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What is Career Chaos?

If you feel stuck in your career, you’re in career chaos. Chaos is energy with no direction. It’s the grind. You’re either too busy or too uninspired to do anything but maintain day-to-day operations, to do anything to move you in the direction of something greater than the work-life you have now.

The antidote is rebellion. It’s you saying, “I’m going to carve out some time every day to think about and focus my energy toward, something I want, regardless of how busy I am or how uninspired I feel in my current work situation.

I am going to tune in to what inspires me and what I think I can do to bring value to people, that I can also build a self-sustaining business around.”

The Total Life Freedom purpose is to meet you in your moment of rebellion. If you’ll carve out the 6 to 10 minutes each day, I’ll fill it with as much inspiration, insight, and actionable advice as I can to fuel your imagination, call you to action, and set you up to achieve Total Life Freedom. Check out today’s episode below!

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Every day, new stories, insights, and actionable advice for anyone in career chaos and wanting their life back.

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A New Approach to Making Business Personal

We hear the praise lavished upon the people who are a wealth of knowledge. We know all about the people who are a wealth of information. But what we rarely hear about are the people who are a wealth of connection. But they are the people who know how to open doors for themselves (and others), have endless opportunities and build successful word of mouth businesses without needing to “sell.” Learn why that is in this new approach to making business personal and then how to become a wealth of connection. 

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O’hare, LAX, JFK. Each of these airports averages around $1B in revenue every year. They’re among the largest, highest-revenue-earning airports in the world, and the reason is the number of connecting flights. If you can get yourself to one of these airports, you can get to just about any major city across the globe. The number of connections has put these airports “on the map.”

As in airports, so in business: connections take you places.

How connected are you? If you’re trying to build a business, you know it can be pretty lonely. People don’t understand what you’re trying to build and doubt your motives and possibly even your sanity. Because they don’t share or understand your vision, it’s natural to want to isolate because it’s easier than trying to explain or describe your vision to help them see the possibilities. Unfortunately, isolation works against everything you’re trying to create. We often hear about successful people who are a wealth of knowledge or experience.

 And those are important. But to be successful as an entrepreneur, it’s just as important to be a wealth of connection. At The Connection—the Total Life Freedom blog—I write about how to accelerate the growth of your business and escape the loneliness of being an entrepreneur by connecting with people through your generosity, trustworthiness, open-mindedness, and curiosity. Those qualities draw people to you and create connections. And the more connections—remember those airports?—the more places you can go. So drop by and lets connect.


As an entrepreneur, you need a safe place with people like you who understand where you’re coming from, who won’t make fun of you, and who won’t tell you that you need to be realistic. People around you that can share lessons to help you grow your business and that can benefit from the lessons you have to share. I created that safe space in a group I call the TLF Community. It’s for entrepreneurs

  • who know what they want and are pursuing it
  • who want an antidote to the loneliness of being an entrepreneur


  • who know their greatest asset is their wealth of connection
  • who want to support the growth of other like-minded entrepreneurs