other thing is to stop comparing to others. If you are going to compare anyway, compare yourself to where you are yesterday. As long as you do that and you set your goals and you go after him, the comparison is healthy and it allows you to forge forward, choose what is it you want to do and then go ahead to accomplish that. So, go become a pioneer.

I’ll talk you tomorrow.

Episode 142- Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law

If you hang around me long enough, you gonna hear some of the same things repeated often, most especially when I put on the business hat or the public coaching hat. The idea of Parkinson’s law will come up relatively often. In simplest terms, Parkinson’s law is the idea that work expands to the time that you allot it. Understanding this, correcting the past that you went through and the awful habit you been taught in school and at previous jobs, learning this, understanding this, and eventually, hopefully mastering this will be something where you see your productivity increase while working less and obviously making more money. And I am really hesitant to say things like that because I am so tired of the whole passive income, make a whole lot of money and so little time that’s being sold over and over again in this world that I’m in. I’m not talking about some get-rich-quick scheme or some course you gonna buy for me that will magically do this for you. The truth is you can magically do this for yourself without buying anything. What you simply need to do is figure out what things you do that are productive. What things you do monotonously, habitually, that are not productive and doing much less of the latter, and much more even just a little bit more of the former.

Now I’ve known this for years. I studied this. I even wrote about this in my book and it is probably 3 or 3 1/2 years ago that I even wrote about it so obviously I’d known about it. But I’ve not been able perfect it. I still have not perfected it . I’m a lot better than I used to be but it’s not close to perfect. But I want to give you a small example of this. We hit the road while on our thank you tour nearly 2 years ago. There was absolutely no doubt that I wasn’t going to be able put in nearly as many work hours while we’re on the road as I was doing before. So, we hit the road. We had the bills paid. We have the places that we’re going to stay at. They are all paid for. I realize that we are to make enough hours for me to do what I need to get done workwise. Beyond that, this was an adventure for our family and I wasn’t focused at all on growing the business. Quite honestly, the mindset wasn’t even about maintaining what we had. We were perfectly fine if it dropped somewhat because we knew at that point, that was not our focus. Our focus was to do this tour, to spend time with the kids and all these different places that we’re gonna enjoy and not miss out on the experience for work or the ability to grow the business some more.

So, all in all, I had about 10 hours a week to work, maybe 15 if Elizabeth took the kids out for a day and I didn’t go with them. Those numbers were way down from when I was working in the previous month as we got the book ready, as I did the podcast interviews, as we did things to build business. So, reducing those hours is obviously to reduce our income. So, once we got to Arizona which was the first stop on our tour, I began to embrace the livestock. I love the idea of when I worked, I dove right into work and I stopped as quickly as I could when I was done then I moved on to hang out with the family going on adventures together throughout the state and just enjoying everything around us. And taking a step back and not focusing on business growth gave me an entirely different perspective on the work that I was doing. As much as I talked about Parkinson’s law before, how we utilize it in past businesses, with each new business. I would tend to lose sight of it as the business was growing. That’s why I hate so much people talking about passive income, people that are stuck while doing wanting passive income because they want short-term success quickly and it’s never the case. I wouldn’t say never but almost every single time. It’s not the case. 

So, for us, every single business success started with a lot of hard work and a lot of grinding and getting the ball rolling then getting it stabilized and then optimizing it to give us the freedom that were looking for from it. But this situation was very interesting so that taught me a lot. I didn’t think I was going to learn on this trip because near the end of March, almost 3 months since we got to Arizona, we were then in Utah after coming from Monterey, California, and we were driving from Utah to Durango, Colorado and the kids were quiet and tired in the back, Elizabeth and I started doing some business planning and some ideas that turned out to be a lot of the seeds of what we’re doing today in many different ways. It was like all of a sudden, that quiet and that calm and the silence that came from all that freedom, it was like once we’re on our way back East, the ideas just started exploding from our heads. We started mapping it all out and we realize something to the four corners that we’ve established, the vision for the next level of what we were working on. What I also realized was that I hadn’t done very much work in the previous three months. I had reduced the amount of hours that I worked tremendously. And looking at the numbers, our business grew while we were on the road. 

Now deep down I knew, it can happen but we’ve never done anything like this before. We’ve never taken that amount of time with so little dedicated focus time on the business. Now as much as I believed in Parkinson’s law and it worked because we’ve done before, that was when I realized how incredibly powerful it truly was because your work really does expand to the time you allow for it. So, while I was at home, before we left, I allowed for a lot more time for the work. I got done what we need to get done and we did well but when we were on the road I reduced those amounts of times, I had to condense everything I used to do at home and all those hours into much fewer hours while we’re on the road. I still got the same amount of work done because with less hours to work, I had to intently focus on what was the most important things to do. If you only have 10 hours a week to work, you’re not going to mess around on meaningless things. You’re only going to go to the things that matter, that are gonna help grow, that are gonna help relationships and then you can move on. By eliminating the things that matter the least, it allowed me to only focus on the things that matter the most. And this is the thing that so many of my clients that are employees struggle with while they try to build their business is understanding this theory because they’re so used to trading their time for money. They’re so used to being on the clock from this time for that time. But even just the idea of condensing their work into really short period of time is uncomfortable to do and it doesn’t even make sense in their world because they need to be there anyway. They’re getting paid for those hours and they’ve got to do work throughout it. So, what I determine for me in the past and for them now is it creates terrible work habits.

Now it might seem to be impossible to do but think about how many hours you work. Let’s say it is 40 hours a week. Let’s say that you have to get all that done in 10 hours. Now I know you think it’s not possible, there is too much stuff but I would challenge you on that. If you only had 10 hours to do all the work you need to do, how would you work differently? Now maybe you wouldn’t get all that done in that time but maybe you would find more efficient ways of doing the work. Maybe it would force you to find other people that do certain parts of those jobs better than you and allowing them to do it. Maybe you’d realize that 15 hours are completely wasted on nonsense. If you realize this is true, what would your life be like if you could be just as successful as you are now possibly more while working 1/4 of the time? What would you do with those extra 30 hours a week? This is how the successful will become more successful, not just in business but in life. Because if you took 10 of those hours and pump them back into your business the same way you do those first 10 hours, you’re going to be a lot more successful. And if you took the other 20 hours and you put it into your family, into your relationships, into your health, think about that would be like. You are going to spend five more hours exercising in a week. You would spend 10 more hours a week just with your family and dedicated time you’re focused. Another five hours where you just get to do what you want, laying on the couch, reading a book, playing a game, watch your show, doing whatever. All-around it is good for your life. 

So, I just want to bring this idea to you and just let you know what Parkinson’s law done for our life in our business and our time and our family. I hope you can take this and do the same thing or at least something similar for yourself. I talked about Parkinson’s law in my book Freelance To Freedom, I haven’t mentioned it in a while but if you’d like a free audio version of the book, I give it away on our website. So just go to members.totallifefreedom.com and in the top right corner is an orange button it says free audiobook. click on that and get the free version of the book. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Episode 140- How Our Actions Influence Our Children

How Our Actions Influence Our Children

So, I logged into Facebook this morning and you know they do these reminders, those two years ago today or four years ago today and as much as I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, I’ve been enjoying these when these pops up. Especially with regards to things from family, seeing pictures of the kids and even some business milestones. Its kind of keeps me on track in terms of where I’ve been, where I’m going without really having to pay attention to it. I got one of those notifications this morning and immediately inspired to come up and record this podcast. 

It was two years ago today that the first box, the first shipment of my book Freelance to Freedom arrived at our house. It was a pretty intense moment the first time you actually pick up and hold your book in your hand that you worked for years really from start to finish years on. It was a pretty humbling and exciting experience to be able to go through that. And the picture that showed up on Facebook was Dylan who was six at the time, holding the book up with this giant smile on his face. So that is what popped up on my feed while I logged in this morning. 

The story I want to tell you today is not about Dylan smiling, it’s not even about the book. It’s about something what our son Nolan said that night when he was looking through the book. We were in the dining room together. We just got out to dinner to celebrate and we just gotten back to the house. I saw him just looking at the book and going through it. We were sitting at the table and he said something that really caught my attention. He looked at it and matter-of-factly he said “when I write a book…” and he went on to describe about the book is going to be about. It could have been very easily could have throwaway something or something that we talked about and then moved on from. But it struck me the way that he said it because he was 10 years old and he is matter-of-fact saying “when I write a book…” 

That made me so proud because he wasn’t saying what if I write a book or do you really think I can write a book or I don’t think I’m ever to be good enough to be able to write a book. I love the confidence on which he said when I write a book. I want him to never lose that because most adults lose that. Most adults take the excitement and energy and the belief that they have when they’re young and they allowed to be destroyed and beaten down and questioned by people as they go on with their life. They allow reality to creep in. They allow other people’s failures and doing the same things that they want to do stop them from trying it because it’s not realistic. 

I’m recording this because I want Nolan to hear this in 10 years. I want to hear it in 15 years when he was doubting himself. I want you to listen to this if you’re doubting yourself and say when I write the book it will be this. And even better is I am going to write the book and I’m going to start now. But what most people do will say “if I ever do that” or question if they can do it. I thought back on where this doubt comes from, as well as where is the inspiration come from to do these things. If you’re a parent, how you might be completely underestimating your ability to inspire your kids to do the great things that they should be doing. And I was proud of myself the way that this came about because I didn’t think of this way when I was writing the book. I didn’t even consider it all those mornings where I struggled waiting for the right word of the right sentence or editing it for changing it or brainstorming different ideas or trying to get publishers to publish the book. Trying to get influential people to endorse the book, trying to get anybody to even read the book at the beginning. 

As I was going through this, I wasn’t thinking any of this was a lesson for our children. I was doubting myself as to should I really be writing this book? But I was defiant enough and believed in the message of myself enough. I even said and I wrote in the book and actually got edited out by myself at some point. I don’t know why as I think back on it but basically saying that only two people will read this book, Elizabeth and my mom but I’m still going to write it anyway. So, I didn’t write the book for commercial success. I didn’t write the book so I can get approval or could be on a bestsellers list. I didn’t write the book so that businesses would come from that. That’s not what I wrote the book. I wrote the book as I thought it was a message that needed to get out there. The story that somewhere down the line, my kids are going to read and they’re going to be inspired by it and know our family history, and if anything, ever happened to me that this would be documented for them. That was a big reason why I wrote the book. 

On top of that, I might’ve mentioned before that I was dealing with an incredible adrenal fatigue the entire time I was writing the book, I wasn’t sleeping very much. I was exhausted, I had anxiety and deep down and complete full disclosure, I felt like I was dying. And there was something about that exhaustion and anxiety and that “deadline” that forced me to write it in a certain way. But if you were gonna asked me then what’s gonna come out of the book? I’m glad I didn’t have specific goals for it because amazing, incredible things has come out as an organic effect from it. If I would’ve set out to write the book because I will have multiple paid mastermind groups, I will have a membership community or I want to build a speaking career, I will have a podcast I would’ve written it differently. I wouldn’t have written it, I think, as honestly as I did. 

So, I think the reasons for writing the book are a cause of its success. But of all things that come from it that I did not expect, I never anticipated what Nolan was gonna say. I never anticipated him holding my book and then saying confidently when I write a book. Because what comes from that day have been pretty exciting to see. Nolan is constantly in his room drawing stories, making comic books, putting them together, stapling the books together, making covers for them, coming up with titles and storylines and confidently writing books. And if my book, writing it and publishing it, getting it out there and him seeing it in Barnes & Noble and been able pull off the shelf, if that has something to do with it then I am doing my job right. 

I want to bring this message to you because I want you to know that what you do has an impact on what your children believe. If you go and strive to do something you haven’t done before, it inspires them to say well mom or dad did it, so can I. and I think that is way more important than then be able to memorize something from a test or to be able to follow some rules that somebody else says is success. Don’t punt the education of your kids to the school system. We as parents have way more of an effect on what our kids do and achieve and believe that we give ourselves credit for. And if you’d like to listen to the book for free, go to members.totallifefreedom.com and in the top right-hand corner is an orange link where you could download the free audio version to the book. I hope you grab and listen to it. You could buy it as well If you want on Amazon. But if you want the audio version, you can get it for free and I will be back with you tomorrow.

Episode 139- The Last Drive

The Last Drive

If you have kids, I want you to think about a question that I am going to ask you. I’m not sure if you have one kid or five kids or anything in between or even more than that. I want you to think about your youngest kid right now, only your youngest. And some of you listening might have already gone through this. This might just be a walk down on memory lane for you or even just a reflection but this is for those of you with young kids. Here’s what I want to do. I want you to envision that kid of yours in the other room of your house packing up all their things. Not long after, your helping them packed the car up, getting all their clothes, all their belongings, everything they are going to bring with them. You are gonna help them load in into your car. 

When you start driving you are driving your youngest kid to college and when you get to the school, you try to keep emotions in. You’re helping them unload all their things to their new temporary home. And it’s an emotional time and you are trying to hold back tears. You’re proud. You’re scared. You know after all those years, this is it. 

From the time they were born up until to this very moment, you have the privilege and the opportunity to raise this kid. But that part of your life and their life is ending and it’s ending quickly because once you give them a hug, you said goodbye and you get your car ,that chapter of your life or maybe that book of your life with many chapters is over. And I know this might seem so far away, you might have a three-year-old or your youngest might be 9 or 12 right now. Or maybe you have two already be expecting your third and maybe last. But what I want you think about is not driving your kids’ school or unpacking everything or those goodbyes, I want you to think about what it’s going to be like when you get back into that car. It could be you’re alone. It could be you and your spouse. You get back into that car and I want you to think about the silence. The silence is going to greet you and for the first time it might feel like a really long time. You have complete silence. You have time to think.

What I don’t want you to do, being that this is an exercise, is that I don’t want you to think about what life could be like after this. And I don’t want you to reflect back on all the memories that you had together. I want you think of something different. I want you to sit there and think about what didn’t happen. What I mean by that is if you don’t change what you’re doing right now, what will you look back on and wish you would’ve done that you didn’t do? I want you to think about the drive home. I really want you to contemplate the regrets that you’re going to I have during that drive back. On the things that you didn’t do with that kid. The things that you didn’t teach that kid. Or the experiences that you didn’t share together. I want you to think about that drive home and the missed opportunities you left on the table by doing the things that you’re doing right now that you shouldn’t be doing. I want you to think about the trips that you guys want to take together. I want you to write those down. I want you to think about the things that your kid needs to learn from you that he or she has not learned yet and will not learn if you don’t make it your priority to teach it. I want you to think long and hard about the time that you spend at work in the name of being a better provider. I want you to think on the drive home and you possibly wondering and thinking to yourself that maybe you played too small, that maybe you didn’t even allow yourself to dream enough or to dare enough so that not only you could spend more time with that kid but that you are the example to them on what they could do. 

Because by you accepting a lifestyle and a career or job is just okay. You modeled that for them to. When you drive home from that day at college, there is no more time to teach that. That lesson has already been taught. I want you to ask this question as you’re driving away in this fictional story and ask yourself, was it worth it? Was it worth it  sitting in front of the television all those nights watching whatever was on TV? Was it worth it scrolling on your phone while your kids were playing at the playground to check up on whatever the latest thing? Was it worth taking that position to make more money but giving up more time so we can have a nicer house for the kids when maybe you weren’t around during all those years when they need you to be around? 

Now you pull up into the driveway, the driveway in that house. You walk inside and you hear the deafening silence. You walk around the house and it’s nice and clean. It’s not going to get dirty again aside from the occasional holiday and visits. Those years are over. I want to ask yourself about those years sitting in traffic, of endless mornings on the train, of the dreams that you didn’t follow, of the conversations you didn’t have with that kid because wither you were gone, tired or you’re uninspired. I really want you to put yourself in that position, in that day and get past all the modern craziness that you feel like you’re going through. Wonder to yourself, what would I have done differently?

The beautiful thing about the scenario is you have a chance to change it and do it now. Your kid could be a junior in high school. What was the trip that you always want to take with them? What I want you to do is stop listening to this podcast and go and plan that trip. I want you to have that conversation and tell that story about that past that they didn’t even know about you. Go play that board game in the living room instead of going to your phone. Go grab the car keys, take them to their favorite restaurant and have an impromptu one-on-one time where you make those memories. Because I am telling you that it is always so important that when you can’t be with them now, when the tables are turned they are going to find something that’s more important than to be with you later. So, I want you to think about that drive home, the kids at college, you drop them off and It’s over. Are you going to be smiling knowing that you did everything you could to teach that kid, to be with that kid and to be the best example for them that you possibly could? Or are you going to drive away with regrets. Regrets about all the things that you should’ve done but you just didn’t. I really hope that you give this some thought, 

I will be back with you tomorrow.